Talk about Being Hoisted by One’s Own … Whatever By Mrs Vera West

We are seeing by the way paradoxes unfold the multiculturally diverse, gender fluid society beginning to implode. There can be no answer to such issues within the system as it exists:

“Zander Keig “was an outspoken radical feminist” prior to transitioning into a male and “spoke up often, loudly and with confidence,” the Washington Post reported. Then Keig made the transition — and life hasn’t always been easy being seen as a male. “When I speak up now, I am often given the direct or indirect message that I am ‘mansplaining,’ ‘taking up too much space’ or ‘asserting my white male heterosexual privilege,’” Keig, 52, told the paper. “Never mind that I am a first-generation Mexican American, a transsexual man, and married to the same woman I was with prior to my transition.” Keig — a Coast Guard veteran and now a licensed clinical social worker at Naval Medical Center San Diego — told the Post that workplace suggestions that angry or violent male patients were suffering from trauma or depression were often “dismissed or outright challenged. The overarching theme was ‘men are violent’ and there was ‘no excuse’ for their actions.” Keig added to the paper there has been a “significant reduction in friendliness and kindness now extended to me in public spaces. It now feels as though I am on my own: No one, outside of family and close friends, is paying any attention to my well-being.”

Then a few years into Keig’s transition came a ride on a bus, the Post noted, during which “this difference hit home.” Keig said there were six people on the bus, “including me. One was a woman. She was talking on a mobile phone very loudly and remarked that ‘men are such a**holes.’ I immediately looked up at her and then around at the other men. Not one had lifted his head to look at the woman or anyone else.” Then the woman looked at Keig — and “commented to the person she was speaking with about ‘some a**hole on the bus right now looking at me.’ I was stunned, because I recall being in similar situations, but in the reverse, many times: A man would say or do something deemed obnoxious or offensive, and I would find solidarity with the women around me as we made eye contact, rolled our eyes and maybe even commented out loud on the situation. I’m not sure I understand why the men did not respond, but it made a lasting impression on me.”

     Well, welcome to the club is all I can say. Get used to it, because that is really how the system is. Conservatives, as Roosh V has recently observed, have lost battle after battle:

“Conservatives, on the other hand, have no momentum or passion. They just want to be left alone, which makes them easy pickings for a collective that is hellbent on achieving their nightmare utopia. In the end, conservatives are the Spartans in 300 who have trained their entire lives to lose the battle, even if they are pound-for-pound stronger than their enemy. Conservatives have also shown to be comically susceptible to leftist ideas when it’s presented as “human rights.” Two decades ago, the vast majority of conservatives would have stood against gay marriage, but a few years of cheesy “love is love” commercials was all it took for them to change their mind. Their motto of “live and let live” is only reasonable to hold if their enemy believed the same. They give the crying baby its bottle and from that milk it gets fat and strong and decides to kill the entire family. Conservatives don’t understand that giving an inch to the left eventually results in absolute defeat. They have to psychotically refuse to give any ground, even if practical logic or fairness is staring them in the face, but we know they won’t do that.”

     I think it comes down to the uncomfortable truth that conservatives have become weak, so I agree with this part of the article, although disagreeing with some of its more radical statement’s, because, after all, I am an old woman and a … conservative.



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Saturday, 27 November 2021
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