Sweden Under the Black Ax of the Post-Apocalyptic Barbarians! By Richard Miller

     Forget about car bombs explosions and all things going boom in Sweden. The real present danger are new gangs, especially the Nigerian mafia, which is taking over the place as the new war lords of this post-apocalyptic landscape, or if you prefer, some sort of vast game reserve out of the Predator movies.

“Stockholm police have warned of the growing influence of the “Black Ax”, a Nigerian criminal gang connected to drug trafficking and prostitution involving illegal migrants. The Black Ax is said to be an international group which operates in several southern European countries. Fifteen members of the group were arrested this week in Gothenburg in connection to drug trafficking cases, Sveriges Radio reports. Earlier this week, Gothenburg police arrested 15 drug smugglers connected to an international cocaine and heroin smuggling ring, finding 115 million Swedish kronor’s ($11,647,775/£9,467,375) worth of drugs. Swedish customs say they seized approximately 300lbs of narcotics in total, including 110lbs of heroin. Prosecutor Anna Svedin noted that the network was based in the Netherlands and said: “Some of the defendants have links to Black Ax, but not all.” Lennart Karlsson, intervention manager at the Klara area in Stockholm, said that police have noted an increased presence of the Nigerian mafia in recent years. Mr Karlsson said: “The really heavy establishment has been over the last five years.”


     Drugs, sexual slavery, voodoo, crime … now that is diversity for you, and Sweden has it all as it burns to the ground. Sweden’s descent intro the abyss of diversity-fuelled chaos has been well documented by Judith Bergman in a series of recent articles at the Gatestoneinstitute.org:

     It is an image of what hell could be like, or at least an earthly hellscape. Gulp, re-reading the article I sure hope that I did not upset any post-apocalyptic barbarians, whom I have great respect, and fear, for and of. Britain is not too far from the Swedish swamplands.



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Thursday, 29 October 2020
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