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Surprise; The Libs are Up to No Good! By Bruce Bennett

     Following on from the Australian Multiculturalism Bill, here is the next house of horrors, one which is further down the road to hell, with Big Tech now joining forces with the Deep State:

“Law enforcement agencies would gain new powers to conduct covert surveillance on electronic devices and compel technology companies to assist in decrypting private communications under proposed legislation. The minister for law enforcement and cyber security, Angus Taylor, released an exposure draft of the bill on Tuesday that would extend obligations to tech giants including Facebook, Apple and Google to assist police and other agencies. Taylor said more than 90% of data intercepted by the Australian federal police used some form of encryption, which has “directly impacted around 200 serious criminal and terrorism-related investigations in the last 12 months alone”.

“We must ensure our laws reflect the rapid take-up of secure online communications by those who seek to do us harm,” he said. Under the legislation, where a warrant has already been issued to intercept telecommunications, the director general of security or head of an intercepting agency can then issue a “technical assistance notice” for a company to assist in decryption. A notice requires the company to give assistance where it is “reasonable, proportionate, practicable and technically feasible”, such as using an encryption key held by the company or giving access to devices or services. Assistance could also include removing a form of electronic protection applied by the provider or providing technical information such as the design specifications of a device or the characteristics of a service.”

     Sure, let’s fight that one too, but I would prefer our main energies went to attacking the Multiculturalism Bill, since other groups will probably attack this one. It is worth noting that if you trust all of your secrets to Big Tech, you will find yourself in the proverbial “soup,” at some point:

“Facebook has once again suffered a major user data breach which left the accounts of 50 million users vulnerable until it was fixed. In a post to the Facebook blog titled “Security Update,” it was revealed by Guy Rosen, Facebook’s Vice President of Product Management, that the company had once again fallen victim to a major user data breach. Rosen revealed that on the afternoon of September 25, company engineers noticed a security issue that affected approximately 50 million Facebook user’s accounts. The security bug reportedly related to a vulnerability in Facebook’s “view as” feature which allowed users to see what their own Facebook profile would look like to someone else. This bug allowed hackers to steal the security tokens of other users accounts and use these to then access that user’s account. These security tokens are like digital keys which keep users logged into Facebook so they don’t have to re-login every time they visit the website.”

     I imagine it is all part of a cosmic conspiracy for the lizard people to take over the Earth and reduce mammals to slavery. That, or just sheer incompetence. 



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Thursday, 09 July 2020
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