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Stand Tall, Fight Hard from Bernard Gaynor

The last three weeks have been as busy as ever and the attacks on sanity grow daily. Gillian Triggs continues to pretend the Australian Human Rights Commission did the right thing in the QUT case, Bill Shorten is upset over Trump’s measures to restrict Islamic immigration, and the entire state of South Australia is shutting up shop thanks to the wonders of eco-friendly power.

The good news is that we finally have an admission from Australia’s Islamic leadership that Islam allows wife- beating. However, all the feminists (including the Chief of Defence Force’s gender advisor) have failed to notice because they’re out rallying around Yassmin Abdel-Magied. She supports Sharia law and recently claimed that Islam is the most feminist religion. Ever.

Below is a short update on some of that fight over the last three weeks.
Legal Update
Three weeks ago I wrote to let you know that the New South Wales Court of Appeal had dismissed a number of complaints against me from serial litigant and anti-free speech activist, Garry Burns. Reflecting upon this win, the key point we must all understand is that twice now we have won court victories against anti-discrimination laws and policies that breach the constitution. This entire industry is contemptuous of the rule of law and it needs to be scrapped.

Supporters of have done more than anyone else in this nation to oppose these anti-free speech laws. The petitions, the political commentary and the media coverage is all good, but it is not good enough. And it doesn’t come anywhere near close to what we have achieved: actual legal victory rolling back the abuse of anti-discrimination law. Thank you for this. And while there is still much work to do, the impact of our victory is already apparent.

Just this week, Garry Burns was back in the media with new complaints - this time against Larry Pickering. The legal win that we obtained will mean that Garry’s complaint will go nowhere (even if the New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Board will waste a great deal of taxpayers’ money ‘investigating’ it). It demonstrates how important it is for us to continue the fight against these anti-democratic and evil laws.

Even though we won, we now face a new battle. The Court of Appeal has indicated that it is not likely to award costs against Garry Burns or New South Wales. This is immensely frustrating as this matter has cost well over $100,000. I have been very busy working with my legal team over the past weeks to put forward our arguments on costs and to achieve a fair and just outcome.

Joint Parliamentary Inquiry on 18c
On 10 February I appeared before the Joint Parliamentary Inquiry into 18c (thank you to those who came along to support as well!). Some Labor members, particularly Graham Perrett, were extremely hostile to those who put forward evidence that this law is broken. In particular, I was disappointed to see how Mr Perrett treated the QUT students and their legal representative. This is part of my opening statement to the Inquiry:

“I now want to highlight two key elements of my matters: costs and the abuse of process. Firstly, costs: I have been forced to expend about $200,000 in my matters to obtain my rights under the Constitution. Further, I have still not paid all my bills—additional bills are on the way. In all probability, the full cost of obtaining my legal rights will reach in excess of half a million dollars. This is simply unaffordable for most Australians. As a result, they choose not to speak for fear of consequences or they enter into conciliation arrangement for payment because they cannot afford to defend themselves.

Free speech is further chilled because it is free to lodge complaints. There is no financial penalty for failed complaints. The conciliation process, as detailed to me by the Anti-Discrimination Board of New South Wales, is designed to favour complainants, and complainants get to keep any money at the end of the process.
This system encourages selected minorities to complain for financial gain.

Further, despite the fact that I have won in both these matters, I have not been able to obtain any costs. In
 the Defence matter, I was awarded 50 per cent of costs but, due to an appeal, I have not been able to obtain the benefit of that decision. Further, the New South Wales Court of Appeal has indicated that it is reluctant to award any costs at all.

All of this also leads to one conclusion: when it comes to antidiscrimination law, even when you win, you lose. The process is the punishment. This also means that the system encourages complaints from selected minorities to pursue political goals and to punish those who express lawful views that they disagree with.”

New Office
I write this update to you from a new office. Thank you once again to those who have been generous with their assistance in this regard. If you wish to volunteer any time to assist with the work underway, please email me.

New Media
The mainstream media might not be interested in the successes that we have achieved. But that does not matter. Mainstream media is falling away and new, independent broadcasters are capturing attention.

I was pleased to recently appear on a new web-based program, ‘Church and State with Dave Pellowe’ to discuss anti-discrimination law, political correctness
in the Defence Force and even the future of politics in Australia with the emergence of Cory Bernardi and One Nation.

If you want to support independent conservative media, then please support Dave. His latest episode discusses Safe Schools and can be found here: https://vimeo. com/196973331

Queensland Abortion Bill
On Wednesday, Queensland Parliament will debate a
 bill to allow abortion at any time and for any reason, including sex-selection abortion and abortions of healthy, viable children. If you live in Queensland please contact your local MP to let them know that you oppose such radical laws. More information can be found at

I also continue to prepare to sue the New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Board for their conduct over the past three years.
Unfortunately, all these matters are expensive. I can’t fight them without backup. Once again I am running very low on ammunition. Please help by donating:
Family Values Action Account (used to cover legal fees):
BSB: 084 134

A/c: 39 446 4501

Gaynor Family Support A/c (used to fund my website and the Gaynor family)

BSB: 084 134

A/c: 84 082 9276

Cheque/Money Order:
PO Box 766, Park Ridge, Qld 4125

Thank you once again for your support, assistance, prayers and generosity.

Bernard Gaynor,
Christ is our king!



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Wednesday, 08 July 2020
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