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Signs of Collapse By John Steele

     Previously I have reported on the trend of the financial elites seeking bug out locations in places like New Zealand, as well as building expensive underground security fortifications at their homes:

    It seems now that elites lower down the food chain are starting to move in the same direction; a recent story is of

     The headline is: “Former Facebook exec warns society will collapse into chaos and conflict within 30 years as robots put half of humans out of work (and he’s living as a recluse in the woods to avoid it).”

     Being a high tech kind of guy, his pet apocalyptic fear is robots/IT taking human jobs, and he sees the game all over within 30 years for most of us. People will respond with violence, so he has “got out of Dodge,” and armed himself with a semi-auto rifle, a good choice.

     Without a radical change in the way the economy is constructed, with most people lacking a job, there will not be the tax base to finance any guaranteed income schemes, for the tax system is set up so that the very rich do not pay tax, which is done via tax minimisation. But, paradoxically if none of us have a job, then there is a crash in the profit margin of firms, leading to economic doomsday. We know that all of this could be avoided from a social credit perspective, but the kicker is actually getting that economy in place, in time before the shooting starts. It is like a game of chess, sitting with a time bomb ticking away.

     History is set to be both bloody and interesting: bloody interesting in fact!



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Thursday, 16 July 2020
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