Rocky: The World’s Worst Boxing Movies By John Steele

     One thing I learnt from boxing pre-‘Nam, and then in the Army, against Americans and Asians, was to keep one’s guard up. The cult of Ali, to dance with one’s hands around one’s hips is dangerous, unless you are the fastest in the world. It worked for Ali, for a time, but in the end he was getting caught by fast boxers as his speed declined. In the end he got brain damage, no surprise given the punishment his head got in the ring. He boxed with his head, in the wrong way.

     I saw the Rocky movies as they came out, which was Sly Stallone’s take on boxing. In all the movies, Rocky basically took punches to the head, and tried to outlast his opponents by showing that his head was thicker than theirs. Only in his fight against Mr T did the revelation come upon him, half way through the final fight, to keep his hands up. It was a game changing move. These movies are the worst ever made about boxing; unrealistic in plot, almost like a fairy tale (as if a world champ would give a two bit bum boxer a chance at his title), and totally unrealistic in skill, and dangerous as an example.

     There, I have been wanting a forum to get that of my chest, for some time. Now, I die happy.



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Tuesday, 20 October 2020
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