Replacing France By Bruce Bennett

     The day would not be complete without bad news from Europe, which gives us, along with the US, a road map on the highway to hell of the future:

“The writer Renaud Camus called it the “Great Replacement”. His fears, too often dismissed as paranoia, are well based on numbers. Why France? For two reasons, essentially. It is the country with the oldest, most important and stratified immigration experience. And because it is the country that grows most demographically in Europe, together with the United Kingdom. “All indicators converge” saysL'Express. “From 1960 to 2011, immigration increased the population residing in metropolitan France by about 9.7 million people (15.4 percent of the total). The number of births increased by 27 percent. And without it, the total fertility rate would not have been two children per woman, but 1.86”.

The figures were calculated by Michèle Tribalat, an apolitical demographer whose serious work has never been challenged. “According to my calculations, half of our population growth for fifty years is due to the decline in mortality, but the other half, in fact, is represented by immigration”, confirms Hervé Le Bras, one of the colleagues with whom Tribalat often fights on the French intellectual and cultural scene.
And to highlight the dramatic increase in the birth of children with at least one foreign parent comes a number on the contribution of immigration on the total number of births: “From 15 percent of the total (in 2000) to 24 percent (in 2016). In 2014, 40 percent of newborns had at least one immigrant grandfather.”

     The big question that has not been asked, and which Israel should be interested in, is if European countries such as France, who possess nuclear weapons, ultimately become Islamic, where will the nuclear missiles be fired? Should this process of mass immigration be given continual support by those opposed to nuclear holocausts? Or, is this all going to be let happen, with unhappy results?

     On a related point, indications are that there is likely to be war with Iran in 2019, and although Iran will be beaten, they will inflict heavy damage, depending upon what weapons Iran has accumulated:



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Thursday, 29 October 2020
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