Privileged Wealthy Students Hate Free Speech by James Reed

A study by the Brookings Instiute (, has found, unsurprisingly, that those students found to be protesting and yelling about oppression and privilege, are the children of wealthy elites, and those most likely to attempt to suppress conservative speakers.

The authors Richard Reeves and Dimitrios Halikias, concluded:

“The quintessentially liberal commitment to free and open dialogue is indispensable for building mutual understanding and respect in a diverse society. Cultural separation fuelled by economic inequality, however, undermines that dialogue and respect. The spectacle of rich, “progressive” protestors refusing to hear a lecture on the roots of their own privilege; well, it tells you how much work there is to do. The class gap in American today is economic, educational and residential. Perhaps most dangerous of all, it is cultural, too. Mutual distrust across class lines is one of the causes of our current toxic politics. Greater understanding, shared learning and self-reflection are all needed now more than ever. And you don’t learn anything by shouting others down.”

The continuous creation of a new class elite is a problem which is not being addressed. My solution is to completely abandon the conventional university, starving the ideologues of needed fuel, and having instead various training institutions, such a doctors being trained in hospitals, and lawyers in law societies. There is a need to eliminate the Arts/Humanities, which no longer advance Western civilisation, but seek to destroy it. Only by pulling the weeds out by the roots – by ending universities, citadels of cosmopolitanism – can we save society from the evils that the intellectuals have let loose on the Earth.



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Saturday, 31 October 2020
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