The racist past of the West is being finally torn down, and we breathe a sigh of relief that at last the world is turning. Soon the warm and friendly folk of the Left, Antifa, our future leaders, will tear down the statues of the past, and who could not disagree with that, especially the explorer like Captain James Pressure  Cooker, who murdered millions wherever he flew his fleet of planes? After all, Asia built Australia, gave us our language and culture, including the legal system, and it is about time we all went down on bended knee, or flat out on the ground, and did some tongue work, licking boots. What do you say?

“On Monday parliament passed a motion recognising the “significant contribution made by Chinese-Australians to Australia” and condemning “appalling racist attacks on Chinese-Australians”. The #UnityOverFear petition urges Scott Morrison and other political leaders to “stand beside your fellow Australians to call for national unity and say no to racism against Asian Australians”. On Tuesday the prime minister told the Coalition party [r]oom that Chinese Australians had provided “one of the greatest defences we had in those early weeks” of the pandemic. The mention of the petition in parliament comes at a sensitive time, given that China’s ministry of education warned students to reconsider going to Australia because of a string of “incidents of discrimination” targeting people of Asian descent. Senior government ministers and universities have taken issue with that description. The education minister, Dan Tehan, said Australia “rejects China’s assertions that Australia is an unsafe destination for international students”. In a speech to parliament on Wednesday, Giles said the petition deserved a strong bipartisan response, with leaders uniting to confront “the scourge that is racism”. “It is critical that our parliament unites in standing up for multiculturalism and for every Australian, that we recognise that Chinese Australians have been subjected to awful and shocking racism through the pandemic, and that we respond to this without equivocation,” he said. “This evening, we can start the process of recognising as a national parliament, that ending racism is a national responsibility – that when we say we’re all in this together, we mean it.”

     Who could disagree with those noble sentiments? How dare Pauline Handsome even consider that “All Lives Matter,” when that is not even coherent, in Foucauldian, deconstructive, postmodern anti-racist  terms? It is a cheap trick to get parliament into a Catch 22222, which they are too clever to fall into.

     Don’t the great unwashed deplorables out there realise that Australia has always been and Asian country, even 100,000,000,000,000 years ago, at the dawn of time, and always will be? Yes, and at the same time an Aboriginal country as well, as Aboriginals are Asians too, Black Asians. And, why do we even call this place “Australia”? we need to do something about that! Quick, come out on the streets with me to protest! And, look at this shocking stuff; how can people believe it? It is as bad as all that false news about cyber-attacks on Australia by the Eskimos:

     The sooner all news is filtered through a New World Order clearing house, the better, don’t you think?