Orthodox Finance and Collectivist or Communist Movements are Symbiotic and Mutually Supporting By Wallace Klinck

     Marxist and extreme political ideologues in general typically do not debate.  Their characteristic strategic behaviour is to misrepresent, condemn and intimidate.  

     Their aim is to create social chaos, leaving an opening for them to seize the reins of political power.

     In more recent times especially they have identified and abused the legal system as a major vulnerable institution for enforcing their malignant and destructive policies.  

In a society where the vast majority of citizens depend upon their “jobs” for material survival it is much easier to attack the free society as an alleged cause of insecurity and exploitation.  
The existing dysfunctional financial system is an increasing source of economic insecurity in general and provides grist for those who seek allegedly to redress entirely induced and contrived economic and social problems by establishment of a planned and authoritarian regime.

     Orthodox Finance and Collectivist or Communist movements are symbiotic and mutually supporting—merely opposite sides of the same totalitarian coin.  
The erroneous and delusional notion that they are mutually opposed is something that freedom loving people must come to understand and overcome.  Failure to do so will ensure the final end of the free society.

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Monday, 24 February 2020
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