One Nation Firearms Policy by John Steele

One Nation has released its firearms and gun control policy, and it’s politically sound: On the bad side, the policy compromises too much with the establishment, saying that it will “maintain the general principle of the National Firearms Agreement in restricting access to high powered, high capacity firearms.” That could lead a government to further gun banning’s and control.

Nevertheless, there are many good things said though, such as recognising firearms ownership as a right by law-abiding citizens in a free society, the recognition of the right to self-defence, and the proposed abolition of the  “genuine reasons/need” test for firearm ownership. That test was just another bit of nasty gun-banning totalitarianism.

Overall, a step forward, but the policies are formulated as a reaction to the status quo, rather than fundamentally challenging them. In this respect, the Liberal Democrats, although inadequate in my opinion in areas such as immigration (compared to One Nation), have a far better set of policies:
•    “Sport, hunting and self-defence are all legitimate reasons for firearm ownership.
•    Firearm ownership should be subject to possession of a licence. However, all adults over 18 years of age have a right to a licence unless it has been removed because of a history or genuine prospect of coercion.
•    Those who wish to carry a concealed firearm for self-defence are entitled to be issued with a permit to do so unless they have a history or genuine prospect of coercion.
•    All genuine sporting uses of firearms are legitimate.
•    There should be no registration of long-arms.
•    There should be no prohibitions or special limits on semi-automatic firearms.
•    Individuals and organisations are entitled to establish facilities that involve the use of firearms. This includes shooting ranges and hunting reserves.
•    Impediments to children participating in safe shooting activities should be removed.
•    Airsoft and paintball should be deregulated apart from measures to protect innocent bystanders.”

Hopefully, in the future, all of these parties can unite in a common front, and among other things, destroy the tyrannical gun control regime in Australia.



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Sunday, 25 October 2020
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