One Nation and the Majestic National Rifle Association By John Steel

     I just saw the guy who is prime minister, his name escapes me, but he is just another faceless player anyway whose role will be taken over by some other faceless player after the next election, rattling on about the horror of One Nation going after funds from the US National Rifle Association. This was to attack the sacred John Howard memorial of gun banning, something the Liberals cherish, next to Howard’s Asianisation and globalisation program. Anyway, this is exploding:

“One Nation has spectacularly accused international news organisation Al-Jazeera of being “foreign agents” and referred it to ASIO and the AFP for interfering in Australian elections, after the news channel revealed Pauline Hanson’s right-hand man sought $20m in donations from America’s gun lobby. An Al-Jazeera investigation has filmed James Ashby and the party’s Queensland state leader Steve Dickson in both America and Australia plotting to use the NRA to boost their donations and water down gun laws. An Al-Jazeera reporter posed as a fake gun lobbyist to approach Mr Ashby and Mr Dickson, and later set up meetings for the two men in Washington with NRA officials, where they asked for donations and received advice on using the death of gun victims to promote pro-gun policies. A One Nation spokesman told The Australian this morning that they did not recognise Al-Jazeera’s legitimacy and he had referred the news organisation to Australia’s domestic spy agency and the federal police. “Al Jazeera are a state-owned propaganda arm of the Qatari government that supports Islamic extremist groups and are not a legitimate media organisation,” he said. The Australian Federal Police confirmed it has received One Nation’s referral against Al-Jazeera. The revelations about One Nation’s search for US gun lobby money comes in the wake of the Christchurch terror attacks and a push on the Liberal Party to put One Nation last on its how-to-vote cards.”

     Oh, that’s their angle in the cultural war; you just have to love modern diverse Australia:

     Don’t do these sorts of deals in secret; set up the NRA in Australia and get everything out in the open. This is the endgame. It is an amazing double standard to criticise One Nation seeking funds from the NRA, when both political parties are taking all sorts of funds, from numerous lobby groups, and foreign nationals. Try this for foreign influence:

     We could go on for pages. But, given the prime minister’s virtue signalling, let us end all, absolutely all, donations to all political parties. Let them pay their own way or have chook raffles. It is what politicians, the lowest life form, deserve. Long live the noble NRA! 

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Wednesday, 19 February 2020
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