Recently failed US presidential Hispanic Senator Marco Rubio said that the US should consider a military invasion of Venezuela:

“In the interview with Miami’s Univisión 23 last Wednesday, Rubio said that a military intervention may be justified on the grounds of national security. “For months and years, I wanted the solution in Venezuela to be a non-military and peaceful solution, simply to restore democracy,” he said. “There is a national assembly elected by the people that has been annulled by a dictatorship.” “I believe that the Armed Forces of the United States are only used in the event of a threat to national security,” he continued. “I believe that there is a very strong argument that can be made at this time that Venezuela and the Maduro regime has become a threat to the region and even to the United States.”

     So forget about all the nonsense about the Russians stole the election from Hillary; the US can, and does invade countries and bomb and kill people whom it decides are threats. By the same argument though, there would be no good reason against intervening in South Africa, which is set to become another failed state. If wars can be conducted against people who “hate our freedom,” then all the more reason to intervene if genocide is about to happen.