Of Course, the Leaders are Never to Blame! By Charles Taylor

     The once beautiful city of Baltimore is now a drug/crime-infested cesspool. Everyone knows it, and the present Black mayor says, well, don’t blame me, I did not shoot them, or take their drugs. Right he is:

“The mayor of Baltimore says local leadership isn't to blame for the city's increasing homicide rate, telling reporters on Wednesday he's "not committing the murders" himself. Bernard "Jack" Young, who took office in May, said during his weekly press conference that "there's not any lack of leadership of my part." "That’s what people need to understand. I’m not committing the murders. The police commissioner is not committing it. The council is not committing it. So how can you fault leadership?" he questioned. "You know this has been five years of 300-plus murders, and I don’t see it as a lack of leadership.”

     By that reasoning the government could wipe its hands of all responsibility for anything at all, that it was not directly involved it. But, the crime/drug problem is indirectly part of the government’s responsibility, as governments help create economic conditions, such as massive unemployment, which has driven Baltimore into the ground. Baltimore is a vision of the multicultural, multiracial future of diversity, on the road to abject poverty:



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Thursday, 29 July 2021
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