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More On Becoming A State of the US By James Reed

     I have put the case for Australia becoming a state of the United States, primarily to prevent us being swallowed up by China. Here is an article which I cite in further support of my position, making the case that Australia cannot defend itself now. And don’t believe the Arthur Caldwell bs that we need more migrants. Technology can wipe out migrants with rifles in the blink of an eye, and this was true in 1947 too.

“Australia’s decision to buy 12 of the “most lethal conventional submarines ever contemplated” may actually leave it exposed to attack, according to an expert. When the Shortfin Barracuda was unveiled as the design for Australia’s new submarine fleet in 2016, there was excitement about its capabilities and the decision to build the vessel in South Australia. But one expert has now analysed the challenges facing Australia’s military amid the changing power dynamic in the region and believes Australia has invested billions in the wrong weaponry. Professor Hugh White’s book How to Defend Australia looks at the strategic risks Australia faces as China seeks to take its place as the dominant player in East Asia. He believes America will eventually withdraw from the region, which could leave Australia exposed and without the right technology to defend itself against rising powers including China, Indonesia and India. While America has suggested it is “here to stay” in the region, Prof White told it had not done anything to push back against China. “We need to think about how Australia can stand up for itself in an Asia that is not dominated by America,” he said. China has put a massive amount of money into its air and naval forces and now has nuclear-armed intercontinental ballistic missiles and submarine-launched ballistic missiles. Its nuclear weapons could threaten American cities if war broke out. “In a new Cold War, Americans would have to ask whether saving Taiwan from China — and preserving US leadership in Asia — would be worth losing Los Angeles and Seattle,” Prof White’s book notes.”

     The population should not have listened to Arthur Caldwell back in 1947, but moved to acquire nuclear weapons, like places such as Pakistan. Now we are simply defenceless however many tin subs we float in our bath tub. I guess Australia was never meant to be anything permanent, but just a market for a while. There has never been any vision about preserving the place for thousands of years as that is not how capitalism thinks.



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Thursday, 09 July 2020
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