Looks Like the Real Terrorists are …You! By Peter Ewer

     If you go to sites referenced by us such as Pamela Geller or by Robert Spencer, even more to the Left, such as Zero Hedge and Natural News,  you may begin to notice a pattern in the gothic new stories. Your mind, operating in Sherlock Holmes fashion, may begin to join up the dots to form a pattern. But, the Deepers in our home state of Victoria have saved us the trouble, and have found that the real threats to national security are … you guessed it … people who are “fixated” on an ideology, writing letters and the like, mainly right wing types.

“Yesterday the Victorian Andrews Labor Government unveiled a new Victoria Police unit, the Fixated Threat Assessment Centre which it claims is aimed at protecting Victorians from terrorism and lone actor attacks. It will be staffed by 13 specialist police officers and aims to process 300 people in its first year. It is based on similar centres that have opened up New South Wales, Queensland, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. However a closer look at which types of people the centre aims to target reveals it has a disturbing political agenda. Assistant Police Commissioner Ross Guenther defined fixated persons as those who repeatedly write letters, email or call local councillors or politicians and those who display a fixation with an ideology or religion.

Police Minister Lisa Neville said the centre would look at ideologies on all sides, including far-right extremism which she claimed it would “help identify high-risk individuals and have the potential to stop violent incidents before they occur”. Fairfax Media in their report spoke of right-wing terrorists such as Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik, and the killer of UK MP Jo Cox Thomas Mair as the type of person this centre was aimed at. Of course everybody wants to explore ways to prevent terrorism, however we know from experience that the Andrews Government has a very broad definition of right wing extremist. It considers all patriot and nationalist activists in Victoria to be extremists, as demonstrated by putting on trial the Bendigo Three who were found guilty under the state’s Racial and Religious Tolerance Act of offending Muslims for a mock beheading.”

“Joseph Siracusa, Professor of Human Security and International Diplomacy at RMIT University, said the centre may reassure the public but it was unlikely to prevent terrorist and lone actor attacks. "It's kind of loopy really. It's illogical and not evidence-based," he said. "There has been very little proof or evidence that there is a set of criteria for identifying lone attackers or terrorists. They do not fit any single profile. "The default position is that there is always a mental defect here … [but that is] quite a leap of faith. I think these guys are pretty conscious and rational of what they are doing." He added: "It's not Tom Cruise's Minority Report — you can't arrest people for crimes they haven't committed." Clarke Jones, a criminologist at the Australian National University's Research School of Psychology, said the centre would have a better chance of success if it looked more broadly at youth issues.

"I'd be very interested to see if they get 300 people. That suggests there's 300 radicalised people in the Victorian community — and that's really pushing it, in my view," he said. "When you spend time in certain suburbs in Melbourne or Sydney, kids are more likely to be involved in behaviours like drug-taking and domestic violence. Violent extremism may be one of these behaviours, but it's not the only one, so it doesn't make sense on the ground. "If the program is focused solely on terrorism or extremism, it's way off the mark." Having police at the forefront of the response could limit the centre's effectiveness, Dr Jones added. "I would argue that there are social services in the Victorian community that could deal with this much better than a police unit," he said. "That said, in terms of accountability within our society, police have a role in keeping us safe and preventing acts of violence."

     Ok, nobody should be offended by anything, even if it means allowing rapists to rape for decades because feelings are the most important things in the universe.

     It is obvious that reporting on this is unwise as it may lead to various unhinged members of the community writing letters, ringing up talk back radio, and other forms of political “terrorism,” such as rejecting globalist immigration,  and turning to a Right wing point of view. These sorts of hardened terrorists have even been known to like President Donald Trump. The Victorian people have once again showed their wisdom by voting for the wonderful Andrews government, who have given the world so many good things. Keep up the good work, but we still have a little bit more to do to catch up with Sweden. We are sure to get what we richly deserve when it all comes out in the wash.



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Friday, 05 March 2021
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