To The Australian          The proposed new Independent Office for Aboriginal People ('Echoes of Uluru as nascent office hailed for voice to parliament', 7/6) is plainly another step in the ongoing plan to divide this continent into two nations. Those behind this campaign know that in any fairly phrased referendum the vast majority of Australians would oppose such a separation. Thus an approach of 'Fabian gradualism' is being employed. WA Aboriginal Affairs Minister Ben Wyatt ignores the great achievements of British Australia in the pioneering era of our national history and slanderously sums them up as motivated by 'colonial racist and supremacist values'. There is every justification for most Australians to be deeply fearful about the more-or-less open destruction of our great Constitution that is happening. If only public opposition could become 'relentless', for continuing apathy will lead to disaster!
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic