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Israel and the Coronavirus By Brian Simpson

     It is wise to pay close attention to the policies of the state of Israel, since this nation, above all others has excellent survival instincts, and almost always gets things right. Take their response to the coronavirus pandemic:

“Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced Thursday that Israel would be closing schools and universities effective Friday as part of measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus, calling the pandemic “a global event unlike anything” the country had ever seen. “We are closing the schools and the universities,” the premier announced on live television. He said the closure didn’t include preschools and kindergartens, special education and boarding schools, adding that a decision would be made for those institutions soon. In a prime-time speech from the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem, Netanyahu warned that “the potential number of deaths is very high and we must take action to prevent that.” He said the mortality rate from the virus, which he put at between two and four percent, was “very high.” There have so far been no deaths from the virus in Israel, where there have been 109 confirmed cases. “We are in the midst of a global event unlike anything else in the history of the state’s existence,” he said, offering a dire warning of the potential death toll if most of the population is infected and even comparing the situation to the 1918 Spanish Flu, which infected some 500 million people — 27% of the world’s population at the time — and killed between 17 and 50 million people, according to estimations.”

     The surprise of the day is that Denmark is in lock down now, which is truly amazing given the liberal cosmopolitanism of the Scandinavian countries which have largely embraced self-annihilation:

“In a surprise announcement, Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen of Denmark said the country is imposing a lockdown to contain its rapidly rising number of coronavirus cases. Frederiksen made the announcement during a press conference on Wednesday. According to Frederiksen, public sector employees who do not perform critical functions will be sent home on paid leave, while those who are employed in the private sector will be encouraged to work from home. All schools and universities in the Scandinavian nation will also be shut down, Frederiksen said during her address. In addition, Frederiksen also imposed restrictions on events, with local media reporting that events seen to attract more than 100 participants will be banned — a major decrease compared to the original limit of 1,000. “We need to limit activity in society as much as possible, without letting our society grind to a halt,” Frederiksen said. According to Frederiksen, their decision to enact strict impositions and tough measures will have a significant impact on their economy. “We will not get through this as a country without a cost. Businesses will suffer losses and people will lose their jobs. The government will do what it can to help,” Frederiksen said, noting that their current situation necessitated the enactment of such measures.

“Under normal circumstances, a government would not present such far-reaching measures without having all the solutions ready for the many Danes concerned, but we are in an extraordinary situation,” Frederiksen stated. “This will have huge consequences, but the alternative would be far worse,” she said, adding that those who are healthy have a shared responsibility to protect the more vulnerable members of their population. “Everyone who is healthy, we have a great responsibility towards the vulnerable,” she added. Those seen to be at high risk for COVID-19 — the disease caused by the new coronavirus which originated from Wuhan in China before spreading across other parts of the world — are those who are aged 60 and above, as well as those with compromised immune systems and chronic illnesses. Søren Brostrøm, director of The Danish Health Authority, said that he expects the number of cases to increase rapidly in the coming days and weeks. As of press time, 514 people, of which two are in critical condition, have been confirmed to be infected with the deadly virus as of Wednesday—a ten-fold increase in the figures they posted Monday. According to Health Minister Magnus Heunicke this is the “most dramatic increase seen in Europe”.

Sweden, which is separated from Denmark by the Oresund strait, has around 460 confirmed cases, with its first death reported Wednesday. The country has banned public gatherings of more than 500 people to stop the spread of the disease. Italy, which has 12,462 confirmed coronavirus infections and 827 deaths—the highest in Europe as of press time—enforced a lockdown, Tuesday. However, following the World Health Organization‘s (WHO) announcement declaring the COVID-19 outbreak as a global pandemic, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has announced that the nation needed to “go another step” further. Conte, through an announcement made on Facebook, said only pharmacies, groceries and other establishments selling “essential items” will remain open to the public for the entirety of the lockdown. This will be in addition to the existing measures, such as travel restrictions, enforced social distances and mandatory self-isolation for anyone who exhibits flu-like symptoms.”

     One of the concerns is that the Covid-19 virus mutates and becomes a highly effective airborne agent:

“This new story over at the Daily Mail deserves immediate attention this morning because if true, we’re now witnessing a ‘coronavirus game changer’. As the Daily Mail story reported, doctors and scientists in China have been researching how one man there passed on the virus to 9 different people aboard a bus and 13 people in total and as that study concluded, not only can the virus be spread much further than previously believed, it can also ‘linger in the air for up to 30 minutes’. The first study finding that coronavirus can go airborne and be spread without contact with another person’s saliva, bodily fluids or sneezes as had originally been reported as the main avenues of transmission, should this study be correct and the virus actually live in the air for any period of time at all, any mass transit, large gatherings of people such as a concerts, recitals, political rallies or even places where lots of people go such as grocery stores could be places where this virus lives in the air should someone who unknowingly has it and hasn’t quarantined themselves be there shedding it to others. With the CPAC Convention in Prince Georges County, Maryland the perfect example of how people may be exposed to the virus without even knowing they are in any danger with now at least 5 Congress people ‘self quarantining’ after coming in contact with the New Jersey resident at CPAC who already had the disease without knowing it at the time, how many more people who may have worked that Convention as waiters or waitresses or bus boys or hotel clerks or cleaning people may have also been exposed and now be contagious to pass it on to others unknowingly through their jobs as ‘service people’ to the public?

And while we’d absolutely hate to see ‘medical martial law’ be imposed upon the entire nation as we’re now witnessing in Italy in an attempt to prevent the further spread of the killer disease, as Mike Adams reported in this March 10th story over at Natural News, that may one day become the only option left and it may soon be time for President Trump to put a temporary stop to mass travel though, in doing that, he’d immediately become a ‘target’ for the left who’d surely say he’s acting like a dictator. So while we’ll continue to pray that it never comes to medical martial law in America, with hospitals being told to stockpile body bags, New York deploying the National Guard and quarantining an entire region and now the Democrat governor of the state of Washington preparing a major crackdown, we best prepare ourselves as if the virus will soon be everywhere as infectious disease specialist Tony Fauci has recently warned. And while the Daily Mail has just reported the study published in a Chinese Medical Journal had been retracted, who really believes ANYTHING that we’re being told by China in 2020 anyways? Was the information it contained ‘too accurate’ for ‘public knowledge’? From the Daily Mail story.: A man infected with coronavirus spread the virus to nine other people on his bus, raising fears the killer infection can jump between people far easier than initially thought in confined places. A study found two victims sitting 4.5 metres (14.7ft) away from the man were later diagnosed, which is four times what is considered a ‘safe distance’ to stand near an COVID-19 patient. Countries including Italy and the UK have implemented one to two metre distancing between people to limit outbreaks. The virus has been thought to spread via cough or sneeze droplets, but the study found germs can linger in the air for long periods of time.”

     If mutational effects are going to occur, it is anyone’s guess where this all will go. But, rest assured I will be there reporting, until I drop dead at my desk. Or, I mutate.



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Wednesday, 27 May 2020
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