The Left have established the narrative that Whites are responsible for violence seen in non-Western countries because … well… racism …colonialism. Yes, but what about violence that occurred in non-white societies before contact with the demonic whites, assuming that the laws of causality and the arrow of time still hold in a politically correct universe.? There is a problem for their narrative:

“A hieroglyphic inscription found in an ancient Maya city now reveals kingdoms making up this civilization waged extraordinarily destructive warfare much earlier than previously thought, a new study finds. These findings may shed light on what may or may not have brought about the end of the Maya empire, researchers said. The ancient Maya civilization encompassed an area twice the size of Germany, occupying what is now southern Mexico and northern Central America. At the height of the Maya empire, known as the Classic period, which stretched from about A.D. 250 to at least 900, perhaps as many as 25 million people lived in the region, potentially rivaling the population density of medieval Europe An escalation of violence may have also played a role in the Maya downfall. Previous research suggested that during the Classic period, warfare among the ancient Maya was mostly ritualized and limited in scope, with strict rules of engagement centered on procuring elite captives for tribute and ransom and minimal involvement of noncombatants.

However, archaeologists unearthed signs that the ancient Maya at the end of the Classic period practiced the extraordinarily destructive tactics of total warfare, where both civilian and military resources were targeted, at times resulting in the widespread destruction of cities. "In termination events, cities were completely destroyed and royal families were removed — sometimes thrown in wells or buried in ceremonial centers," study lead author David Wahl, a research geographer at the U.S. Geological Survey in Menlo Park, California, told LiveScience. Now, scientists find that the ancient Maya may have engaged in this type of total war much earlier than previously thought. "We now have, for the first time, a picture of the broader impacts of a Classic-period Maya attack," Wahl said. "We see that the tactics used had negative consequences for the local population in such a way that, in this case, the trajectory of settlement in the city was permanently changed." The researchers made their discovery while investigating past environmental changes around the archaeological site of Witzna in the Petén region of Guatemala, which encompasses the northern third of that country.”

     Apart fem the now classic “muh racism” response what could the Left argue in reply? Nothing, just get Antifa to punch us in the mouth, which is what they define as a “knock down” argument. We would be deconstructed.