Inflating School Shootings By John Steele

     Here is the latest piece of Facebook censorship: a NPR report which challenges the fake science behind US school shooting claims:

“The federal government is lying about the number of school shootings that occur annually in the United States, and Facebook doesn’t want you to know about it. NPR was brave enough to challenge the official narrative, joining up with the non-profit group Child Trends to take a closer look at the alleged statistics on school-associated gun violence. What they found is that the U.S. Department of Education is greatly inflating the numbers, presumably to push the anti-gun agenda. “More than two-thirds of these reported incidents never happened,” NPR revealed in a bold article entitled, “The School Shootings That Weren’t.” But people who tried to share this NPR article on Facebook found that the Zuckerberg empire isn’t too happy with it. Writing for, Jonathan Miltimore reported that a colleague of his, Sean Malone, tried to share the article with his several thousand Facebook followers and friends, only to have it flagged as “spam” and removed from the platform entirely. “Facebook’s crackdown on fake news and ‘hate speech’ has been well chronicled,” writes Miltimore. “There are many reasons to be wary of such censorship: Who decides what’s true? Who decides what’s fake? Who decides what’s hateful?”

     The answer to the question of “who decides,” is, of course, the power elites, namely Big Tech, a part of the controlling global elites. They have set an agenda, of banning all guns so that the deplorables are disarmed and ripe for active and aggressive genocide, if needs be. Certainly, the deplorables will be vulnerable, as never before to Deep State terrorism, for it would not do to have a repeat of the Bundy standoff situation, everywhere:

     Only criminals who must be free to prey on ordinary citizens, as an important part of anarcho-tyranny, and agents of the Deep State, should be permitted to have firearms: that is the underlying lying philosophy of the Deepers.



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Thursday, 29 October 2020
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