How Will the “Only Anglos are Racists” Elites Deal with this One? by Michael Ferguson

You know the old dopey song: only Whites can be racists, racists, racists, and Nordic (Northern European) Whites, “the ice people,” are the most racist of all! Sing-a-long! They are kings and queens of racist castle. A whole academic industry is based on this, and as you read (at least from 11–3pm, academic time), some chatterer is telling a captive audience class of impressionable students all of this. In the United States, academics have told White students that they need to kill themselves: White genocide? Hell no; just retributive justice for the slave trade.

But wait – what happens when an Asian is “racist” to a Muslim, as allegedly in:

Here, an Asian woman accuses a Muslim woman wearing a niqab of being a terrorist, and she bangs on the car window and screams at her. Now, presumably this event is real and not staged – there have been plenty of staged event like this, shown to be false flags and it all did take place at a university. The story comes at exactly the same time as the call by Muslims for tighter race vilification laws, so one needs to be cautious. I will keep my eyes open on the press to see where the story goes.

If the story is authentic, then it at least shows that there can be non-Anglo racists. Or does it? Nothing that the Asian women said related to race exactly. She seemed to equate the niqab with terrorism, but only a small minority of terrorists wear the niqab, that being female terrorists, but some in fact do, so she has committed a fallacy of reasoning. Therefore, it is not clear if the woman is a racist or not. No doubt a million section 18 C complaints have been lodged, so we will see.



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Tuesday, 11 August 2020
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