This is utterly shocking:

“Coca-Cola has featured same-sex couples kissing in commercials over bottles of the major soft drink in Hungary. And politicians and conservative activists are furious. The ads have been splashed on billboards as well as the company’s Hungarian Facebook page. They show couples sharing a cold drink for the “Love is Love” campaign accompanied with slogans such as “Zero Sugar, Zero Prejudice”. A politician from the ruling Fidesz party as well as conservative media outlets have called for the drink maker to be boycotted.”

     Clearly this morally backward country needs to be brought into the 21st multicult century and embrace sexual diversity. Look, by way of comparison, at how enlightened the majority of the Australian population are on the same sex marriage issue. No problems here with not just kissing, but same sex, sex, on TV. Logically, why should there be? There is no real difference between heterosexuality and homosexuality in our culture, as all is a social construction, including social constructions. Lift your game Hungary, because pretty soon somebody is going to get out the great big racist club and smash you with it. Maybe George.