French Emperor Macron the Manly Vows to Destroy Nationalism with his Globalist Sword By Richard Miller

     No doubt, it is easy to talk tough, even if one is a  little man, if backed up by the bullies of the New World Order. It is the social dynamics of the playground, only transferred to “adulthood.” Emmanuel Macron (5’ 9’’, 161 lbs), French president,  vows to destroy nationalism and push ahead with globalism on steroids:

“Emmanuel Macron has vowed a globalist bloc determined to impose a progressive EU superstate on the continent will defeat “extremist” pro-national sovereignty conservatives at European Parliament elections next year.
Declaring that the world is at a “moment of great transformations”, the French President outlined his vision for a “European sovereignty” in which Brussels would have autonomy comparable to that of China or the United States of America. Europe must become “the model for a humanist refoundation of globalisation”, he told the annual French ambassadors’ conference Monday, vowing to “redouble efforts” against patriotic conservative parties in the face of a world “where nationalisms have reawakened.”

     What can I say, other than Emmanuel is aged 40 years, but his wife, Brigitte Macron is aged 65 years.

     Yes, the globalists have the right tool for the job at hand.



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Wednesday, 14 April 2021
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