Food/Medicine By Mrs Vera West

Even the poorest people in Australia can eat healthy. That means primarily having a vegetable-based diet, with little lean meat added. They call it palaeo now, but this was the Anglo-Saxon diet we grew up with, which kept us healthy. The diet was dismissed as “boring’ by the new class who thought that we would eat more interesting food by importing millions of people – so many people that Australia has no identity at all, with almost half of all Australians being either born overseas or having at least one parent who was: On those watch did this all occur on?

But, I digress. Even Alt Right fringe dwellers need to keep up their health. Here are some tasty tips.  First, broccoli and spinach are wonderful and protect against all matter of things, from DNA damage, to cancer prevention, and liver detoxification: The active component in these vegetables is sulforaphane, and it is activated when the raw vegetable is cut, left to stand for 40 minutes, then chewed. Frozen broccoli needs to have mustard sprinkled over it.

Even the humble lemon has been found to have 22 anti-cancer compounds and to reduce the risk of cancer by 50 percent: Lemon peels are apparently the most healthy bits.
Eat healthy, exercise each day, and don’t get too depressed about the decline and fall of Western civilisation. Maybe we can out-live our enemies!



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Saturday, 28 November 2020
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