… like the story by the New York Times, as part of their contribution to Trump’s impeachment, that Trump put pressure on the Australian PM to insist in the investigation into the origins of the Mueller inquiry. But the official Australian statement then destroyed the NYT’s claim:

“The Australian Government has always been ready to assist and cooperate with efforts that help shed further light on the matters under investigation. The PM confirmed this readiness once again in conversation with the President.” No coercion, and thus more false news. Anyway, all this coercion stuff is a bit silly when Obama used to set in motion drone attacks intro countries like Pakistan to kill people.


     As Dan Bongino has said:

“The NY Times, & their Democrat Party allies, are desperate to cover up the Obama administration’s collusion with Ukrainian, UK, and Australian officials, & the spying operation against Trump. This is all media noise to distract you from the biggest political scandal in history.”