Every Man Needs a Keg of “Toxic Masculinity” By John Steele

     A common theme nowadays is that there is still too much “toxic masculinity,” and it must be completely eliminated to produce the New World Gendered society:

“The University of Houston-Clear Lake is blaming “toxic masculinity” for a variety of social issues. According to a report from Campus Reform, the University of Houston-Clear Lake is playing a documentary called The Mask You Live In about the effect of “toxic masculinity” on society. For the uninitiated, “toxic masculinity” refers to the belief that Western men have been conditioned into a set of beliefs about acceptable expressions of masculinity. Proponents argue that failure to “be a man” causes men to crumble and lash out at others, particularly women. The film argues that “toxic masculinity” is the reason why boys are more likely than girls to commit suicide, crime, and fail out of school. No, I don’t agree. Traditional manhood, which built the comfortable society that these types are now dismounting, has been under attack at least since the femo-commo revolution of cultural Marxisam kicked into full force. It is this undermining which has produced the problems that young men face, such a record youth and old men suicide. This tragedy did not occur in past eras.

     Where is all of this going to lead? The ruling elites are playing a great game, thinking that everything is going to land sunny side up. It will not; the toast is going to land, jam side down. The planned destruction of qualities basic to human nature, in favour of some dream by philosophical wankers like Marx, will end badly for everybody, including the elites. The smart ones see this now, and are preparing to jump ship, for all the good it will do them in the end:



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Sunday, 25 October 2020
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