Dealing with Psycho-Political Warfare Stress; Forest Bathing By Mrs Vera West

     Having one’s race, place and nation subjected to passive genocide, can be stressful for the few remaining individuals who are not brain dead. So, what can be done for the individual to mentally survive? The Japanese have an answer, and it is known as “forest bathing,” and it can be done without getting wet:

“Forest therapy refers to the practice of walking in a forest and soaking up the atmosphere, smelling the trees and air, looking at the flowers, listening to the streams and the wind through the trees, noticing the individual bird species, feeling the leaves and roots under your feet, and so forth. The Japanese call this forest bathing, not because you swim in a forest stream, but because you immerse yourself in nature. Aside from being a pleasant pastime, many studies are now concluding that it might be a useful medical therapy for a wide range of conditions. Some Japanese doctors even prescribe it as an adjunct treatment for diseases, such as high blood pressure and diabetes. Since stress contributes to so many diseases, one of the most frequently studied effects of forest therapy is its effects on stress reduction. For example, Japanese researchers published a study in the journal Public Health in 2007 that investigated the psychological effects of this therapy. They surveyed 498 volunteers twice on the forest-walking day and twice on the control day, during which they did not visit the forest. They concluded that forest walking reduced stress; the higher the stress levels, the larger the reduction.”

     There may not be any forests as such in your backyard, but there will probably be parks and bushland, so everybody can get back to the last remaining bit of nature, decompress, then return to this miserable mental trench warfare, become depressed again, then repeat.



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Wednesday, 21 October 2020
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