Cyber-War with Russia, Full Speed Ahead By James Reed

     The United States is undertaking cyber-attacks upon the Russian IT infrastructure, such as the power grid, threatening the stability of the nuclear industry, as well as hospitals and other crucial services. This is being done by malware.

     The “justification” for this is that Russia has done the same to the US, as well as working to prevent Queen Hillary from becoming president, the worst sin imaginable, even if it is not true. But, while every country does spying, there has never been evidence presented that Russia has inserted malware into US computer systems, to bring them down. Clearly this is technically an act of war, and could we blame Vlad the lad Putin for launching an arsenal of Satan II missiles on the US? Sure, he would be condemned if any one survives to condemn him, because this is insane clown world now, where nothing makes sense except the rush to extinction. I hope that the Deepers like to enjoy life in a radioactive wasteland, as Vlad has said that the Russians are quite willing to die if necessary, and go to Heaven, while most of the West will die and rot:

     After all, the Democrats are still hurting about allegedly Russia releasing info about Crook Hillary, and never mind the crook deeds, they focus on the release rather than the crimes. Yet, then they fully support the neo-cons in war against Russia. The US is indeed a rogue state, now totally infected with political rabies from diversity overload.

“Russia has said it is "possible" that its electrical grid is under cyber-attack by the US. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said reports that US cyber-soldiers had put computer viruses on its electrical grid was a "hypothetical possibility". His comments came in response to a New York Times (NYT) story which claimed US military hackers were targeting Russian power plants. The report drew scepticism from experts and a denunciation by President Trump.

Bad publicity
In its report the newspaper said American "code" had been deployed inside many elements of Russia's power network. The Times said this was an escalation of other work the US was doing to combat Russian disinformation and hacking campaigns. Mr Peskov said President Trump had dismissed the allegations made in the Times, calling them "fake news". The Kremlin spokesman added: "If one assumes that some government agencies do this without informing the head of state, then of course this may indicate that cyber-war against Russia might be a hypothetical possibility." He said "vital areas" of Russia's economy were under continuous attack, but it had managed to counter the intrusions so they did no damage.”




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Sunday, 25 October 2020
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