Conventional Economics Clashes with Mathematical Impossibility By James Reed

     The only real question is how long can the great Ponzi scheme of conventional finance keep rolling along?

“Alan Greenspan, former chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank, admits that the current system of runaway debt cannot be stopped and there is no way to default on the debt because the Federal Reserve can always print more money and increase the national debt, “guaranteeing” treasury bonds that can never mathematically be paid back, which are not backed by any commodity or gold standard. As the U.S. national debt exceeds 21.15 trillion and as global debt exceeds $164 trillion, Greenspan says “there is zero probability of default.” This means that inflation will continue to destroy the dollar’s purchasing power — a tax into perpetuity. What exactly have we enslaved ourselves to? How do we exit a system that can inflate itself forever, without accountability or recourse? Governments are no longer interested in paying down debt because it is no longer feasible to do so.

In fact, this system of central banking and fractional reserve borrowing was never intended to create true wealth. It was only created to satiate the demands for a fictitious fiat currency — a currency of debt that can never mathematically be repaid. This runaway system of currency creation allowed the U.S. to quickly build its military, its industries, and create social welfare programs, but the purchasing power of the currency continues to diminish for individuals, enslaving an individual’s true wealth (their time) to these industries and social welfare programs. The elite rich get richer. The workers toil for less, and the poor are perpetually enslaved by this system.”

     The claim that governments will be able to print money forever, and that debt can go to infinity defies historical fact, that at some point the system will crack as a matter of mathematical necessity. It is hard to predict when exactly, given the massive efforts going into holding the evil monster up, but at some point, the corpse will come crashing down, hitting the ground harder than anything which has ever hit. The asteroid which wiped out the dinos will be like a pebble tossed across the surface of a lake:



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Sunday, 25 October 2020
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