Colonisation on Steroids; Rural China Town By James Reed

     Why does every city have to have a China town? Well, keep wondering because now this concept is being applied to the Australian country side as well:

“Foreign investors have purchased hundreds of hectares of land in WA's Midwest with a view to establishing a rural Chinatown, including an English-language school. City of Greater Geraldton Mayor Shane Van Styn revealed the bold plan by developer PIP Holdings to create the suburb in the city's eastern fringe. It includes building homes specifically for Chinese migrants and associated service industries to cater to their needs. Cr Van Styn said foreign investment could be just the ticket to revitalise the region's main city, located 400 kilometres north of Perth. But there are questions about whether the proposed development will help or hinder the region. Geraldton, a once-thriving city built on agriculture and lobster fishing, enjoyed a boom through iron ore mining and exploration but is now battling a shrinking population and rising unemployment. It was for this reason that Cr Van Styn said he believed overseas investment would be the key to revitalising the struggling region. "They're proposing anywhere up to 1,500 houses, a commercial centre, and that school in the centre," he said. "This is proposing building two years' worth of houses in one single development, so it would be a building boom unlike anything ever seen.

     Ask yourself if any country in Asia, such as China would allow a parallel development, then ask why does Australia allow this? Not just allows it, but celebrates it!

     Ok, given that we are the eternal colony, why not simply sell up the entire country in one great fire sale? Perhaps the Australian population could be valuated and sold as well? Sell everything; every lizard and every rock. Just sell us and put us out of our misery. Australia exists now only as a social construct, not as a real nation.

     It is just a suggestion, and I am only trying to be a good servant here and help, but maybe the Chinese communist party might like to buy up on the cheap a place where there are “naked junkies and streets covered in faeces, urine and syringes,” and clean the place up as a challenge:

•    “Sacramento residents and business owners have spoken out on the city's growing rates of homelessness - which is up 19 per cent in the last two years
•    Hair salon owner Liz Novak brought attention to the issue last week when she uploaded a video claiming she has been forced to relocate due to a vagrancy epidemic
•    Antique shop owner Steve Sylvester, whose business is located across from Novak's, said the problem has worsened in the past 18 months due to the city's drug scene 
•    'Sacramento is the place where people are told you can get a quick fix with cheap drugs,' Sylvester told
•    He said one homeless drug addict entered his store '95 per cent naked' and damaged $300-$400 worth of china when he was asked to leave
•    A waitress at Pancake Circus diner, identified only as 70-year-old Terri, said she starts every working day at 4.15am 'cleaning up needles and poop and washing down urine,' and shooing the homeless from the property.’”

     It too, could be going, cheap.



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Saturday, 08 May 2021
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