Masculinity is Health, in an Insane Oestrogenic World By Mrs Vera West

     The traditional ideal of masculinity is under attack like never before, because, well, that is just the stage that gender agenda has reached, from false equality, to masculine genocide now. So, every defence of traditional masculinity must be celebrated, and one such defence made these salient points:

“Evidence suggests that we should reverse this claim entirely and say that masculinity is entirely natural, and feminism is unhealthy. Feminism is a disease, and masculinity is the cure. As mentioned above, unlike feminism, masculinity is NOT a social construct or an ideology, it is an inherent biological reality. What feminists often present as “unhealthy” behaviors in masculinity are simply fabricated or exaggerated, and I am speaking from a Western perspective specifically. While men are designed to be more sexually aggressive, there is no “rape culture” in western society. Nowhere in the western world is rape advocated as acceptable. Nowhere is it protected by law. The #MeToo movement is yet another propaganda initiative which is meant to take criminal actions of a select few men and apply them to ALL men and masculinity in general. The lie of rape culture is promoted through false and rigged statistics. The fact that a large portion of reported sexual abuse is perpetrated by women is also ignored.  Clearly, rape is not the exclusive domain of masculinity.

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Collapse is Already Here By Paul Walker

     Writers here, usually at the end of an agony piece worrying about some enormous problem that is being neglected, wave their hands and mention collapse, be it the West, the World, or even the universe. Yet, a case has been made that collapse is already occurring, and is a process of decay, rather than a catastrophic event, like the collapse of a bridge. “Decay,” is probably a better word to describe the nature of the fall of the West;

“Collapse is already here. However, unlike Hollywood's vision, the early stages of collapse cause people to cling even tighter to the status quo. Instead of panic in the streets, we simply see more of the same -- as those in power do all they can to remain so, while the majority of the public attempts to ignore the growing problems for as long as it possibly can. For both the elite and the majority, their entire world view and their personal sense of self depends on things not crumbling all around them, so they remain willfully blind to any evidence to the contrary. When faced with the predicaments we warn about here at, getting an early start on prudently shifting your own personal situation is of vital strategic and tactical importance. Tens of thousands of our readers already have taken wise steps in their lives to position themselves resiliently. But most of the majority won't get started until it’s entirely too late to make any difference at all. Which is sad but perhaps unavoidable, given human nature. If everybody around you is saying “Everything is awesome!” it can take a long time to determine for yourself that things in fact aren't:

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The New Fake Left Politics of Australia Day By James Reed

     There are a large number of sites repeating the usual propaganda, that Australia Day is a celebration of genocide. Taken to its logical conclusion, this must mean that Australia is irreparably based on genocide, right from the beginning. What do the lobbies want done about this? Perhaps, as I have read, all Euro-Australians go back to Europe, and leave all the goodies for the people who were forced to abandon tribal ways and live in modernity.     Now I am not a man of hate, and will take this suggestion seriously. One problem: no one will want us. Europe does not want white people, because it is not a white entity. So, what should the guilt-ridden whites do? Commit suicide? Surely that would be seen as taking the easy way out. Work until death to pay reparations? Perhaps. It is not clear what should be done. … Wait, I know, how about complete surrender of sovereignty to China? You know, dissolve the constitution and literally become part of China, if they would want us. Would the lobby like this instead, if traditional Australia is so “racist”? How about Chinese communism? Yes, oh guilt-ridden liberals, go for that one! China will know how to deal with your trendy existential politically correct angst. Submerge yourselves in the Oneness of Asia.

     Some thoughts on how the Left have hijacked Australia Day for their cultural Marxist agenda are given by filmmaker and entrepreneur Richard Wolstencroft.

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Hyper-Globalist Soros Attacks China By James Reed

     The more that I learn about China, the more I respect the Chinese for their sense of racial solidarity. If the dream of modernity disappears tomorrow, and techno-society collapses, say from an EMP event, or more likely from its own internal rottenness, most Western people would probably commit suicide without the goodies and sweeties that consumerism bubbles out. Many Chinese would too, but a majority would happily go back to growing rice with a hand hoe. Hopefully, they would preserve some of the wisdom of both the East and West, but probably not. Anyway, that is why the globalists, knowing that they have succeeded in destroying the West, are turning their attention to China, because not a single stone must be left unturned. Of course, Israel continues to be a target as well, but China has now emerged as nationalist enemy number 1:

“The billionaire philanthropist George Soros has used his annual speech at the World Economic Forum, in Davos, to launch a scathing attack on China and its president Xi Jinping. Mr Soros warned that artificial intelligence and machine learning could be used to entrench totalitarian control in the country. He said this scenario presented an "unprecedented danger". But he said the Chinese people were his "main source of hope". "China is not the only authoritarian regime in the world but it is the wealthiest, strongest and technologically most advanced," he said, noting concerns too about Vladimir Putin's Russia. "This makes Xi Jinping the most dangerous opponent of open societies," he said. Mr Soros, a prominent donor to the Democratic Party in the US, also criticised the Trump administration's stance towards China. "Instead of waging a trade war with practically the whole world, the US should focus on China," he said. He urged Washington to crack down on Chinese technology companies such as Huawei and ZTE, which he said present an "unacceptable security risk for the rest of the world". More broadly, Mr Soros cautioned that repressive regimes could utilise technology to control their citizens, in what he called "a mortal threat to open societies".

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The Legacy of President Donald J. Cuck By Charles Taylor

     So, Trump has backed down and caved in on the government shutdown, which, by the way, showed how useless governments are, and what a taste of tax payer’s money occurs. The media of the elites is saying that the Democrats broke Trump, and of course they are wrong, for the man was broken from the beginning, one of the “hollow men” referred to by T. S. Eliot in his famous poem.

     Clearly Trump lied to the long-suffering Americans who voted for him. There was no intension of building any wall, or stopping the processes that will end America. His whole legacy of “making a deal” and compromise, is completely inconsistent with a wartime battle to the finish. Trump should therefore be seen as the American president who failed the most. Or, perhaps his real agenda was to enable the next anti-American president to arise, and finish the job that Obama started. Well, get on with it. Hopefully Americans still have the revolutionary spirit and will not submit to the total tyranny that is a heartbeat away.

Are the Left Satanic? By Charles Taylor

     I have an on-going fantasy about a film script where there is a cool detective in a trench coat (me, Chuck Taylor), who is investigating a series of gruesome murders. The first, would be your body in the bag murders, then the “family” murders, then the bodies in acid murders, and finally onto Washington DC conspiracies. Turns out, these murders were all part of a Satanic ritual by the ruling elites. Missing people were mostly taken and sacrificed by the global financial  elites in each city, who met in the woods to perform Satanic rituals and sacrifice, followed by cannibalism. And the ending is that the bad guys win, and sacrifice the detective in a Satanic ritual. See, this is the system!

     Anyway, there is no point writing the script because, in the West, the movie could not be produced. Back to topic, it seems that the use of Satanic masks and symbols is increasingly popular with leading Left figures, and that Satanism is on the rise.  It would not surprise me if the premise of my never-to-be-seen movie is not far from the truth. While I do not agree with everything in the links below, there is enough points made to make one think.

Babies Cost Too Much so Just Abort Them! By Mrs Vera West

     This is an example of how far down the road to degeneracy we have come; it is cheaper to abort babies than have them born!

“Earlier this week a California judge issued an order blocking President Trump’s new rules protecting Americans from having to pay for drugs and devices that may cause abortions. The ruling concerns the Obama mandate within Obamacare that forces Americans to pay for contraception, including drugs that can cause abortion that violate the consciences of a majority of Americans. In its arguments leading up to the judge’s decision, the state of California made a very disgusting argument as to why President Trump’s pro-life protections must be overturned and why residents of the Golden State and America must be forced to pay for abortion drugs. According to California and it’s attorney general, babies are just too darn expensive — so more babies either need to be killed in abortion or prevented from being born through contraception. California Attorney General Xavier Becerra argued in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California that a regulation issued by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services would prevent an insufficient number of California women from conceiving and giving birth to children.

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Let He Without Sin Dox the First Dox First By James Reed

     Time for me to enter the Covington Catholic students controversy, that is, allegations of racism by sweet smiling students, who did nothing while a professional activist banged a drum in their face:

     Doxxing is exposing personal details about a person so that those who are vicious are free to attack them and their families. It is a favourite tactic of the Left, but sometimes conservatives may do it unthinkingly, or uncaringly, not worrying too much about who gets hurt:

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Sweden is Not a Safe Place for Women: Have an Educated Guess, Why By Mrs Vera West

     Sweden continues to decay, with the latest revelations, or is it horror story, being that half of all women in their early 20s feel unsafe:

“Statistics released by the Swedish criminal statistics agency Brå reveal that 42 percent of women aged 20 to 24 feel insecure in their everyday lives, fearful they could be victims of various crimes. The new statistics come as part of the agency’s National Security Survey (NTU) of 2018, which found that the women surveyed claimed to have changed their route or mode of transport due to fears of crime. Maria Söderström, an investigator at Brå, commented on the results, saying: “The fact that many people’s lives are limited by the fact that they have to change their travel routes and methods is a serious consequence of the insecurity and anxiety about crimes that young women say they experience.”

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Israel Does Not Want More (Non-Jewish) Immigration, and Good for Them! By James Reed

     Israelis do not want any more non-Jewish migrants, whether they are skilled or not:

“The majority of Israelis don’t support non-Jewish immigration to the country, even when the immigrants are highly trained or have advanced degrees, according to a new Pew Research Center report released on Tuesday.The Pew poll found that 51 percent of Israelis oppose high-skilled immigration of foreigners moving to the country with a bachelor’s degree or higher. The Pew poll focused on immigration of those not entitled to Israeli citizenship under the law of return, which applies to anybody with at least one Jewish grandparent.”

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Why Don’t the Elites Vaccinate Their Children? By Mrs Vera West

     The old saying is that the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Thus, regarding vaccines, if they are so good, then we would expect the capitalist superclass to have taken them on-board for their children. Surprise, surprise:

“Gates’ former private doctor from Seattle back in the 1990s said, “I don’t know if he had them vaccinated as adults, but I can tell you he point blank refused to vaccinate them as children.” We know this because the quote was taken from Gates’ doctor during a side note conversation at a medical symposium, which caused a small uproar among the attending physicians, who blasphemed Gates’ doctor for breaking rank with doctor-patient confidentiality (even though it’s a “gray area” because he was speaking to other doctors privately). Still, it was too late – the cat got out of the bag, and now the world knows the ultimate hypocrisy of the elite who radically and religiously push vaccines as the “holy grail” of medicine, all while they keep the same poisons out of their own children’s blood and muscle tissue, knowing good and well the high risk of side effects and adverse events far outweighs any possible benefits.

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Some White People Will Have to Die, and it is Racist to Say Otherwise! By Charles Taylor

     We are certainly covering some weird stories this week; looks like 2019 is a more insane year than last year! Even the professors, who should be asleep at this time of the year, feeding on their large tax payer’s funded salaries, atre going full bore genocide. Consider:

“A University of Georgia (UGA) teaching assistant wrote Wednesday on Facebook that “some white people may have to die for black communities to be made whole in this struggle to advance to freedom." He added that to suggest otherwise is “ahistorical and dangerously naive.” UGA philosophy TA Irami Osei-Frimpong made the comment during a conversation on the Overheard at UGA Facebook page. The comment has since been deleted. Osei-Frimpong claimed in May 2017 that Facebook suspended him for quoting from an article which detailed how Texas A&M professor Tommy Curry had said “in order to be equal, in order to be liberated, some white people may have to die.” “Killing some white people isn’t genocide; it’s killing some white people,” the UGA TA explained in a Medium post. “We had to kill some white people to get out of slavery. Maybe if we’d killed more during the 20th century we still wouldn’t talk about racialized voter disenfranchisement and housing, education, and employment discrimination. This should not be controversial.”

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The Rage of the Left; Now Smiling is Racist! By Charles Taylor

     I have known a lot of native Americans in my youth when I worked out West on cattle ranges, and they are good people, loyal and honest. Sure, they are no good around “fire water,” but that is probably an argument for how bad the drink is. Thus, when I saw the story about a group of young white school guys harassing an old Native American Vietnam vet, naturally my sympathies went to a fellow ex-soldier, over rich school kids. Hell, I was a punk at their age and deserved to have my butt kicked. However, then I read:

and see that the issue is more murky. I still don’t blame the chief, but feel that the Left, as usual, have exploited both parties for their own dark political aims.

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Money for Mexico, But Not the Wall By Chris Knight

     The present shutdown of the US government over the wall funding needs to be seen in the light of how the US spends its money, money that should go to national security. Thus, US $ 10.6 billion is going to South American countries as overseas aid. Beyond that, US $ 100 billion was secured for disaster relief over the past three years, but there is no money to deal with the immigration disaster. The reason is that the progressives want America to become non-white as fast as possible because these progressives are self-loathing racists, who benefit from a system that makes it ok to threaten to murder a white teenagers who smiles, on the pretence of “racism.” The system is tyrannical, and what is even more tyrannical is that it has been put up with for so long.

A Peep at the Mind of Google By Peter Bennett

     This is a good piece showing the mind set of Google, and why these monopolistic internet and social media mega-corporations need to be severely regulated, and fast before they pull down the pillars of the civilised world :

“A Google executive sparked a fierce backlash from employees by using the word “family” in a weekly, company-wide presentation, according to internal documents obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation. Many Google employees became angry that the term was used while discussing a product aimed at children, because it implied that families have children, the documents show. The backlash grew large enough that a Google vice president addressed the controversy and solicited feedback on how the company could become more inclusive. The DCNF received the documents from a source who insisted upon anonymity in order to share them.  One employee stormed out of the March 2017 presentation after a presenter “continued to show (awesome) Unicorn product features which continually use the word ‘family’ as a synonym for ‘household with children,'” he explained in an internal thread. That employee posted an extended rant, which was well-received by his colleagues, on why linking families to children is “offensive, inappropriate, homophobic, and wrong.”

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Globalise This: Yellow Vests! By James Reed

     Next time I go into the cheap junk shop I will buy a yellow vest, and wear it proudly in the streets of Melbourne. Since the French yellow vest movement is now embracing both Left and Right, I don’t expect to be bashed up by antifa too quickly. Apparently there have been some recent fights, but Leftist members of the yellow vests had to stop and start punching themselves in the head. I wish. Anyway, the yellow vest protests are now going global, well, at least in Europe and Asia, and here is a neat summary, to ponder over a cup of herbal tea, or something stronger:

•    “Bulgaria: Yellow Vests began protesting the same weekend as the French movement - coming out in force on November 16 to protest in front of parliament and demand the resignation of the government. •    Canada: Yellow Vest protests have taken place in more than a dozen cities across Canada - largely campaigning against the carbon price, Canada's participation in the UN's Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration, the Trudeau administration and other issues. •    Croatia: Croatians came out in force on December 15, gathering in Ban Jelacic Square. •    Egypt: An Egyptian A lawyer was arrested and jailed for 15 days after he posted a picture of himself wearing a Yellow Vest in support of the French protests. •    Finland: Finns came out in force in mid-December as well, gathering in front of Parliament in opposition to the UN's Global Migration pact. •    Germany: Marching in solidarity with the French, German Yellow Vests similarly came out against the UN migration pact. •    Iraq: Yellow Vests demonstrated in Basra, Iraq on December 5 to protest poor job opportunities among other things. They were reportedly fired upon with live ammunition by police. •    Italy: There have been several ongoing Yellow Vest protests in Italy over the last several months, with some protesting the government's hard-line stance against illegal migrants, and other pro-government activists protesting against the EU. In January, Italy's ruling government came out in support of the Yellow Vest movement, which AFP noted was "extremely rare for European leaders to back anti-government protesters in a fellow member state." •    Netherlands: The Dutch joined the party at the beginning of December, blocking roads, roundabouts and tollbooths. •    Pakistan: Hundreds of engineers came out in December to protest government services and pay. •    Poland: Polish Yellow Vests protested in November and December, blocking the A2 motorway outside of Warsaw, demanding compensation for pigs they were required to slaughter, as well as the import of unlabeled Ukrainian agricultural products. •    Russia: Yellow Vests protested right before Christmas in Moscow's Hyde Park against increased parking fees. "I’m a driver with 20 years of experience, and I can understand that the authorities want to free the city and make it accessible to pedestrians," said resident Tamara Papuashvili, adding " it's just a disgrace. You can use the metro, but there are more and more people there, it just cannot cope."•    Serbia: Civil rights organisation "Združena akcija Krov nad glavom" began using yellow vests in its protests to show solidarity with the French protesters, as well as opposition to high fuel prices. Serbians have protested for six weeks in a row. •    Taiwan: The Tax and Legal Reform League which has been protesting against high taxes since 2016 organized a yellow vest march on December 19. •    United Kingdom: UK Yellow Vests are mostly right wing, pro-Brexit groups who have held rallies in London and other UK cities.

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Deranged Feminism: The Women’s March By Charles Taylor

     The US Women’s March featured deranged, extremist feminism, with numerous signs saying all sorts of nonsense about female genitalia. You can see this sort of stuff here at this link:

     I am not against Women’s Marches in general where there is a legitimate message. Thus, in Australia there was a different message to what we have seen in my home of America, more sensible, dealing with the serious issue of violence against women:

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Go for A Gerber! By John Steele

     Out here in the Victorian scrub, where I live in my tent, I sometimes need to clear areas so that I do not step on brown snakes, who can get upset when some big clod puts a boot on their back. I do not blame them, as I would too. Anyway, I have a Cold Steel Latin machete that has served me well, but is now so ground down it looks more like a kitchen knife. I am taking my time deciding on what brand to choose next, just to ad variety to my plain, uneventful  life. I went on EBay, and stumbled upon this nice bit of home spun philosophy by the fantastic blade makers, Gerber:

“When did we decide campgrounds needed laundromats? When the car stalled, whose bright idea was it to reach for a cell phone instead of a tool? There was a time when the words "quick" and "fix" were never found together in the same sentence. When our homes needed to be built, we grabbed brothers, fathers and hammers, not a mouse that clicked on Mr. On-line Contractor. Our nation's great accomplishments were a testament to hard work, sweat and ingenuity. After all, we not only put a man on the moon, but built him a rover to drive while he was up there. What will we achieve today? Can we turn our cheek to the enemy known as convenience before it makes us helpless? Do we have what it takes to depend solely on ourselves? As you ponder these questions, we invite you to join us on our mission. We're Gerber®. We design the tools, knives and outdoor gear that are essential, not only for the task at hand, but for bringing back something lost: our self-reliance. Gerber. Fend For Yourself.”

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Magically Firing Migrant guns! By Charles Taylor

     The word is indeed a magical immigration place, and even the laws of physics are being to be less racist, and accept diversity ingot their formerly cold mathematical hearts, especially where migrants firing guns are concerned:

“A Mexican man whose role in the shooting death of a woman walking on a San Francisco pier touched off a fierce immigration debate is seeking to overturn his felony gun possession conviction. It was the only charge he was found guilty of after a jury acquitted him of murder. Jose Inez Garcia Zarate had been deported five times at the time of the shooting and was wanted for a sixth deportation proceeding. Lawyers for Garcia Zarate filed the expected appeal last week in state court. He was charged with murder and illegal gun possession in the fatal shooting of Kate Steinle in July 2015. Steinle was shot in the back was she walked with her father on a city pier crowded with tourists taking in the sights. During the trial, his defense lawyers called an expert who testified that an unintentional ricochet shot killed Steinle. They argued that the weapon went off in their client’s hands in what was a tragic accident. Garcia Zarate wants the gun conviction overturned, contending he didn't know a gun was in his hands because it was wrapped in a T-shirt when it fired and he dropped it almost immediately after picking it up. He argues in court papers that he can't be convicted of illegal gun possession.

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The Legacy of Diversity By Peter Ewer

     This brief post by Brett Stevens, pretty much sums up the present crisis in a nutshell:

“Diversity everywhere seems to result in the same mixture of lack of social unity plus low grade ethnic warfare: vandalism, rape, corruption, theft, white flight, and periodic race riots. South Africa proves no exception. It turns out that when your society has diversity problems, the solution is not to simply give the minority groups a seat at the table; it is to send them away. Diversity does not work — in any form: religious, ethnic, cultural, racial — and it splinters civilizations into warring special interest groups who take focus away from the future and reality and turn it toward self-referential infighting, at which point society collapses and all of the ethnic groups are destroyed, leaving behind a cultureless grey mixed race.”

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