For the Pope, A Virgin is in the Eye of the Beholder! By Peter West

     The sun rises on another day; the news is there waiting for us, of yet another move down the path of anti-tradition by the Pope, this time on the almost two thousand year old doctrine of the consecrated virgin:

“Consecrated virgins say they are “disappointed” by the Vatican’s new guidance that literal virginity is not necessary. A document released this month says that a woman does not need to have “kept her body in perfect continence” to become a consecrated virgin. The Vatican document, titled Ecclesiae Sponsae Imago, says that the “call to give witness to the Church’s virginal, spousal and fruitful love for Christ is not reducible to the symbol of physical integrity”. It continues: “Thus to have kept her body in perfect continence or to have practised the virtue of chastity in an exemplary way, while of great importance with regard to the discernment, are not essential prerequisites in the absence of which admittance to consecration is not possible.” Women who wish to be consecrated as virgins take part in a ceremony in which they dress in white and pledge themselves to Christ. There are thought to be around 5000 worldwide. Once they have joined the vocation, they wear wedding rings and cannot marry or engage in sexual relationships. The US Association of Consecrated Virgins issued a statement calling the document “deeply disappointing” and said the advice was “shocking.”

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Who Dares Speak of Treason? By Charles Taylor

     This is just a small sample of the angry libtards who see Trump as a traitor for not wanting to define Russia as an enemy and wanting peace and trade because, well Putin is a nationalist and all nationalists are bad, because the nation state is bad. But wait, how can you define a concept of “treason”  if you, as a globalist, have abandoned the nation state anyway?

The Situation Room✔@CNNSitRoom

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Just Imagine if France had Lost By Peter Ewer

     France wins the world cup, with players that are African migrants, according to Venezuelas’ Maduro:

Still there is rioting and looting. I have not found any reason for this disturbance, except the idea that the primarily multicult rioters thought that it would be a good idea to have a riot, and a World Cup win is just as good a cover as a loss. I suppose if France did lose, then the entire country would have been burnt down, so the French should be mighty grateful for small mercies: 

National ID by 2020? By James Reed

     Like much of the real political action, this video deals with the American scene where the battle for the West is taking place. Australia is following behind, which may not be a bad thing. The noose has tightness with the Real ID Act, crating a national ID based around facial recognition technology. This will be used, as every technological advance is used, to harm us. The problem is, that the globalist one world elites will use anything to aid their cause of total enslavement. We, the peasant get only a few crumbs of the tech that fall from their gisant’s feasting table.

Mother Teresa: Child Trafficker? By Peter West

     Well, blow me over, how the saints have fallen on hard times:

“It’s been nearly 40 years since Mother Teresa was conferred India‘s highest civilian honour, the Bharat Ratna (Jewel of India), but there are growing calls for the accolade to be rescinded. Last week, Indian authorities said they busted a baby-trafficking racket in a shelter run by the Missionaries of Charity, the religious order set up by the late Albanian-Indian missionary in 1950. Child welfare authorities said a nun and one other person linked to the charity were selling babies to childless couples for between $550 and $1,450. It’s the latest in a litany of scandals that have largely simmered beneath the surface for decades, but now threaten to explode in full view, with high-profile figures linked to India’s ruling Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leading the charge to revisit Mother Teresa’s legacy. On Thursday, Subramanian Swamy, a senior BJP MP, said Mother Teresa’s Bharat Ratna award should be rescinded if the Missionaries of Charity group is found guilty.

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Britain: Without Rule of Law By Richard Miller

     We have been reporting on the rise of civil disorder and crime in Britain, much of it linked to uncontrolled mass migration and the failure of police to police, or if you like, the success of police to allow anarcho-tyranny to flourish. Permit the criminals to rape children, but smash with the iron fist anyone protesting about this. The sheeple have been quiet about this, but there are signs that they are now worried about the wolves eating them alive:

“Over half of people in the United Kingdom believe the police have lost control of the streets, a shock poll commissioned by a national newspaper has revealed. The survey shows that 57 percent of respondents think the control of whole areas has been surrendered by officers to criminals who have lost the fear of being brought to justice. And as a crime wave sweeps the nation, most dramatically in London, almost a quarter of people asked in the Daily Mail poll do not feel safe to walk around their neighbourhood at night, the poll revealed. It also showed that 51 percent of people questioned who had been a victim of crime in the past two years claim officers did not bother visiting their home and 30 percent were told to find evidence themselves. Furthermore, 57 percent of respondents felt officers now do not treat crimes such as burglary with the seriousness they deserve and more than three quarters want to see more officers on the streets. And a majority of people – 54 percent – said political correctness was contributing to the sharply rising murder rate in large towns and cities. Last month, Breitbart London reported new data showing that police solved just one in ten London knife robberies last year, with the proportion of those solved falling as the number of attacks surged.”

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Clinton, Just Another Word for Corruption By Chris Knight

     The false news media are now playing the narrative that President Trump is a Russian spy, and always has been. Some chatterers proclaim that he is a “traitor,” although it is hard to see the meaning of that word now when they themselves seek to dissolve the entire nation state and crate on open borders swampland. In this context Putin’s claim about $ 400 million being illegally tipped into the open mouth of the Clinton election campaign by US intelligence:

“Vladimir Putin made a bombshell claim during Monday’s joint press conference with President Trump in Helsinki, Finland, when the Russian President said some $400 million in illegally earned profits was funneled to the Clinton campaign by associates of American-born British financier Bill Browder - at one time the largest foreign portfolio investors in Russia. The scheme involved members of the U.S. intelligence community, said Putin, who he said “accompanied and guided these transactions.”

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Greece Could Happen In Oz By James Reed

     I came across this article, the subject matter of which I have not, surprise, surprise, seen in the mainstream press. The Senate has just passed legislation which could, in the event of another global financial crisis – and a big one is predicted to be just around the corner – to take cash savings in bailing out “distressed” banks. Guess whose cash that is going to be?

“Few would know that very quietly on 14 February 2018, with just 7 senators present, the Financial Sector Legislation Amendment (Crisis Resolution Powers And Other Measures) Bill 2017 was passed into law on a voice vote.  You likely saw no press on the matter and yet the ramifications for all Australians are potentially huge. This is a very long and complicated piece of legislation but at its very core it brings Australia into line with the ‘Bail In’ agenda of the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) as agreed at the G20 here in Brisbane in 2014.  ‘Bail In’ is about government not bailing out distressed institutions as we saw in the GFC using tax payer’s money, rather using the creditors of the bank to bail itself out. The legislation allows our banking regulator APRA ‘crisis powers’ to secretly step in and run distressed banks.  It allows APRA to then confiscate and write off certain types of bonds and hybrid securities and allows them to confiscate cash savings of SMSF’s.  Whereas elsewhere around the world, including our neighbours New Zealand, they specifically include the confiscation of depositors’ funds (savings), the Aussie version just cleverly doesn’t specifically exclude that….

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Doing Something about the Immigration Crisis By James Reed

     It is good to see that the Australian conservatives are taking the lead on immigration reform, with proposals to reduce immigration, and to cut the rorts. Keep up the good work, and keep pressure on the pollies.

     Remember the simple, pain free way of keeping pressure on each election, the reduce immigration write on. This is explained in detail at this site, and every one of us needs to support this! If you have not done so, have a read of this:

Cancer Causing More Cancer By Mrs Vera West

     There has been some thought-provoking material published at the Natural site about the ill-effects of chemotherapy on cancer treatment, that this does not get to the root of the cancer problem, but in the case of breast cancer, and maybe other cancers, may spread it:

“A new study published in the journal Science Translational Medicine earlier this month proved what we have been saying for decades; conventional cancer treatments cause more cancer. A team of scientists at New York’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine has found compelling evidence that chemotherapy is only a short-term solution. Eventually, the drugs will make you sick again, pushing patients towards a second round of expensive treatments. Clever money generating trick: Instead of helping patients to get rid of the disease, they temporarily put it on hold so they can take the dollars twice. The New York scientists explained that while shrinking the tumors, chemotherapy simultaneously opens new doorways for tumors to spread into the blood system, triggering more aggressive tumors which often result in death. The researchers believe toxic chemo drugs switch on repair mechanisms in the body that allow tumors to grow back faster. Furthermore, Dr. George Karagiannis, lead author of the study, and his team found that two common chemo drugs increased the number of “doorways” on blood vessels which allowed cancer cells to spread to other parts of the body. The team also discovered that chemotherapy increased the number of cancer cells circulating the body and lungs of mice.”

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Now the Elite Turn on Poor Old Professor Richard Dawkins By Brian Simpson

     Richard Dawkins, earlier in his career was an advocate of atheism, based upon, allegedly, evolution, and a critic of Christianity. He was the darling of the elites at that time. But, then he began criticising Islam, and bingo, now the chatterers see him as … can you guess it? … a “racist”!

“Best-selling atheist author Richard Dawkins has once again been branded “racist” after he tweeted that the sound of cathedral bells is much more pleasant than the “aggressive-sounding Muslim Allahu Akbar.” The Arabic phrase – which means ‘God is Greatest’ – is used by Muslims, usually to express gratitude and commitment to Allah, and it’s sung at the beginning of the call to prayer. It also has negative connotations as a number of terrorists have shouted the words before carrying out attacks. Dawkins, who has previously faced a barrage of criticism for claiming in a 2013 tweet that Islam is the “greatest force for evil in the world today,” was again accused of Islamophobia on Tuesday morning after sending a provocative tweet.”

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Why the Education System Destroys Creativity By James Reed

     The following  is a great discussion about the way schools kill creativity by Sir Ken Robinson:

     There is nothing spectacularly new here that the few remaining traditionalist teachers would not recognise, but the presentation is done in a most entertaining way. For example, he says that the way the education system is arranged, with its epistemological biases, indicates that the aim seems to be to produce university professors. He says that these people live in their heads and see their bodies merely as a form of transportation for their heads! They are alienated in a most fundamental way. Haven’t I been saying that for years? The short of the long is that the education system needs to serve human ecology, holistically educating children to allow natural creativity to flourish, be this in art, dance or mathematics. Yes, what a long way our schools have gone from this, having become politically correct indoctrination centres, and not even being at the base level criticised by Robinson.

If Trump is a Russian Agent then the Pope is Not a Communist! By Chris Knight

     It seems like something out of first year logic class, which I have vague memories of, from my BA in the US, before coming to this wonderful country. Very trite sentences such as that in the title, usually involving absurd statements: if ducks had arms then ducks could write Shakespeare. Ducks do not have arms. Therefore, ducks do not write Shakespeare. From memory, again, the argument is invalid, just like this nonsense:

“Sunday on CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” host Brian Stelter wondered out loud if anybody could trust what President Donald Trump had to say about his one-on-one meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin after the fact. Stelter said Trump “simply cannot be trusted” because he has proven “time and time again” to lie and contradict himself, adding the meeting would cause his opponents to speculate if he is really a Russian agent working on “betraying America.” “No aides, no note-takers,” Stelter said. “So, we’ll never really know what is said because, really, can we trust either man? No, we can’t.”

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Trump Calls Out the Degenerate, Decadent Europeans By Richard Miller

     President Trump has said that there is an elephant in the china shop, namely that the EU is a “foe”:

“Coming off a contentious NATO summit and a trip to the U.K. in which he seemed to undercut the government of America’s closest ally, President Trump took aim at another Western institution just days before his high-stakes meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. In an interview with “CBS Evening News” anchor Jeff Glor in Scotland on Saturday, President Trump named the European Union -- comprising some of America’s oldest allies -- when asked to identify his “biggest foe globally right now.” “Well, I think we have a lot of foes. I think the European Union is a foe, what they do to us in trade. Now, you wouldn’t think of the European Union, but they’re a foe. Russia is foe in certain respects. China is a foe economically, certainly they are a foe. But that doesn’t mean they are bad. It doesn’t mean anything. It means that they are competitive,” Mr. Trump said at his golf club in Turnberry, Scotland.”

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Big Tech Censorship Master Plan By Charles Taylor

     Here is a very important book length  document by mike Adams, “The Censorship Master Plan Decoded” (“The Adams Report’), which shows how the high tech giants are moving to control on-line free speech and enforce the politically correct world view of globalist financial elite.

     Although dealing mainly with the American context, primarily because this is where the big battles for the survival of the values of Western civilisation are now being played out, the document gives a good summary of issues reporters and journalists at our own site have covered over many months. The small book will thus be of use to any students of freedom and democracy. Here is a summary of the Adams Report for the time conscious:

Dumbing Right Down to the Ground By Brian Simpson

     The late George Carlin (1937-2008),     a sardonic American stand-up comic, once said:” “Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.” Oh, is it as bad as that? Will we have difficulty educating the masses about financial realities if they are that dumbed down? Just consider this, and cry:

    This explains a lot; such as how easy it is for the elites to control the masses with just media propaganda, and why they have allowed “democracy” to exist on paper, since they can control people just as easily as a dictatorship, but with less expenditure of resources, in a decentralised black market kind of way. It is truly amazing how the Satanic system works. It makes the evil villains of the comic books and movies, look like, well, fiction. 

Letter to The Editor - We have to cut immigration drastically, ensure we have sealed borders and remove recent impediments to free speech inflicted on us by ALP governments

To The Australian          Britain has developed a great conservative statesman ('Unflappable Jacob Rees-Mogg may hold the keys to a Brexit solution', 19/7); Australia still needs one, for Corey Bernardi is not there yet. There are cats he must bell before he can qualify. What happens between Britain and the EU is of profound importance to Australia because Britain remains our mother country and what it does at this critical stage will affect what can be done here, where we are still struggling to evade a complete takeover by that same Establishment which Rees-Mogg is battling and to which Greg Sheridan specifically refers. In our case we have to ditch the republic campaign and also the "Aboriginal constitutional recognition" trap. We have to cut immigration drastically, ensure we have sealed borders and remove recent impediments to free speech inflicted on us by ALP governments.  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic

Time to Drain the Energy Swamp By Viv Forbes

     The Australian electricity market has become a stinking swamp covered with a tangled net of treaties, laws, rules, obligations, prohibitions, targets, taxes and subsidies. The swamp conceals the rubble of demolished coal generators; another plant destined for destruction (Liddell) is gradually sinking in the green ooze. The swamp is slowly claiming paddocks of subsidised solar panels that, at best, only work for six hours per sunny day. The scene is uglified by spec-built regiments of ailing wind turbines that are often idle, but sometimes whirling madly. To distract the gullible media from this mess, big diesel generators charge a gigantic battery which pumps water uphill and then lets it run down again. A garbage dump of dead lithium batteries fills a nearby gully and the swamp is fenced by locked green gates.

     The stagnant water is stirred on sunny days by luxury launches carrying academics-with-models, green media evangelists, climate alarmists, emissions inspectors and power regulators. Speculative sharks constantly patrol the swamp snapping up every smelly subsidy morsel scattered by politicians in posh yachts fishing for votes. Helicopters full of unelected UN officials hover overhead, creating choppy waves of uncertainty. A pleasant hill overlooking the swamp houses the air-conditioned offices of the power regulators. They have no windows to the world and few power engineers; they stare at screens, run models and press buttons. The way out of the energy swamp is to retrace the way we got in.

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A Crime for the History Books By Charles Taylor

     The chattering class keep pounding on President Trump, but meanwhile the real crook, Hillary Clinton has got away with what one ex-CIA official calls, “a crime for the history books.”

“Former CIA Officer and whistleblower Kevin Shipp says what Hillary Clinton did with her charity and Uranium One while she was Secretary of State was a crime for the history books. Shipp explains, “Hillary Clinton used this to launder money in foreign banks so it wasn’t subject to U.S. laws, congressional subpoenas or FOIA demands for the evidence.  This was done to launder this money globally into the Clinton Foundation so the U.S. government could not examine it at all.” How did she get away with obvious crime?  Shipp says, “The most bizarre thing is the people who protected her from clear felonious activity and violations of the Espionage Act.  James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, was protecting her and leaking things to the media and lying.  You had John Brennan, Director of the CIA, protecting her by starting a false investigation (on Trump) and stirring things up with this (false/unverified) dossier.  You had James Comey, Director of the FBI, protecting her...

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Vaporised! By Brian Simpson

     Tech futurist Robert Tercek is  author of  Vaporized: Solid Strategies for Success in a Dematerialized World, (LifeTree Media, 2015). He addresses a problem which by now is well known to most of us, namely that there is a process of “vaporisation” occurring where former material industries are becoming dematerialised by digitalisation. A good example of this is given in Tercek’s discussion of what happened to Tower Records.:

     Tower Records on Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles was considered to be one of the most famous record shops in the world, and went strong for 36 years. But then the shop, and others in the chain closed in 2006. Other record shops closed soon after, because the physical products that they sold were replaced by MP3 players and the dawn of digital music, of downloadable music and subscription streaming-audio services. An entire industry was “vaporised” or digitalised. This is the thesis of Vaporized:

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