Open War on Conservatives … Coming to a Country Near You! By Chris Knight

     Cold Civil War is already underway in the US of A, with patriots being deplatformed, having sites shut down ,and entire libraries of books removed from on-line publication, and censored:

“President Trump is supposedly “in power,” but the 2016 victory has proved nothing short of a disaster for ordinary patriots. A wave of deplatforming, Antifa attacks, and media doxxng operations has followed, with essentially no pushback from the Establishment Right. This Corporate Cultural Marxism has now reached the First Family itself. Donald Trump Jr. was recently censored by Instagram, as was RNC spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany. Chronicling these and other incidents in an article for RealClearPolitics, Donald Trump Jr. wrote: As the Smollett hoax illustrates, the political Left and Establishment Journalists want nothing more than to return to a world in which their narrative is the only one that matters–and the truth is whatever they decree it to be. He’s right of course, and the campaign is accelerating. On Tuesday, two more major conservative figures deplatformed. Anti-Islamization activist Tommy Robinson was kicked off Facebook only days after exposing that the BBC worked with antifa activists at HOPE Not Hate to create a “Tommy Takedown” Raheem Kassam, former editor of Breitbart London and a well-known conservative activist, was also kicked off Facebook. (He was eventually let back after protests from, among others, Donald Trump Jr.). [Facebook briefly bans former Nigel Farage chief Raheem Kassam, by Rudy Takala, The Daily Caller, February 26, 2019].”

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The Awful Oscars By Charles Taylor

     I could not watch the Oscars, something of an ultimate nightmare for a Right-winger like me, but the reports had the acting class squawking Trump-racist, racism, more Oscars for blacks, racism, and the like, while the gathered pretenders all expressed high moral shock over racism etc. Trump even gave a tweet about it; the Oscars were so over the top. I don’t know if he watched it while eating burgers and chips, or subjected an intern to such torture, but the numbers of people watching the Oscars has crashed in recent years, taking a nose-dive, in direct proportion to political correctness.

     Anyway, we usually quote from the Right, but today, I think the best comment comes from the last remaining sensible Left man, who puts the boots in. I cant give the link to the  original site as there is a bad word in the URL, so:

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The People Trump Kisses By Charles Taylor

     Looks like Trump is in trouble again for kissing Black beauties, and it serves him right if he goes down for rape, is impeached, loses the presidency to Bernie Hillary Clanton, and him and all of his family, except Jared the Great, and all of his supporters too, get tossed into jail, or the sea, as punishment for not supporting the religion of global warming:

“An Alabama woman who worked on Donald Trump’s presidential campaign claimed in a Monday lawsuit that Trump kissed her “without her consent” in front of multiple people during a political event in Florida in 2016 – an accusation the White House is denying. The woman, Alva Johnson, filed suit Monday against Trump and his presidential campaign in federal court in Tampa. The lawsuit said Johnson served as the campaign’s director of outreach and coalitions for the state of Alabama, before working to help Trump in Florida during the general election.  “To Defendant Trump, however, Ms. Johnson was nothing more than a sexual object he felt entitled to dominate and humiliate,” the lawsuit states. “Like he has done with so many other women, Defendant Trump violated norms of decency and privacy by kissing Ms. Johnson on the lips without her consent in the middle of a Florida work event and in front of numerous other Campaign officials.” White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, in a statement to Fox News, called the allegation “absurd on its face.”

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Against the Teachers By James Reed

     Sometimes at night, once I finally get to sleep after tossing and turning for eight hours, if I am lucky, I wake in fright, drenched in sweat, even if it is a freezing cold Melbourne night, having had the nightmare that I will have to teach in the morning. James old son, Jimmy, relax, you are retired, it is just a nightmare.

“A well-funded and subversive leftist movement of teachers in the United States threatens to tilt the political balance nationwide in the direction of Democrats across the country as Republicans barely hang on in key states that they need to hold for President Donald Trump to win re-election and for Republicans to have a shot at retaking the House and holding onto their Senate majority. This teacher’s union effort, called #RedforEd, has its roots in the very same socialism that President Trump vowed in his 2019 State of the Union address to stop, and it began in its current form in early 2018 in a far-flung corner of the country before spreading nationally. Its stated goals–higher teacher pay and better education conditions–are overshadowed by a more malevolent political agenda: a leftist Democrat uprising designed to flip purple or red states to blue, using the might of a significant part of the education system as its lever. The movement takes its name from a political organizing tool first seen in Florida in 2010, when teacher’s union members wore red to express political opposition to public school reform proposals under consideration at that time in the state and encouraged parents and political activists from other unions to join them.”

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A Gay, Gay, Gay World By Mrs Vera West

     My, how the times change. The drive now is to decriminalise homosexuality in the entire world. That means the Muslim world, the Middle East, and most of Africa, all pushed by the Rump administration:

“The Trump administration is launching a global campaign to end the criminalization of homosexuality in dozens of nations where it's still illegal to be gay, U.S. officials tell NBC News, a bid aimed in part at denouncing Iran over its human rights record. U.S. Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell, the highest-profile openly gay person in the Trump administration, is leading the effort, which kicks off Tuesday evening in Berlin. The U.S. embassy is flying in LGBT activists from across Europe for a strategy dinner to plan to push for decriminalization in places that still outlaw homosexuality — mostly concentrated in the Middle East, Africa and the Caribbean. “It is concerning that, in the 21st century, some 70 countries continue to have laws that criminalize LGBTI status or conduct,” said a U.S. official involved in organizing the event.”

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China and Russia Plan to Rule the World! Good for Them! By James Reed

     The Russians want to join up with China and rule the world:

“In the halls of the Kremlin these days, it’s all about China — and whether or not Moscow can convince Beijing to form an alliance against the West. Russia’s obsession with a potential alliance with China was already obvious at the Valdai Discussion Club, an annual gathering of Russia’s biggest foreign policy minds, in 2017. At their next meeting, late last year, the idea seemed to move from the speculative to something Russia wants to realize. And soon. Russia’s view of China has shifted significantly over the past five years. Every Russian speech — from obscure academics to Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Russian President Vladimir Putin himself — played that note and no other. There was even a new sense of desperation in the air. As Sergey Karaganov, a former adviser to Putin, explained to me at breakfast, now everything must be about China.

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A French Jewish Philosopher on Anti-Semitism Caused by Mass Immigration By Richard Miller

     The philosopher in question is Alain Finkielkraut, and this is what he said:

“French Jewish philosopher Alain Finkielkraut has claimed that the populist movement in Europe has largely been a reaction to demographic changes, blaming German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Finkielkraut labelled Chancellor Merkel’s infamous “wir schaffen das!” (we can do it!) phrase during the height of the migrant crisis in 2015 as “nonsense”, saying, “You see it yourself: you cannot do it. This mix of extreme moralism and economic interests was repugnant,” Die Welt reports. “The Germans wanted to buy themselves free and finally become a morally impeccable people. But that happens at the expense of the Jews, who are the first victims, as more and more immigrants are let in,” he added. Last Saturday Finkielkraut was the victim of anti-semitic abuse hurled at him by a Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vest) protestor who was later revealed to be an Islamic extremist. Commenting on the attack, Finkielkraut said: “We are now trying to convince ourselves that this is a reawakening of old nationalist and anti-Semitic combat calls such as ‘France belongs to us’, ‘France for the French’.”

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Now They’re Doing a Job on John Wayne! By Bruce Bennett

     Most John Wayne fans knew about this along ago, but in a 1971 interview with Playboy magazine, iconic actor John Wayne said that he supported “white supremacy”:

“Wayne was also asked about educator/activist Angela Davis and discrimination. He responded, “With a lot of blacks, there’s quite a bit of resentment along with their dissent, and possibly rightfully so. But we can’t all of a sudden get down on our knees and turn everything over to the leadership of the blacks. I believe in white supremacy until the blacks are educated to a point of responsibility. I don’t believe in giving authority and positions of leadership and judgment to irresponsible people.” Lewis then shot back at Wayne, asking if the actor was equipped to judge “which blacks are irresponsible and which of their leaders inexperienced.” Wayne responded, “It’s not judgment. The academic community has developed certain tests that determine whether the blacks are sufficiently equipped scholastically. But some blacks have tried to force the issue and enter college when they haven’t passed the tests and don’t have the requisite background.”

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Huawei and the Rise of China; Why I am Not Surprised By James Reed

     I have not fully digested everything about the current fears over China’s mega-high-tech firm, Huawei, but the internet has numerous mainstream articles and items expressing alarm about what is going on. Thus, The Epoch Times of December 2018, has an entire special edition devoted to the “company’s opaque operations.” The Chinese Communist Party has a big role in the company’s leadership, and why should we be surprised at that? Well, this raises the issue about whether the company shares data with the Chinese authorities. But, again I think, no shock here, why would they not, for this is not a liberal capitalist country, but a communist dictatorship, and that is what they do? The West seems to be upset that China is not playing by the liberal/globalist rules, but why should China?

     Should we astonished to learn that Huawei plays a role in the Chinese Communist Party’s surveillance of the entire society? Why would it not? Thus, nothing surprising for anyone who knows even a little about how China works. I offer no condemnation, because that is just how things are, and the naïve West needs to understand that is how the game is played now.
Here are some more mainstream internet sites saying much the same thing:

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Now We are Not the Only One’s Saying that Global Warming is a One World Government UN Conspiracy to Control Everything in a New World Order Hyper-Communist Dystopia with No Commas By James Reed

     There is a good feeling when insignificant worm-like creatures, such as  myself, find that their pet near-educated prejudices are confirmed, or at least confirmed in their own conspiratorial minds by people of significance. It is a “ha, ha, told you so moment”:

“Australia PM adviser says climate change is 'UN-led ruse to establish new world order' Tony Abbott's business adviser says global warming a fallacy supported by United Nations to 'create a new authoritarian world order under its control' Climate change is a hoax developed as part of a secret plot by the United Nations to undermine democracies and takeover the world, a top adviser to Tony Abbott, Australia’s prime minister, has warned. Maurice Newman, the chief business adviser to the prime minister, said the science showing links between human activity and the warming climate was wrong but was being used as a “hook” by the UN to expand its global control. “This is not about facts or logic. It’s about a new world order under the control of the UN,” he wrote in The Australian.”

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Can We Use Communist Tactics Against the Globo-Commos? And, is it Right? By Peter West

     We have been screaming about the coming bad times and the need for people to either do something to prevent it, and/or prepare for the great train wreck, and the fast train coming of global socialism/communism, which will be planted in post-Trump America in 2020, where it will spread instantly to Australia, and kill us all. What can we do?

     Perhaps we can learn from the globo-commos and out-smart them, or we could continue to be pious, and lose everything. That is where Saul Alinsky comes in, as he had a program that all of the elites have followed with great success:

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The Great Fire Sale! Everything Must Go! By Chris Knight

     This is the way that things are likely to go for Australia too, if the whatever referendum, which we are not hearing a lot about gets in. A case study of the future, as usual from the collapsing future, America:

“Democratic Sens. Kamala Harris (Calif.) and Elizabeth Warren (Mass.), who are both running for president, have reportedly said they support reparations for black Americans affected by slavery. The New York Times reported Thursday that Harris affirmed her support for reparations in a statement after agreeing last week with a radio host that reparations are necessary. "We have to be honest that people in this country do not start from the same place or have access to the same opportunities," Harris said in the statement. "I’m serious about taking an approach that would change policies and structures and make real investments in black communities." Warren has also said she supports reparations, according to the Times, though her campaign declined to provide further details to the newspaper. The Hill has reached out to both campaigns for comment. Warren and Harris are both pursuing the Democratic nomination for president in 2020 and the Times noted that previous Democratic presidential candidates have not supported reparations. Among those who have not backed the policy are former President Obama, 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and her Democratic rival that year, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), the Times noted. Sanders is running for president again in 2020. Supporters have said the policy is necessary to address slavery and other racist parts of U.S. history. Such a move could cost several trillion dollars, according to experts.”

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More Proof of Faker News By Chris Knight

     The Jussie Smollett story in a nutshell; a B-grade actor staged a fake racist attack upon himself, by two hired “actors” complete with a noose around his neck, and Trump MAGA caps on the fake attackers. The police investigated and found that the report was fake, and then incredibly move to prosecute the Black B-grade actor. But, before this heaps of progressives jumped on the anti-racist wagon to show their moral superiority, and now have gone quiet. Here are the main articles:

     To top it all off Big IT has decided that nobody will say that the Smollett hoax is a hoax, and already censorship has occurred!

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American Apocalypse 2020: Death by Communism By Chris Knight

     Well it was predictable. With all the socialists candidates, old Bernie Sanders, not to be confused with the fried chicken guy, is entering the presidential race of 2020, and the guy is a chardonnay socialist with heaps of money, just like all of the socialist types here in Australia, especially in the media and entertainment industry:

     Donald Trump was the last chance of saving America, but has hopelessly failed as Ann Coulter has detailed in a strong column that says it all about this traitor:

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Jared Kushner is the Real President of the United States, Not Trump By Charles Taylor

     I dislike Jared Kushner from just his facial expression; which is always a smirking, “I have just done you ignorant grunts over” look, much the same slick expression of pseudo-aristocratic arrogance that Macron has, which is probably the real reason by the yellow vest movement is so intense. It feels of off the righteous hatred of such a tyrant. Kushner is the man who directly delivers to his father-in-law, Donald Trump, the policies that the globalists want, and Trump the rump simply processes it, and takes the abuse of the Left, as a true cuck. Kushner should not have any role to play in the Trump government; it is a conflict of interest having family members in any role. 

False News Alert! The New York Times Now Blames Israel for 9/11! By Charles Taylor

     The New York Times continues its attack upon all nationalism, taking a short breath from vilifying Trump, to blaming Israel for 9/11, as Pam Geller notes:

The New York Times is suddenly and retroactively blaming Israel for motivating the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, without much evidence to support the claim. A recent Times news article about deadly attacks in Africa by affiliates of the terrorist group Al Qaeda blames them on President Trump’s decision to obey an American law that required him to move the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. The Times reports, “The attacks came fully seven months after President Trump moved the American Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the disputed holy city, which Mr. Trump recognized as the country’s capital. Widely seen as inflaming tensions and as a demonstration of the administration’s favoritism toward Israel in its long conflict with the Palestinians, the move drew condemnation at the time from many corners, including Al Qaeda and other extremist militant organizations.”

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FREE SPEECH IN AUSTRALIA FURTHER JEOPARDISED - The Cancellation of David Icke’s Entry Visa By Nigel Jackson

     On 20th February The Australian published a substantial news report under the headline: ‘Australia “top pick for hate preachers”’. We learned that two Jews, Dvir Abramovich, chairman of the Anti-Defamation Commission, and Josh Burns, the preselected Labor candidate for the Melbourne seat of Macnamara, had appealed to Immigration Minister David Coleman to ban British writer David Icke from entry into Australia. Icke is a voluminous writer in the ‘alternative history’ field, some of whose work I looked at many years ago and decided was significantly unreliable. He struck me as comparable to that other extraordinary but deluded man, L. Ron Hubbard. I carry no flag for Icke’s work. His proposed tour was titled ‘Everything you need to know’, which suggests self-inflation.

     However, The Australian began its report by labelling him a ‘Holocaust denier.’ It stated that he has campaigned to have ‘Holocaust denial’ taught in schools, that he claims that the Rothschild family are among the leaders of an ‘Illuminati’ that runs the world, that he believes that ‘a small Jewish clique’ helped cause various disasters including both the world wars, the Bolshevik revolution, the global financial crisis in 2008 and the September 11 attacks. He may not be entirely wrong in all of that; and these are topics which may require open discussion if we are to make some sense of contemporary politics, national and international. The fact that an unreliable egoist holds forth on them does not justify excluding them or him from our public forums. The scare campaign started by Burns and Abramovich looks to contain gross exaggeration; and a Jewish demand to curtail criticism of Jews appears to be special pleading.

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The Truth about Vaccine Safety: How Robert F. Kennedy jr. Sued the US Government and Won By Mrs Vera West

     With shutdowns of sites dealing with anything critical of vaccinations, we had better get a few “shots” in before all goes black, forever. Hence, the document below may be of interest, detailing how the Informed Consent Action Network and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. sued the US government and won on a vaccine safety issue. It was disclosed from the action that Health and Human Services had not filed any vaccine safety reports in over 30 years!  So, how can any banning of internet criticism of vaccination be made, justifiably, when all of the data is not in?

“In May 2017, ICAN Founder, Del Bigtree, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.. as well as other parties concerned about vaccine safety were selected by the White House to conduct a meeting with the Counselor to the Secretary of HHS, the heads of the National Institute of Health, NIH, the Center for Disease Control, CDC, and Food and the Drug Administration, FDA. Del Bigtree and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. suspected that HHS was not fulfilling its critical vaccine safety obligations as required by Congress in The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986. "The 1986 Act granted unprecedented, economic immunity to pharmaceutical companies for injuries caused by their products and eviscerated economic incentive for them to manufacture safe vaccine products or improve the safety of existing vaccine products. Congress therefore charged the Secretary of HHS with the explicit responsibility to assure vaccine safety. Hence, since 1986, HHS has had the primary and virtually sole responsibility to make and assure improvements in the licensing, manufacturing, adverse reaction reporting, research, safety and efficacy testing of vaccines in order to reduce the risk of adverse vaccine reactions. In order to assure HHS meets its vaccine safety obligations, Congress required as part of the 1986 Act that the Secretary of HHS submit a biennial reports to Congress detailing the improvements in vaccine safety made by HHS in the preceding two years."

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Trump’s Immigration Madness Will Finish of American Jobs By Chris Knight

     Trump, among his infinity of mistakes wants to have America’s largest immigration intake. This will destroy American jobs, all in the name of furthering the evil agenda of the globalists:

“President Trump’s hint that he will increase legal immigration levels and a pending automation doomsday that lawmakers have yet to regulate threatens millions of America’s working and middle class workers. This week, Trump reiterated for the third time in a few weeks that he believes the U.S. should be increasing already historic levels of legal immigration — where more than 1.2 million legal immigrants are admitted every year at the expense of American taxpayers who are forced to subsidize the scheme through depressed wages and fewer job prospects. Trump has suggested that the country does not have enough Americans to fill high-paying jobs in sectors like the automotive industry. Nonetheless, Bureau of Labor Statistics data tell a different story, one that is nowhere near a so-called “labor shortage,” as the business lobby has continued to falsely claim. There are at least 13 million working-age Americans who are either unemployed, not in the labor force but want a job, or who are working part-time jobs but want a good-paying full-time job.Immigration Reform Law Insititute (IRLI) Executive Director Dale Wilcox told Breitbart News that increasing legal immigration levels would subject those 13 million Americans to more foreign competition against mostly low-skilled workers. Wilcox said:

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There is No Deep State, They Say. Therefore There is a Deeper State By Chris Knight

     “The lady doth protest too much, methinks”: Hamlet Act III, Scene II. The remarks, now named by psychologists as the “Streisand effect,” , occur when denying something obvious leads to a confirmation of its existence. An example of this occurred last year in former FBI director, James Comey’s calm that there was no Deep State at all!

“In testimony, former FBI Director James Comey exclaimed “there’s no deep state” before going on to suggest that workers risk their jobs by “speaking out” –purportedly against President Donald Trump. During testimony before the House Judiciary and Oversight and Government Reform committees last week, Comey was asked by Rep. Elijah E. Cummings (D-Md.) for suggestions on how the nation should get back “on track” after the “storm” it is currently weathering – a clear reference to Trump’s presidency. Comey responded by launching into mini-speech about the resilience of America, while insisting there is no “deep state” and urging people to speak out:

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