US Election Special: Professor Kevin MacDonald on the Significance of THE Victory by Peter West

In his article, “An Historic, Quite Possibly Revolutionary Victory!”
Kevin MacDonald  at,  gives an excellent overview of the philosophical significance of the Trump victory, which he sees as “ a victory of White Americans over the oligarchic, hostile elites what have run this country for decades. Trump accomplished a hostile takeover of the Republican Party and won without the support or with only lukewarm and vacillating support from much of the GOP elite.”

He quotes from a previous article which he published in Radix Journal, on the political meaning of Trump, which illustrates how, even if Trump did not set out initially to do so, has changed politics.

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Hillary Supporters Burn American Flag, Riot, Threaten to Kill Trump After Losing Election by Wallace Klinck

There are some very crude, malicious and decidedly “hateful” elements among his militant “Left” and Establishment adversaries.  We learned today that for his transition meeting with Obama he did not permit any reporters to accompany him and used his own airplane to fly to Washington.  I am sure that he is more than aware of the dangers he may face and hope that he is under constant protection of reliable security forces. 

Historically, being, or aspiring to be,  a President of the United States has been a very hazardous occupation.  I expect that some of his socialist-communist and powerful enemies may stage unruly and violent events designed to provoke retaliation which then will be used to bolster their mob-inciting accusations that he is a “fascist, hater, etc, etc.” 
Many prayed for his electoral success and now he needs the protection of God for which we must pray.  Obviously, the obsequious media around the world is very miffed over Donald Trump’s victory, which displeasure is revealed on their dark countenances even when they attempt weakly to portray themselves as being neutral.  They and their financial backers are not pleased about the prospect of their “swamp being drained."

Response to the IPA from a supporter


Donald Trump has set the scene for change in the US  -  change that you have correctly described to be so necessary, not only for the US but right around the western world.
He has already retreated from some of his election policies which is somewhat disappointing.  One hopes that he will be strong in pursuing his policies but I foresee quite a bit of resistance from the “Permanent Government”, which is the bureaucracy remaining irrespective of who wins the poll. (Shades of “Yes Minister”!).  The other force he is likely to contend with is the power of finance  -  those with their hands on the levers of money can ensure certain things either succeed or fail.

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The Transcript found here:

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American Revolution 2.0 by John Steel

It is action on the streets of the old US of A, with the Left going bat-raving mad about the Trump victory. There are so many diverse and diffuse acts of violence that it is difficult to summarise them all, so I will be selective.

Fighting from “below” against Trump is the Leftoid “underman” and commo, revolting against civilisation and shutting down freeways.  In Portland Oregon, anti-Trump protesters wrecked businesses and lit fires.  The internet is also full of reports of acts of violence against Trump supporters and voters, with even children getting beaten to a pulp: incidents also include beating up a 74-year-old man, pounding his head into the sidewalk; a Muslim woman falsely claimed that two white males with Trump hats had attacked her – she will be prosecuted for the false claim, and numerous accounts of children being beaten up. S
ee for example, “California High School Student Brutally Beaten for Supporting Trump,” at

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Popularist Revolt: The Elites - Their Time is Over by Peter West

After the “unthinkable” happening (The Australian, November 10, 2016, p. 21), and the penny finally dropping, that after Brexit and the Trump election, “this was no aberration,”  “mainstream political parties and elite groups like big business have some fundamental questions to ask about their next moves.” That is putting it mildly, because I imagine that the elites and their slaves haven’t slept since the Trump election, working on ways to eliminate or otherwise neutralise him, as they are attempting to do to Brexit. Brexit? Wasn’t that one in the bag?

The Brexit betrayal of Britain is that Britain’s High Court has ruled that the government must consult the British parliament before invoking Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, so that Britain can exit from the EU. The Court ruled that the British prime minister does not have the authority to use the Royal Prerogative to invoke the EU exit. This is widely seen as a “backdoor” way to undermine the Brexit vote.

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Rotten to the Core: From Corruption to Cultural Degeneracy by Chris Knight

Australians need to pay close attention to the US elections because never have we seen exposed, mainly by Wikileaks, the same level of corruption and degeneracy of the Establishment. What many of us writing at this site have been saying for years has been confirmed. Eric Butler, who was vilified for championing the conspiracy theory of history (by contrast to the “idiot theory,” that things just happen by cosmic coincidence), has been vindicated.

Donald Trump called the Clinton operations a “criminal enterprise: and not only Wikileaks, but FBI documents, released on October 17, 2016, confirm that, but the Establishment will not move on their chosen, Hillary. It was revealed that undersecretary of State, Patrick Kennedy, had asked the FBI to declassify or lower the classification of one secret Clinton email that would have been damaging to her as part of a “quid pro quo.” Trump rightly observed that this was “felony corruption by any standard.”

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Violence, the Way of the Globalist Gangsters by Paul Walker

Continuing with This Week's Theme: The System is Indeed “Rigged”
The US election campaign is instructive to us in Australia for many things. One notable one is that the globalist elite are quite willing to use violence to achieve their goals, even against fellow Americans. The firebombing of a North Carolina Republican Party office, with the spray-painted message: “Nazi Republicans, leave town or else,” is one example.

Scott Foval, who used to work for the George Soros-funded People for the American Way, has been caught on video bragging about how homeless and mentally ill (“naturally psychotic”) individuals were paid to disrupt Trump rallies.
Paid agitators staged a violent protest in Chicago in March forcing Trump to cancel a rally:
In Australia, socialist thugs can beat people up, destroy property, but seldom get arrested. If this isn’t a conspiracy, then as Bart Simpson says, I’ll eat my shorts!

Rigging by “Demographic Conquest” by James Reed

Continuing with This Week's Theme: The System is Indeed “Rigged”
In Britain, Blair’s Labour used mass migration to “rub multiculturalism” into the nose of conservatives. In Australia mass migration has been used to political advantage with ethnic groups favouring one or other party being represented over the years in our so-called “non-discriminatory” immigration policy. There have been scandals of ethnic vote stacking. And in the United States, illegal Hispanic immigration supplies millions of illegal voters for the Democrats. As Steve Sailer says at Taki, October 19, 2016:

“Democrats and their auxiliaries in the media routinely boast of their dream of turning America into a one-party state through changing who gets to vote in American elections… To protest, or even to notice, the open machinations to adulterate the value of your vote by importing millions of foreigners to increase the numbers of votes cast for the Democrats brands you as a deplorable.”

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Trump’s “International Bankers Speech" by Charles Taylor

Here is the shape of things to come, or rather, as they are.
Trump said in a speech in West Palm Beach, Florida, that Hillary Clinton “meets in secret with international banks to plot the destruction of U. S. sovereignty in order to enrich these global financial powers, her special interest friends and her donors.”

All of that is true, as revealed by the Wikileaks email dumps. But the speech was condemned by the Anti-Defamation League and many Jewish organisations as “anti-Semitic,” or near to it.

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The Endless, but Ignored Clinton Scandals by Chris Knight

One thing shown by the Donald Trump phenomenon is that the establishment media is corrupt, absolutely corrupt. The Australian newspapers had enough articles on Trump’s sex scandal to clean up cat messes for many a week, but only passing mention of the absolute mountain of damaging and concerning material in the Wikileaks Clinton emails. There is so much toxic material and in such a quantity that it is doubtful whether the entire state of South Australia, the world’s proposed nuclear waste dump, could contain it.

First up, Hillary Clinton loves the idea of a “open trade and open borders,” which we know as globalism, or the New World Order. She has said that her political strategy is to say one thing to the masses and another, what she intends to do, to her masters, the global financial class. Thus, she opposed the TPP in the election, but intends to push it through once she is in power. The emails show her courting the global super-class, as she whispers sweet somethings into their Satanic ears, such as that Americans who want to limit immigration are “fundamentally un-American” – as if being “American’ means anything in her deranged cosmopolitan world. After all, Trump supporters are, she openly proclaimed “deplorables,” and “irredeemable, but thankfully they are not American.” America, to her is “an intellectual invention,” with no national identity. Or, she intends to make it so.

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Extreme Environmental Activism in Australia is Being Funded by International Groups by Cory Bernardi

The news that extreme environmental activism in Australia is being funded by international groups with links to the Clinton campaign should set alarm bells ringing.
These groups appear to have misused their domestic tax-deductible status and green credentials to engage in a shameless political campaign designed to damage our national interest by shutting down the Adani coal mine. Their financial (and other) links to the US Democratic campaign machine demonstrates what the agenda of a Clinton presidency might really have in store, irrespective of her campaign statements.

For this exposé and for many other insights into the Left’s political agenda, we have WikiLeaks to thank. Without them, the dishonest and co-ordinated global movement driving the Leftist agenda might only be tinfoil hat territory. Instead, the culprits are exposed and convicted by their own words.

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This Week’s Theme: The System is Indeed “Rigged” by Bruce Bennett

The theme discussed in articles this week – ranging from the philosophical lessons of the US election, to gun control, section 18 C and many other topics –is that “the system is rigged,” to take a meme from the present Trump debates. The idea here is that the “system” – economic, political, and cultural – has fundamental elements of corruption and deception built into it. Social creditors would not be surprised to be told this because they have been aware since at least Major Douglas’ first writings about our flawed financial/economic system, with faults ranging from the lack of purchasing power to the “black magic” creation of credit by banks out of nothing and the debt creation on financial instabilities produced by that.

However, apart from the “big picture” corruption, relating to the fundamental contradictions of the system, we continue to find every week “micro corruptions” in the economic, political and cultural systems. To name a few from economics: there is the “discovery” of a global gold price collusion, where the world’s major banks rigged the price of gold for over a decade: The Australian, October 14, 2016; A Caminschi and R. Heaney, “Fixing a Leaky Fixing: Short-Term Market Reactions to the London PM Gold Price Fixing,” The Journal of Future Markets, vol. 34, no. 11, 2014, pp. 1003–1039.
There is also the failure of politicians across the world to address the seriousness of the exploding debt crisis. While the media falls all over Hillary Clinton, bowing to her globalism, US national debt is now a crushing $US 20 trillion, as Collapse News, October 21, 2016 reports. It would take 18 months, using the entire US GDP – which is obviously impossible – to pay this debt off No-one asks: who is the debt to, and how could a nation become essentially bankrupt? Who lurks in the shadows pulling the strings?

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Rigging the Elections: Lessons about Dumocracy from Experiment-Trump by Charles Taylor

Of all the things which Donald Trump has said, the claim that the system is “rigged” is the one which really upsets the ruling elites because this challenges the legitimacy of the “game.” Hillary Clinton said that Trump is “denigrating … talking down our democracy.” But what “democracy” does America have with a “rigged” media, constantly lying, and much worse, totally corrupt polls with fraudulent voting?

Let’s begin with the media who do not make any attempt to disguise outright bias, even in the face of inconsistency. For example, the New York, October 23, 2016, has an article “Trump Leading in Poll that has Best Track Record Over Last Three Election”: The article cites the Investor’s Business Daily/TIPP tracking poll which has Trump with 42.1 percent and Clinton at 39.7 percent. That would at a minimum, if words and numbers still have a meaning, of indicating a reasonable chance for Trump, surely. But the last sentence of the article quotes a Reuters/Ipsos vote analysis that gives “Clinton a 95 percent chance of winning”. Anyone who knows basic statistics can see that this is a mathematical inconsistency because the voting analysis could not get such a super-high, unrealistic success probability contrary to the best poll. The article doesn’t even address the issue but just dumps the last sentence in to “refute” the poll.

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The Real Issue: The Podesta/Clinton Emails

The P-Gate controversy was used as a smokescreen to take attention away from the Podesta/Clinton emails released via Wikileaks.
In short, Hillary Clinton delivered speeches to Big Businesses such as Goldman Sachs, Xerox and others, freely admitting that she supports open borders and a global free market (including the TPP which in public she says she would oppose).

She openly stated that she takes a different position based on whether she is talking to her Big Business donors of the public – in other words, that she just lies and deceives the public.

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P–Gate: The Fake, Shock, Horror Over Trump’s Remarks by Mrs Vera West

The chattering class in the lead-up to the Trump-Clinton debate (No. 2) were falling over themselves in shock! horror! that Donald Trump spoke in a sexually aggressive way about women and used the “p” word. None of this is new; Trump in his 2007 book Think Big boasted about his sexual conquest of women and said much the same as was said in the tapes, that it goes with the territory of being rich and powerful.

The Australian had a massive amount of material on this, but nothing I could see on the much more important Podesta/Clinton emails released by Wikileaks, which the trumped up Trump tapes was designed to bury. Before going into that, let us round off the Trump P-Gate issue.

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“Faith is Fragile” wrote South Australian Senator Cori Bernardi and he says he wasn’t referring to a ‘religious’ faith.  He continued:  “Faith is fragile. Once it is lost, it is very hard to see it restored.”
“To many, the sentence above will be seen through the lens of religious faith alone, but the fragility of faith extends far beyond that realm.  Our society depends on faith; faith in our institutions and in others is the single most important ingredient that unites our society.
If we believe that our highly evolved system of interaction, discipline and ethics is working for our betterment then we are more likely to respect it. In short, we have faith in it.  But when we lose confidence in the system, the system itself starts to break down. For many, that seems to be happening now…”

Presidential candidate Hilary Clinton has provided the whole world with a clear example of why people are losing ‘faith’ in their nation’s politicians, politics, systems and institutions – they are no longer credible!  These types are faithless to their own people, their own nation.
Leaked emails show Clinton professing different messages

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One Nation Senator Brian Burston Maiden Speech

Senator BURSTON (New South Wales) (17:33): I acknowledge Australia's historic nation, forged by Christian explorers and pioneers from Britain and other European lands who created the federal Commonwealth under the Crown, and I acknowledge Australia's first peoples, the Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders, who have become valued members of our nation.

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One Nation senator Brian Burston calls for a new 'patriotic broadcasting corporation'


A new "Patriotic Broadcasting Corporation" could better represent the identity of mainstream Australians and fight bias within the ABC, new One Nation senator Brian Burston said on Tuesday.

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Does Hillary Clinton Have Fleas or Is She Just Glad to See Us? by Mrs Vera West

The allusion there is to Mae West – and don’t ask me who she was all you young folk. I was reminded of her famous quote (again to be looked up) after watching on YouTube highlights or lowlights of Hillary Clinton debate with Donald Trump. I noticed how Hillary was scratching her cheek just when Trump was nailing her. First I thought that it was nervous stress, but thinks otherwise. (My source:, September 29, 2016).

The claim is that the face scratching was secret signals to moderator Lester Holt to go to her without changing the subject. Alternative news reporters have gone back over Clinton interview footage and noted that she seldom touches her face. Interviewed World Series Poker champion Mike Matusaw, believes that Clinton was using hand signals.
I am not surprised. Trump didn’t pick up on it and was like a high school boy on a first date. He is no match for the likes of Clinton and that is why he is certain to lose. He goes to a sword fight with a feather duster. Too much ego, not enough fight.

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