Sporting Abortions By Mrs Vera West

     I have heard of female body builders getting pregnant for a hormone surge, then having an abortion. Now it seems that sports abortions are widespread:

“Female college athletes are forced to withstand a campaign of pressure to terminate pregnancies in order to stay in top condition, according to a piece in the Washington Examiner. One U.S. Olympic gold medalist, Sanya Richards-Ross, recently admitted to Sports Illustrated that she was pressured to have an abortion just ahead of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China. Richards-Ross claimed that she didn’t know any female athletes who hadn’t had an abortion to keep them in competition, according to the Washington Examiner. “I literally don’t know another female track and field athlete who hasn’t had an abortion,” Richards-Ross said."

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Why I am a Hopeless Drunk and Doomed By Uncle Len, Like Dino the Little Old Wine Drinker

     Wow, what a pessimistic lot we are this week. I put it down to lack of alcohol rather than coming nuclear annihilation, but then the thought occurred to me after seeing the below article, that I was talking gibberish. I explain. What is it like to suddenly discover that not only are you dead, but that you have been dead for a long time, all the while thinking that you were really alive? That is the story of my life, or is it death?

“Drinking will shorten your life, according to a study that suggests every glass of wine or pint of beer over the daily recommended limit will cut half an hour from the expected lifespan of a 40-year-old. Those who think a glass of red wine every evening will help keep the heart healthy will be dismayed. The paper, published in the Lancet medical journal, says five standard 175ml glasses of wine or five pints a week is the upper safe limit – about 100g of alcohol, or 12.5 units in total. More than that raises the risk of stroke, fatal aneurysm (a ruptured artery in the chest), heart failure and death. The risks for a 40-year-old of drinking over the recommended daily limit were comparable to smoking, said one leading scientist.

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LGBT and Cardiovascular Disease By Mrs Vera West

     This is something which I would never have suspected, perhaps the fault lying entirely with me, with my age, my race, and my limited perspective on a changing and dynamic gender fluid world: 

“The findings of a new study on human health are sure to ruffle some feathers in the LGBT community, as they show that homosexuals, bisexuals, and transgenders are much more prone than straight people to develop health problems. A team of researchers from the Baptist Health South Florida Clinic in Miami looked at seven different areas of controllable heart health to look for any differences that might exist between LGBT and non-LGBT people. What they learned is that those who identify as LGBT simply aren’t keeping up in terms of overall health and quality of life. Presented at a recent meeting of the American Heart Association (AHA), the paper showed that many LGBT people tend towards having higher stress, which drives many of them to engage in alcohol abuse.

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The Magic of Lentils By Mrs Vera West

     Lentils are cheap, good and nourishing, excellent for the coming Ice Age-like weather that we are going to get this year in Melbourne, and no doubt elsewhere, given global cooling:

“Scientists have discovered that the humble pulse can have a dramatic impact on lowering dangerous blood pressure levels. New research also revealed that lentils can reverse declines in blood vessel health. The study – conducted on rats – showed that adding the health-boosting food to the diet can effectively block the increase in blood pressure that occurs with age. The findings also indicated that eating lentils can reverse the changes that occur in blood vessels as a result of high blood pressure. Dr Peter Zahradka, one of the lead investigators for the Canadian study, said: “These are amazing results, since they provide a non-pharmacological way of treating diseases associated with blood vessel dysfunction.”

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Londoners Must Accept Knives Killings as Part of Diversity By Michael Ferguson

     The mayor of London has said that terrorist attacks are “part and parcel of living in a big city”

     Well, no, because we do not see the same attacks plaguing London in the big cities of China and Japan, because these cities are not “diverse” and the people have been permitted to date by the Masters of the Universe, to remain homogeneous, free from the mania of diversity. Not so for minority white London, which has become the knife death capital of the world. 

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Women and Alcohol By Mrs Vera West

     Regular readers will know that I am a temperance person, anti-alcohol, like my grandmother who was active in the Temperance League:

     Big Liquor won the first round, but we are not giving up. Nevertheless the ill-effects of alcohol continue to be documented, especially the cancer risk for women. Here is a good article summarising this by a women who was otherwise health conscious, but still drank in moderation, and was afflicted with cancer: 

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Death by City By Brian Simpson

     Cities are supposed to be one of the defining characteristics of civilisation, but I think Madison Grant said that cities would destroy the Nordic (northern European light-skinned/eyed) people.  

     Writing in the early part of the 20th century, he did not anticipate the spew of pollution which we now swim  in:

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Posthumous Conception By Mrs Vera West

     If life was not complex, nay, absurd enough, we now have the drive to allow children to be artificially created from the genes of the dead:

     Ireland is considering making this legal at present, In the US and Israel it is legal in most circumstances, but is totally banned in France. It is recognised that there will be a whole host of legal problems generated by this, such as inheritance issues and ownership of genetic material. But, this will not stop the march of “progress,” because the mantra of modernity is: if the sacred cow science makes it possible, then let’s do it, it must be good. Such is the arrogance of humanism/liberalism: 

Mind Control Waves: Uncle Joe was Right After All By Uncle Len, with No Mind at All, but Who does Not Mind

     My Uncle Joe, who was a cranky old conspiracy nutter like me, often spoke about “mind control waves,’” used to control the “cretins,” pardon the French. Yet, for all of his madness, which runs in the family, it seems the old circus clown was spot on:

“The Washington State Fusion Center, a multi-agency counterterrorism center, accidentally released some puzzling documents this week: A dossier on the effects of remote mind control, a media report claims. Investigative journalism site Muckrock filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the center, looking for documents on Fusion’s investigations into white supremacist groups and far-left activists Antifa. Among the trove of documents they got back was a file titled “EM effects on human body.”

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Super-Gonorrhoea is Alive and Well By Mrs Vera West

     Here is an excellent reason for the return to modesty and virginity unto marriage for both men and women: super-gonorrhoea, which is a resistant to most antibiotics:

     New Zealand is concerned that the bug will reach the land of the long white cloud from Australia, if it is not there already. Completely drug resistant STDs are only years away, so the long painful sexual revolution of the 1960s now has to end.

The PTSD of Modernity By Chris Knight

     Do you have night sweats, soaking the sheets? Do you awake from nightmares, screaming? It could be PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder, or maybe you are just living in the modern world, undergoing psycho-political attack. Anyway, here is some nice prose on this, where Brett Stevens reflects upon the statistic that older white men, like us, take their lives at a rate four times greater than the general population, and nobody cares:

“People commit suicide when they feel bad and perceive themselves to be trapped in this condition, which is a sensation of futility. This feeling of being trapped becomes undeniable in old age, when in theory all of the requirements of a citizen have been discharged, and things are still not as expected. Consider your average citizen: growing up, he knows that he is fodder for twelve to twenty years of education, then will go out there to fight to have a career. Nothing that he does will be lasting, only plowed under by more novelty-seeking behavior by the herd. He has no chance to make a contribution, only an income.

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The Meaning of Real Strength By John Steele

     My favourite strongman of all time, including fictional characters, is Arthur Saxon (1878-1921), the first man to press with one arm over 300 pounds of iron over his head. Most men today would be struggling to press a quarter of that with two arms. Anyway, although strong in muscles Saxon had this to say about different types of strength, which is quoted here, to give you, hopefully … strength:

“The following is my diagnosis of real strength: ‘Genuine strength should include not only momentary strength, but also the far more valuable kind of strength known as strength of endurance. This means the ability, if you are a cyclist, to jump on your machine and ride 100 miles at any time without undue fatigue; if a wrestler, to wrestle a hard bout for half an hour with a good man without a rest, yet without becoming exhausted and reaching the limit of your strength. Apart from sports, enduring strength means that the business man shall stand without a break-down, business cares and worries, that he shall be capable when necessary, of working morning, afternoon and night with unflagging energy, holding tightly in his grasp the reins of business, retaining all the while a clear mind and untiring energy, both of body and brain.

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Sperm in Space By Brian Simpson

     With the catastrophic collapse of sperm quality and quantity in the West:

     Something which alone could result in an extinction event, it is interesting to speculate about the present experiments involving sperm in space:

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Sweden the Mad; Sweden the Sad By Peter Ewer

     No matter how crazy other articles will appear at this site, the one dealing with Sweden usually takes the cake, although the one about the Japanese using radioactive dirt in roads is a strong contender. But, here I put my case:

“Sweden’s Minister of Social Affairs, Annika Strandhäll, told newspaper Aftonbladet that the country’s elderly and not refugees, are overloading the healthcare system. The Swedish health care system is so overloaded that the care queues for surgery are so long that patients literally start to rot, Aftonbladet reported earlier. Strandhäl is convinced this is not due to mass migration to Sweden. When readers of Aftonbladet claim that it is the acceptance of refugees that has made Swedish healthcare worse, the minister answers: “That’s not true, that’s not true! We have a rapidly aging population in Sweden. Life expectancy increases by 3.5 hours a day and we have a larger number of chroniclers with life-long relationships with healthcare today than 30 years ago.” According to Strandhäll, “the number of people aged 70 years and older will increase by 300,000 by 2025. That is the big problem, according to her. Refugee reception has nothing to do with it”.

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Radioactive Roads! By Brian Simpson

     You have to hand it to the Japanese, they have true samurai spirit and do not let little things like atomic bombs being dropped on them set them back. A truly great people, who are unfortunately facing all of the problems which we face, although they are holding back the tide on mass immigration by using their ingenuity to go robots. But… 

“When nuclear disaster struck at Japan’s Fukushima-Daiichi power plant, it was clear that the environmental impact of such extreme amounts of radiation would be immeasurable. Reports on just how bad the situation at the plant is have continued to reveal a devastating truth: Even in 2017, the amount of radiation being produced by the damaged reactors was lethal. In spite of the obvious risk, Japanese government officials are now looking to make use of the radioactive Fukushima — by using dirt from the site to build new roads. Roughly six years after the meltdown began, the radiation in and around the nuclear reactors was still being described as a “nuclear explosion that doesn’t end.”

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Politically Correct Pandas? By Tom North

     If you want to get your way in this politically correct fascist tyranny that we live in, just cry “racist,” and it is as good as having a magic genie grant you wishes:

“A scientifically supported, commonsense civil rights bill that would have allowed individuals and families to self-quarantine in their homes in the event of a pandemic without being forced to be treated with vaccines or antibiotics was struck down by two California Democratic senators on the basis that the legislation had racist undertones, reports. The bill was authored by Greg Glaser, JD, of the Pandemic Response Project and officially named the Peaceful and Natural Dignity Act (PANDA) back in the year 2013. Glaser explained that his bill “PANDA” was a reference to the word “pandemic,” and, interestingly enough, said that he chose this particular acronym because, “The panda is a beautiful symbol of both peace and nature, especially given the legal protection pandas enjoy.” Furthermore, “PANDAS” is a well-known acronym for “Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorder Associated with Streptococcus.”

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Curry and Cancer By Mrs Vera West

     I am concerned about heart disease and cancer, and when I see articles that deal with these topics, that may be of help to you I am keen to summarise them: 

“A study published in the Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine offers hope for lung cancer patients and their loved ones. It showed how part of the answer lies in nature’s medicine cabinet. Curcumin, the main active ingredient in the unassuming turmeric, combined with anti-cancer drugs, can kill the tumors that cause cancer. It can also prevent the growth of drug-resistant cells to ensure complete recovery. Cells were treated with curcumin and the anti-cancer drug gefitinib alone. Others were treated with curcumin and the drug combined. Cell growth and death were examined closely. Statistical analysis checked for accuracy the findings. The good news is that results showed that curcumin and gefitinib suppress the multiplication of cancer cells.

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Cannibalised Humanism By Chris Knight

     Ah! The subtle desire for the headline, to have one’s name out there in lights for one’s 15 minutes of fame. What will peole do? What will people say? Richard Dawkins, first known for the ultra-Darwinist idea of the selfish gene (we are just machines for our genes), and later for his savage attacks on Christianity, now is saying that “meat’s back on the menu, boys!”

“Commenting on an article from the UK’s Independent newspaper, which touts the benefits of lab-grown “clean meat,” Dawkins tweeted earlier this month that perhaps something similar could be done with human flesh, which would assist western culture in shedding yet another irrational remnant of its Judeo-Christian roots. …Dawkins said that eating lab-grown human meat would provide an “interesting test case for consequentialist morality versus ‘yuck reaction’ absolutism,” which keeps people from doing things just because they seem morally repugnant.”

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Liberals Show that Having a Brain is Not Necessary By Brian Simpson

     Back in 1980 I read an article about a mathematics student, who had hardly any brain, and the article had the title: “Is Your Brain Necessary.” It appears that over the years neurophilosophers have been debating this issue, which does seem to raise some problems for the material theory of the mind. 

     However, this is all academic. It is probably the case that a head full of air, and foul air at that, is a common property of the Left. There is no real brain there, only a kind of sponge-like material, which absorbs politically correct nonsense, and pushes it out again out of the oral orifice. Biology is a truly amazing thing. For Guilty Liberals Wringing Their Fat, Soft White Hands Worrying about “White Privilege,” Uncle Len Will Help You!

No Matter Who You are, You Have to be Real Careful What You Say, Today By Jessica

     Hi. I really thought that the Wonder Woman movie was cool, yes, “wonderful,” with a wholesome message that love wins out in the end. No wonder the feminists hate it. But now the star of the movie, a former Miss Israel beauty, I think, has got into trouble with the thought police for saying that disabled physicist the late Stephen Hawking is now “free”:

“Actress Gal Gadot has attracted criticism after suggesting that the influential scientist Stephen Hawking is now “free of any physical restraints” following his death earlier this week. Hawkins, who was one of the world’s most renowned theoretical physicists, died at age 76 after suffering over 50 years from motor neuron disease, leading to tributes from across the world. “Rest in peace Dr. Hawking. Now you’re free of any physical constraints. Your brilliance and wisdom will be cherished forever,” Gadot tweeted on Thursday.” 

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