Orthodox Finance and Collectivist or Communist Movements are Symbiotic and Mutually Supporting By Wallace Klinck

     Marxist and extreme political ideologues in general typically do not debate.  Their characteristic strategic behaviour is to misrepresent, condemn and intimidate.  

     Their aim is to create social chaos, leaving an opening for them to seize the reins of political power.

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Letter to The Editor - Being Named on a Partner’s Death Certificate

     The Prime Minister is right (‘Hate mail - Fears of malicious campaign’, 10/8) that, during the run-up to the marriage postal vote, ‘the views of all sides should not be censored, even if offensive and extreme.’ That is an essential aspect of free speech. On this question there are obviously powerful arguments on both sides: it is not a simple black-and-white matter. Views which one commentator sincerely believes to be truthful and relevant may well appear to an ideological opponent as ‘misleading and deceptive’.
     Is a compromise possible? Defenders of traditional marriage are unlikely to object, for example, to gay partners having ‘rights such as next of kin or being named on a partner’s death certificate’ (Letters).
NJ, Belgrave, Vic

The End of Sperm By Mrs Vera West

     Although this issue has been discussed before here, the context has been about the decline of the sperm quality of Western men, which a recent study concluded has fallen by more than 50 percent in 40 years, and is not slowing down:
How is that for a URL reference – somewhat self-defeating I think. Here is the old-fashioned reference:
H. Levine (et al.), “Temporal Trends in Sperm Count: A Systematic Review and Meta-Regression Analysis,” Human Reproduction Update, 2017, pp. 1-14.

     Now this research has been quoted in the media as allegedly showing that Western sperm quality is undergoing decline. Gloating non-Whites, primarily Muslims have ground it in. Yet as Mike Adams has noted
http://www.naturalnews.com/2017-08-06-depopulation-assault-is-working-sperm-viability-plunges-among-men.html   there is still evidence that the decline in sperm quality is worldwide, and not exclusively due to factors such as diet, although that may be a contributing factor. The analysis had some indication that the decline in sperm quality was worldwide, including in still developing countries.

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Carrying the Mattress of Political Correctness By James Reed

     A story showing the degeneracy of the universities, as reflected in the wider society, is the saga of the mattress, as discussed by Bettina Arndt in The Australian, but covered by many others for a long time in the US: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/inquirer/mattress-girl-saga-a-warning-to-unis-on-sexual-assault-cases/news-story/daecd8a0b17438c2a2fc4a681d159da5.

“Last week the long saga over the Columbia University mattress girl came to an end. It was a costly lesson for the New York university and a sign that buying into the notion of a “campus rape culture” can prove a big mistake for esteemed centres of higher learning. Australian universities take note.
In 2015 the mattress girl, Emma Sulkowicz, became a global celebrity by turning what was found to be a false rape allegation into performance art by carrying her mattress with her everywhere on campus. She was protesting against Columbia’s decision not to take action against a young German student, Paul Nungesser, whom she’d accused of choking and anally raping her.
Columbia has now reached a confidential settlement with Nungesser following his lawsuit claiming the university supported “an outrageous display of harassment and defamation” by allowing Sulkowicz for three years to use her mattress to hold campus protests where people openly called him a rapist. Sulkowicz was given academic credit for the performance as part of her visual arts major and was allowed to carry the mattress in her graduation ceremony.
It’s most unlikely any jury would have convicted Nungesser given the facts of the case. There’s a Facebook message from Sulkowicz to Nungesser two days after the alleged rape saying she was keen to join in a party in his room. A month later she sought more contact: “I want to see youyououo¬you”. The following month she messaged: “I love you Paul. Where are you?” Hardly surprising that the university’s investigation found Nungesser not guilty of assault.
Similarly murky facts emerged in accusations made by two other women about Nungesser. Investigations were held. The man was found not guilty.”

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Mark Steyn - Speech to the IPA's Gala Dinner in Melbourne 2016

A Footnote to My Criticisms of the Pope By Peter West

     If readers think that I am giving the Pope a hard time, a product of my own Catholic dark night of the soul, then have a look at the seething, blistering attack made by Mike Adams. I won’t quote in detail because it may not even be legal, at least by civil law standards:
     We do live in uncivil times.

Letter to The Editor - They Might Have Made a Mistake

     The Coalition will be both sensible and ethical to continue its call for a plebiscite rather than a free parliamentary vote to determine whether Australia should significantly change its legal definition of marriage. Here are some answers to Peter van Onselen’s advocacy (‘Opposing gay marriage vote will hurt conservatives’, 15-16/7).
     There have been plebiscites in our history before and the seriousness of this present controversy demands another, if not a referendum. Moreover, the ALP wants a plebiscite on a republic. Now, while the plebiscite result might not be binding, if it proves favourable to change, it would undoubtedly be honoured by the parliament and opponents of change would not feel betrayed, which would be good for national unity.
     Opinion polls results are not always reflected in actual voting; nor do we want to live under government by such polls.
     That other Anglophone nations have gone one way does not mean we must follow; they might have made a mistake, for it is simply not true that their decisions have been happily accepted by supporters of the traditional definition of marriage. On the contrary, there is great concern at certain subsequent developments and other mooted possibilities.
     Finally, a free parliamentary vote, no matter what its result, would not be a truly representative way to proceed.
NJ, Belgrave, Vic

Feminism vs Reality By Mrs Vera West

     In an informative article, Alt right terrier Jim Goad, launches a broad side at feminists who maintain that the only thing separating men and women in sport is patriarchal oppression. Break down the barriers and we will soon see women beating men: http://takimag.com/article/ending_gender_discrimination_in_professional_sports_jim_goad/print#axzz4mf7xgrha.

     Goad discusses this proposition with reference to tennis great John McEnroe, who upset the liberal establishment by making the truthful observation that Black female tennis champion Serena Williams was not the best tennis player in the world, only the best female tennis player.  Immediately: racism! sexism!  But Williams herself said that she could not beat the top men, and in fact, the German, Karsten Braasch, who at the time was ranked #203 in the world, played Williams in 1998, and beat her 6-1, after he had played a round of golf and knocked down a few beers!

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Science and Sex differences By Mrs Vera West

     While the gender agenda pushes on the idea that there is no real biological basis to gender, and individuals who have gender confusion and childhood gender dysphoria should have access to corrective surgery – even though it is all a social construction: https://quadrant.org.au/magazine/2017/05/childhood-gender-dysphoria-responsibility-courts/, hard science continues to find a large number of biologically based sex differences.

     For your interest, M. Gershoni and S. Pietrokovski, “The Landscape of Sex-Differential Transcriptome and its Consequent Selection in Human Adults,” BMC Biology, (2017), outlined 1,559 genetic difference between males and females that are not only related to sex organ differences, but to other organs such as the brain, skin and muscle.
Science is still discovering what it biologically means to be male or female, so even on this basis, let alone with reference to psychological data, there should be a profound questioning of the gender agenda, which takes gender/sex, as a purely arbitrary social construction. Rather, it is the gender agenda, which is a Leftist social construction, a product of bad social science and bad politics: http://quadrant.org.au/magazine/2012/07-08/the-war-against-human-nature-ii-gender-studies-part-1/.

Feminist Magazine Demands White Women Abort Their Babies to Solve Racism

Ref: https://medusamagazine.com/beyond-pro-choice-the-solution-to-white-supremacy-is-white-abortion

Response from Wallace Klinck Canada:
     This “feminist” article just goes to illustrate how distorted and destructive these hate-filled Marxist agitators are and the lengths to which they will go in inciting animosity and violence in response to almost any concocted issue they can create and use as a target of their vitriol to perpetuate the “class war”. They are never satisfied until they cause resentment, conflict and civil war.  A nasty bunch.  
It is sad that some people actually fall victim to their noxious and deceptive propaganda which is designed not to build but to tear down.
      These are the anti-culturalists and anti-humans who are motivated by pure and perpetual envy.  Any advance to a new level of development is automatically branded by Marxists as exploitation of the “oppressed” and as “racism” or some other in an ever expanding list of allegedly antisocial “isms”.
     They are monomaniacs who seek absolute “equality” in an totally egalitarian society and anyone who rises above their static and frozen social order is automatically branded as an exploiter who must be “stealing” from others.
     These people are obviously suffering from a psychological and spiritual pathology.  They are incapable of love and are envious of anyone who is able to access or experience it, who they brand as “haters."  Their immediate impulse is to destroy the object of their jealousy.
        They posture as “progressives” but actually hate abundance and prosperity because they see them as a threat to their endless and consuming revolutionary struggle—which is actually a relentless struggle for power over the rest of humanity.

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Sure, Everybody is Gay! By Mrs Vera West

     The latest from Safe Schools creator Roz Ward, is that up to half of all young people are gay: http://www.heraldsun.com.au/blogs/andrew-bolt/safe-schools-founder-up-to-half-of-child-are-gay/news-story/4de46d3e53990c19e21ddc4592031281.

     What is being claimed here? It sounds like 50 percent of young people are gay. If so, then there will need to be appropriate funding from taxpayers for whatever. But, the “up to half” talk is meaningless. It could easily be replaced by “up to 100 percent” and still be vacuous. There is no evidence that 50 percent of young people are gay.
     Just another day in the cultural wars.

Don’t Worry; Be Happy By Mrs Vera West

     Here is my attempt at ironic writing, although I don’t know if I am off to a good start by telegraphing my punchline. Anyway…    It looks like everything will be just peachy-cream with the North Korea situation. The reason, is given in this article from: https://www.stripes.com/news/army-s-1st-openly-gay-general-celebrates-advances-during-pride-observance-in-s-korea-1.473623#.WUcMGdqGNaQ, a military magazine:

“ONGSAN GARRISON, South Korea — The U.S. military’s first openly gay general says advances in granting rights to the military’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community have increased the ability “to fight tonight” in South Korea.
Maj. Gen. Tammy Smith, the 8th Army’s deputy commander for sustainment, spoke Thursday at the LGBT pride observance on the main Army base in Seoul — only the second time the event has been held in a reflection of the hard-won gains for gays in the military.
“To be ready to fight tonight, you know, we’ve got to be able to access the potential of our entire force,” Smith said in remarks in a ballroom at the Dragon Hill Lodge. “We are competing with corporate America for talent and we must demonstrate that we value talent regardless of the demographic that it comes from.”
In a milestone for gay rights, Smith became the first general officer to come out when she was promoted in 2012, less than a year after the controversial don’t ask, don’t tell law was repealed.”

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Letter to The Editor - Tragedy and Hope

     It is good to see Maurice Newman’s invocation of forbidden author W. Cleon Skousen (‘Masks slip to reveal the ugly face of the future’, 21/6) and his 1960’s analysis of the danger of a future communist world presided over by the UNO.  As to that ‘brutal authoritarian face’ behind ‘the seductive mask of socialism’, it must be remembered that Skousen published a sequel to ‘The Naked Communist’ in 1970, entitled ‘The Naked Capitalist’.
     This was a detailed analysis of insider Carroll Quigley’s 1300-page book ‘Tragedy and Hope’, which exposed what former communist Dr Bella Dodd called ‘a much bigger conspiracy’ behind the communist conspiracy. Quigley’s book suddenly became almost unobtainable for several years. His thesis makes good sense: there is obviously enormous financial power behind the spread of the ‘cultural Marxism’ that Newman deplores.
NJ, Belgrave, Vic

John’s Day and the Decline of Tradition By James Reed and Arnis Luks

     June 24 is “Midsummer” (mid winter in the southern hemisphere) or St. John’s Day, the feast celebrating the nativity of St. John the Baptist.
St. John, the precursor to Christ, was proclaiming that one far greater than he is coming and would fulfill the prophecies. The New Testament reveals that John was beheaded by order of Herod, who acted while drunk at the request of the dancer Salome, whose mother advised her to ask for John’s head on a platter. The Jewish historian Josephus in his Antiquities of the Jews, has a less romantic hypothesis: Herod saw John as a potential problem for rebellion, so had him executed.

     For the early Christians, one false move could lead to arrest, or even execution - fed to the legal lions.  THE LAW then, and more so each day now, causes everyone to shake in their boots.  The politically correct ideologies of today for example, now extends human rights protections for transgender Canadians on the federal level (Bill C16) — failing to be correctly addressed (gender expression and gender identity) as a hate crime.
These doctrines serve the interests of the elites, just as the elites of Rome had their own interests in their day. What is significant is that Rome fell. Rome, like Greece before it, became decadent, both in morals and economics. There is considerable scholarly debate about exactly why Rome fell, the correct mixture of social poisons that destroyed it, but it is clear, that whatever factors led to its fall, the West has it many thousands of times greater. Probably only technology and the last drops of economic growth hold the system together.

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Sexual Utopia and Power By Mrs Vera West

     Alt Right intellectual F. Roger Devlin, penned an important essay published in The Occidental Quarterly in Summer 2006: “Sexual Utopia in Power.” In 2015, the essay was expanded into a 192 page book, and published by Alt Right publishing company, Counter-Currents: https://www.counter-currents.com/sexual-utopia-in-power/. The book traces the breakdown of morality and sexual roles which began in the 1960s, and the disaster which it has brought for social life today.

     All of this is not new to us, but Devlin goes further, challenging the typical conservative response to the crisis, which strangely has much in common with feminism in blaming men. Instead, Devlin looks at the sins of women, such as female hypergamy (mating up), infidelity, narcissism and deceptiveness. This is unusual because conservatives seem to have swallowed hook, line and sinker, the feminist world view, that women can do no wrong. Men are fearful to call out women, and Trump’s dealings with various female journalists is an example of this. Perhaps the lack of testosterone in many men has led to them becoming de facto women: http://www.rooshv.com/the-decline-in-testosterone-is-destroying-the-basis-of-masculinity.

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A First Amendment Case By Ian Wilson LL.B

     Marc Randazza , a Las Vegas-based lawyer who  specialises  in free-speech cases, is representing the publisher of a leading neo-Nazi website, Andrew Anglin. Anglin is being  sued for allegedly  orchestrating an anti-Semitic online trolling campaign against a Montana Jewish  family. The mainstream press give no reason for why he chose this particular family to “harass,” but his website gives his point of view. I should add that I do not support the Anglin site, and what he represents, and see  many of his articles as alarming and fanatical. But, as a free speech advocate I still have an interest in the case, which raises fascinating points of law.

     According to Mr Randazza:
“Everybody deserves to have their constitutional rights defended… Nobody needs the First Amendment to protect Mr. Rogers. That’s not what it’s there for.”
See: http://www.timesofisrael.com/first-amendment-lawyer-defending-neo-nazi-website-publisher/; https://www.nytimes.com/aponline/2017/06/09/us/ap-us-internet-trolling-lawsuit.html?_r=0.
The point is that real free speech laws protect unpopular speech.

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It’s Hard to Even Keep Track of Terrorist Attacks Now By Peter West

     Another day, another terrorist attack. Although I know that global warming is a myth, it is possible that so many candle-lit vigils will be held, that we may find the poles melting and glaciers, well, turning into slushies!! Of course, I jest: global warming, as Don Trumpeter well knows, is just hot air, as conspiracy to stop the West enjoying the fruits of the good life.

     No sooner than I had completed my masterpiece article on the London bombing, sorry, truck and knife attacks, then we have a terrible terror in Melbourne, with an abduction and killing, with the police shooting the terrorist dead: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/06/05/world/australia/australia-terrorism-isis-hostage-killing.html?_r=0. All of this brought to you from the unfriendly people at ISIS Pty Ltd.

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London Bridge has Fallen Down By Peter West

     The three London terrorists shouted, “This is for Allah,” as they went on a rampage, with the new weapons of choice, a truck and knives. They killed seven people and hospitalised 48 others. One Queensland woman had her throat slashed. This is the third Islamic terrorist attack in Britain in the past three months. The mayor of the now non-white majority city of London (http://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/census-reveals-white-britons-as-minority-in-capital-for-first-time-8405998.html),  himself a Muslim, said that there was no reason to be alarmed and that London is one of the safest cities in the world: http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/06/04/trump-blasts-london-mayor-sadiq-khan-saying-no-reason-alarmed-london-attack/; http://www.naturalnews.com/2017-06-04-mainstream-media-complicit-in-excusing-global-terrorism-as-london-suffers-deadly-isis-linked-attack.html.   After all, as he said last year, terrorism is “part and parcel of living in a big city.”

     Mike Adams in the article referenced above, is spot on in saying that this is open warfare on Western civilisation: “Western civilization, you see, has become obsessed with self-induced idiocy and political correctness that’s so insane, its political leaders can’t even muster the will to engage in simple acts of self-defense against a cultural onslaught. Western Europe, in particular, is being overrun by radicals who practice an extreme, violent form of Islam that has zero tolerance for anyone who isn’t obedient to their narratives.

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Honey Badgers to the Rescue! By Mrs Vera West

     One good positive sign is the rise of the honey badgers, women who champion men’s rights and deconstruct feminist ideologies: http://honeybadgerbrigade.com/; The Australian, June 5, 2017, p. 14. This is part of a thriving female community who have had enough of the “silent war on men” and are fighting back against the feminist elites, the femocrats: http://www.marieclaire.com/culture/news/a15964/honey-badgers-mens-rights-movement/.

     As an introduction, there is the You Tube video, “Feminism and the Disposable male”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vp8tToFv-bA, and numerous hard-hitting talks by Karen Straughan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vagVf5cf-V0, Janet Bloomfield https://www.youtube.com/user/JudgyBitch1, and Alison Tieman https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MVK7KhschW8. There are many hundreds of videos and tapes taking apart all aspects of feminism. There is even going to be a Honey Badgers debate on ABC2’s Hack Live on June 20, 2017, where no doubt the sparks will fly.
     It brings tears of joy to this old lady’s eyes, to see young women at last fighting against the final chains that bind them, the chains of feminism.

Feminism Makes Us Fat! By Mrs Vera West

     Well, well, well – or should I say, “unwell.” The feminist founder of the early feminist magazine Spare Rib, which started back in the prehistoric era of 1971 (https://www.bl.uk/spare-rib/articles/spare-rib-and-the-underground-press), has come out and said that the obesity crisis has been fuelled by feminism: The Weekend Australian, June 3-4, 2017, p. 12.

     The “womyn” in question is Rosie Boycott, an interesting name for the profession, and she was speaking as a senior British food policy advisor: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4564628/Obesity-crisis-partly-says-leading-feminist.html. Look, I am not making this up; here is the take from The Daily Mail: “prominent feminist says she feels ‘partly responsible’ for the childhood obesity crisis because she urged women to stop cooking and go to work.
Rosie Boycott, who chairs the Mayor of London’s food policy unit, launched the feminist magazine Spare Rib in the 1970s.
Yesterday, she said her advice to women not to worry about making meals for their families had inadvertently helped to fuel childhood obesity.

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