Talking about a Revolution By Richard Miller

     Leftist musicians have fantasized about revolution, but over in France, a great whack of the population see revolution as the only hope of sorting the Great mess out:

“A newly released survey has claimed that nearly four out of every ten French believe that a full-on revolution is the best way to solve the country’s political problems. The poll, which was taken by polling firm IFOP, shows that 39 percent of French surveyed said that a revolution was needed to effect real change in the country, a figure much higher than elsewhere in Europe, Atlantico reports. In comparison, only 20 percent of Germans agreed that revolution was a viable political solution, and the number was even lower for Austrians and Poles, at just 14 percent. Consulting director at IFOP David Nguyen commented on the results, saying, “The first thing to say is that this is an absolutely spectacular number. Four in ten consider that a revolution would be a good solution: even if we do not know exactly what they put behind this word, it is the mark of a radical presence very present in the society.”

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Don’t Even Joke about Egyptian Free Speech By Peter Ewer

     With censorship and the institution of free speech being torn down in the West in the name of diversity and mass migration, we need to see what other goodies are in store for us. Like these tasty treats from Egypt:

“An Egyptian singer who made a joke about the lack of free speech in her homeland has been told she can no longer perform there. A video clip circulated online shows Sherine Abdel-Wahab, during a performance in Bahrain, saying: “Here I can say whatever I want. In Egypt, anyone who talks gets imprisoned.” The response from Egypt’s Musicians Union was to barr the singer, popularly known by her first name, from performing. It also summoned her to return home for questioning. Samir Sabry, a pro-government lawyer with a reputation for moral vigilantism and suing celebrities, filed a complaint against the singer accusing her of “insulting Egypt and inviting suspicious rights groups to interfere in Egypt’s affairs.”

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Sweden Goes for Instant National Suicide! Get it Over With! By Richard Miller

     Sweden just wants to die, and they are too far gone now, so let everyone else in Europe learn from their national death. Here, beat this for cucked deracinated humanism gone mad:

“The Swedish government will be opening the doors to China’s persecuted Uyghur Muslims and allow them to claim asylum in the country. The decision was made this week by the Swedish Migration Board to ease up the regulations for Uyghur Muslims claiming asylum in Sweden saying that they, along with other persecuted Muslims, would be welcome, Swedish broadcaster Sveriges Radio reports. Carl Bexelius, Deputy Legal Chief at the Migration Board, expanded on the reasons for the move saying, “What we have seen is that it is rather far-reaching state repression, where one can seize and detain persons without actual criminal charges. You are placed in what is described as retraining camp. This happens arbitrarily.”

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Travel Warnings; Beware of Australia! By Paul Walker

     Well, this is how things are going at the end of liberty; Australia is now a place our friends in Bangladesh are issuing travel warnings over:

“Bangladesh nationals living in Australia and Bangladesh nationals travelling to Australia are advised to be vigilant at all times, particularly in public places, stay informed of potential risks to safety and security by monitoring the media and other local information sources." The Bangladesh High Commission in Canberra issued a firmer warning for Bangladeshis in New Zealand on Friday. "All Bangladeshi citizens living in New Zealand in general and in Christchurch in particular are requested to keep calm, avoid places of congregation and to follow instructions from the Police at all times."

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12 Rules for Book Banning By Peter Ewer

     Just to be sure, everything however slightly suspicious must be banned. It does not matter now if it is published by mainstream presses, just ban it, then ban it again, bury it, dig it up and ban it again.

“Peterson, a psychology professor at the University of Toronto, first became famous by his public opposition to compelled use of gender-neutral pronouns and became an international celebrity for online lectures, free speech stances and a bestselling book. Whitcoulls did not explain any connection between Peterson and the Christchurch tragedy or the alleged gunman. Among his fans are some white supremacy adherents, but neither Peterson nor his book is referenced anywhere in the 74-page manifesto allegedly released by the killer prior to the March 15 attacks. The treatise says the murder spree was in response to Muslim immigration, characterized as “an invasion” threatening the white population. Peterson did a series of lectures and engagements in New Zealand and Australia in February.”

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Time for South Australians to Get More of Our Over-Population Problems By James Reed

     Thanks to the editor in SA for this one, for nobody in the eastern states thinks very much about South Australia. It is like the way Americans are oblivious to say, Australia itself. Australia? Isn’t that in Europe (thinking of Austria as it sounds similar). Anyway, even given the small immigration cuts, done to hose down sustainability concerns about Sydney and Melbourne, South Australia’s power elites are aggressively wanting a massive population increase, in the driest state in the driest continent on Earth, already with water problems, employment problems, you name it,  real environmental and economic sustainability for sure.

“More migrants will call South Australia home, with far greater ease, under a push to lure new arrivals away from big cities to the regions. Prime Minister Scott Morrison will on Wednesday unveil a population strategy that will slash Australia’s possible migrant intake from 190,000 to 160,000. But the flipside will see scores of migrants living and working in key regions and smaller cities, including Adelaide and SA. Mr Marshall has called population growth his “No. 1 priority” since coming to power. The plan reads like the wishlist Premier Steven Marshall presented to the PM last month as part of his population plan for SA. Mr Morrison’s plan includes new visas for regional areas, priority processing and incentives for international students including post-study work rights and tailored schemes to match skilled migrants to jobs in emerging industries, such as space and defence. It comes as exclusive polling, commissioned by The Advertiser, shows one in three South Australians want to see the state’s population grow, compared to just one in 10 wanting a drop. The YouGov Galaxy polling revealed 54 per cent of South Australians want the population to remain stable.”

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US Abortionists Cutting Babies’ Throats, but Not Discriminatory! By Mrs Vera West

     With all of the debate about the evils of discrimination, one would have thought at first glance that abortion would be such a discrimination, against the life of a living being, just as animal rights folk argue in parallel. But, no, the hypothetical right to life of the foetus is always trumped by feminist values, so that infanticide is now effectively permitted in New York.

     And, this:

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Surprise, Surprise; UN Migration Pact Binding After All! By James Reed

     At the time the elites from the UN lied and said that the Migration Pact, which creates virtually open borders migration, was not “binding,” but now after the ink has dried, the Pact is reviewed as binding, by the back door:

“Internal documents reveal that Brussels plans to incorporate the controversial UN migration pact into the EU’s legal framework “through the back door”, Austria and Hungary have warned. Earlier this week, Austrian Foreign Minister Karin Kneissl told Brussels the government was opposed to a report by the European Commission’s Legal Service declaring that the UN compact should have legally binding consequences for every EU member state including those which withdrew from the agreement. The compact describes mass migration as “inevitable, necessary and desirable”. As an increasing number of countries, including a handful of EU member states, began to have doubts about the UN compact in the weeks and months leading up to its signing in December last year, figures including Germany’s Angela Merkel insisted to its opponents that the document was non-binding, while media outlets attacked any suggestion to the contrary as “far-right conspiracy theory”. Given these repeated assurances from key European figures, Kneissl told local media she was “astonished” to discover the document showing the Commission had apparently reversed its previous stance that the pact was non-binding.”

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Get Your Pronouns Right! By Mrs Vera West

     In these tense times, getting one’s pronouns right is important, if freedoms are to be preserved:

“When Caroline Farrow, a Catholic commentator, and transgender rights campaigner Susie Green, agreed to take part in a television debate about a controversial Girl Guides policy, producers would have expected differences of opinion. But while the conversation on screen was certainly heated, it was what happened off-air when the pair continued the debate on Twitter that resulted in a six-month-long police investigation. Mrs Farrow, a mother of five with strong religious views, allegedly used the wrong pronoun when referring to Ms Green's transgender daughter. Ms Green was so angered by what she described as a "distressing and spiteful" attack that she lodged a formal complaint with Surrey police. On Monday night, they contacted Mrs Farrow and asked her to attend a voluntary police interview. The response by a police force which, like all others, is struggling to cope with violent crime and knife violence, will raise eyebrows and further fuel the debate around police priorities.”

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Blazing Acts of Desperation By Richard Miller

     In Italy, a migrant raises the terrible  issue of death of refugees in the Mediterranean, dramatically:

“The driver of a school bus filled with children has been arrested by Italian police for setting fire to the vehicle near Milan. The Senegalese man reportedly called for an end to “deaths in the Mediterranean” during the incident. Miraculously all 51 schoolboys managed to escape the fire without injuries, although 12 children and two adults were sent to hospital for smoke inhalation, according to RaiNews24. The 46-year-old Senegal-born driver reportedly spilled gasoline down the aisle of the bus while shouting that he wants to stop deaths in the Mediterranean Sea before igniting the blaze.”

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The Legal Status of Weeds By Ian Wilson LL.B

     Just as white people re beginning to lose their rights, others are set to catch them, such as plants and animals, in the great pendulum of history:

“University of Sydney research probing into the “moral, legal and political status” of animals and the environment has been slammed as “out of touch”, prompting questions over who is funding the study. A team of 14 university researchers studying “Multispecies Justice”, claim to explore rights for those that are “more than human” as part of the University of Sydney’s broader FutureFix program they themselves have dubbed as “counterintuitive”, as stated on their website. “Justice is typically thought to be the preserve of humans, and advocacy has sought to ensure all humans are subjects of justice,” researchers wrote on the university’s website. “But harms inflicted on animals and the environment are coming to be understood as injustices.”

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We All Need to be Calm and Tolerant By Bruce Bennett

     A big storm about nothing; a misunderstanding taken out of context, of course. Words do not mean what they mean, but rather, something else; maybe anything the elites want them to mean. Death threats may really be invitations of love:

“Scott Morrison says Turkey’s President has “moderated his views” after the Prime Minister took him on over his “very offensive” outburst against Australians. Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s office today said the President’s comments that Australians with anti-Muslim views would be sent back in coffins like “their grandfathers (in Gallipoli)” were taken out-of-context and that he welcomed Anzac Day visitors. The Prime Minister responded by stating “progress has been made” and that there would be further meetings with Turkish officials. “Overnight, progress has been made on this issue and overnight we’ve already seen a moderation of the president’s views,” he said.

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Letter to The Editor - Australia should have opened its arms to white South African farmers

To The Age        Jacqueline Maley is insensitive in claiming that "the idea of white persecution is not worth debating on its merits." ("Close window on prejudice", 19/3). I would have thought it is obvious that under black majority rule whites in South Africa have been wickedly and cruelly persecuted. Count the number of deaths and cases of brutal torture, to say nothing of property confiscations without compensation. There is hypocrisy in a world where in the recent past huge influence was brought to bear against the white minorities in southern Africa on the grounds of alleged unjust treatment of blacks, but almost no effort is made today to protect those minorities from unjust treatment by black triumphalists. Australia should have opened its arms to white South African farmers for ethical reasons based on extended family. Care for one's own ethnic group does not necessarily mean "hatred and fear of non-white people". And honesty is even more important than civility in our public debate.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic

Letter to The Editor - Their campaigning to protect their group is not in itself "supremacism"

To The Australian        You have prominently labelled six remarks of Senator Fraser Anning as "incendiary" (19/3), but, while some of them contain exaggeration and simplification, they don't seem as worthy of condemnation as you suggest. What is wrong with urging a popular vote on immigration? The currently widespread use of the term "white supremacism" deserves some critical scrutiny too. It is natural and reasonable for people generally to prefer to live among those who share their ethnicity; and white people have some grounds for fearing that their security in this respect is gradually being taken away from them. Their campaigning to protect their group is not in itself "supremacism".
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic

Letter to The Editor - The House should change direction and vote for a no-deal exit

To The Australian        A comment by Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez ("EU lights path for May to be bypassed", 23-24/3) inadvertently exposes the corruption behind the ongoing effort to stop Britain from leaving the EU. “We're at a critical moment in the construction of Europe." It needs to be asked: "Who is that 'we'?" It is certainly not the 52% of Britons who voted in the 2016 referendum to leave. Clearly there are powerful interests, both inside and outside the UK, determined not to have their new nation-building jeopardised. French President Emmanuel Macron, riding this wave, arrogantly states that "the British politicians are incapable of putting in place what their people have demanded." No, not incapable, but, so far, as a group in the House of Commons, perversely unwilling. The House should change direction and vote for a no-deal exit. British liberties hang in the balance. Present pain but long-term gain.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic

Good News on Immigration If We Can Believe It! By James Reed

     With all of the bad news, here is a little good news on the reduce immigration front:

“An annual cap of 160,000 is to be placed on the permanent migration intake in a move that will cut the targets set under the former Labor government by up to 30,000 people a year and impose for the first time an official ceiling on numbers. The Australian has confirmed that the government’s razor gang, the Expenditure Review Committee of cabinet, has signed off on the key elements of the Coalition’s broader population policy. Cabinet has also signed off on a regional settlement policy which will impose visa conditions requiring a fixed number of the general skilled migrant stream to reside in cities other than Sydney and Melbourne for a minimum of five years. There will also be incentives for overseas students, who numbered more than 500,000 last year, to attend regional universities and those in cities other than the two largest capitals.

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Now Being Anti-Racist is Racist! By Peter Ewer

     How mad, and bad can it get? Can it get to levels of sheer cosmic comic absurdity? Sure, for now even being anti-racist is racist, if you are white, so the entire universe, if not the multiverse is racist, so Social Justice Warriors will have to fight for eternity.

“During a guest lecture at Boston University on Monday, University of Washington Professor Robin DiAngelo told the audience a “dangerous white person” sees people as individuals rather than by skin color. DiAngelo, whose main field of work is “whiteness studies,” added that those who say they were taught to treat everyone the same deny black people of their reality, she said. In making the claim, DiAngelo said she was lifting the terminology from her frequent co-facilitator at speaking engagements, black scholar Erin Trent Johnson. DiAngelo’s comments were couched during a section of her talk titled “What Does It Mean To Be White” that discussed colorblindness and those who say “I was taught to treat everyone the same, or some version of that.”

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Delayed Adulthood By Mrs Vera West

     Across the West, the ruling elites are moving to recruit young voters, to keep up their power levels, and to prevent tragedies such as the election of the largely useless Donald Duck, sorry, Rump, sorry, Trump. The fear is that what is being farmed here are impressionable youth who are easily manipulated. Maybe, but the definition of an “adult” seems to have shifted:

“People don't become fully "adult" until they're in their 30s, according to brain scientists. Currently the UK law says you become a mature adult when you reach the age of 18. Scientists who study the brain and nervous system say the age at which you become an adult is different for everyone. Research suggests people aged 18 are still going through changes in the brain which can affect behaviour and make them more likely to develop mental health disorders. Professor Peter Jones, from Cambridge University, said: "What we're really saying is that to have a definition of when you move from childhood to adulthood looks increasingly absurd. "It's a much more nuanced transition that takes place over three decades." He added: "I guess systems like the education system, the health system and the legal system make it convenient for themselves by having definitions." When you reach 18, you can vote, buy alcohol, get a mortgage and are also treated as an adult if you get in trouble with the police. Despite this, Professor Jones says he believes experienced criminal judges recognise the difference between a 19-year-old defendant and a "hardened criminal" in their late 30s. "I think the system is adapting to what's hiding in plain sight, that people don't like (the idea of) a caterpillar turning into a butterfly," he said. "There isn't a childhood and then an adulthood. People are on a pathway, they're on a trajectory."

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Even the Air is Now “Racist”! By Chris Knight

     Can I beat the “anti-racism is racist” story? Sure, as now even the air is racist:

“A study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences claims that white people contribute more to pollution than black and Latino people, but the latter suffer from it more than the white polluters. “The air that Americans breathe isn’t equal,” USA Today says in its report on the study. “Blacks and Hispanics disproportionately breathe air that’s been polluted by non-Hispanic whites, according to a study,” USA Today says. “This new research quantifies for the first time the racial gap between who causes air pollution – and who breathes it.” The study is available online, including a portion entitled “significance.” Racial–ethnic disparities in pollution exposure and in consumption of goods and services in the United States are well documented. Some may find it intuitive that, on average, black and Hispanic minorities bear a disproportionate burden from the air pollution caused mainly by non-Hispanic whites, but this effect has not previously been directly established, let alone quantified.

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Salvini Shows the Way! By Richard Miller

     With immigration being the big thing this week, there is more good news to report from Italy, which is moving under Salvini to finally control its borders:

“Italy has seen a radical drop in migrant arrivals in January under the migration policy of populist interior minister Matteo Salvini, down around 95 percent compared to January 2018. The interior minister compared the approach of the previous government under the left-wing Democratic Party of January 2018 with the populist coalition of the Five Star Movement and the League with Salvini saying, “the data shows that the Democratic Party had not blocked arrivals,” Il Giornale reports. The official data showed that 3,176 illegal immigrants arrived in Italy in January  2018 under the leadership of the Democratic Party which had told Italians they were actively working to reduce the number of landings and had reduced the number somewhat compared to 2017.”

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