The System does Not Like Reasoned, Scientific Argument By Charles Taylor

     Science is useful to the Establishment, only so long as it delivers the answers that the system wants. When people use it to question the ruling narratives of the day, which in the US at the moment is centred around shootings confirming the Left view of the universe – then watch out, even if you are a celebrity, non-white astrophysicist:

“Celebrity astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson is facing backlash from rock band Smash Mouth and gun control advocates after he took to Twitter to compare the number of deaths from the latest mass shootings to that of other causes, such as medical errors and suicide. “In the past 48hrs, the USA horrifically lost 34 people to mass shootings. On average, across any 48hrs, we also lose…500 to Medical errors, 300 to the Flu, 250 to Suicide, 200 to Car Accidents, 40 to Homicide via Handgun,” Tyson said after the deadly mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio. “Often our emotions respond more to spectacle than to data.” With more than 73,000 responses to his tweet, Tyson also faced scrutiny from other prominent figures who were quick to responded to his tweet. “Cold take, Neil. 200+ Americans died from gun violence in the past 48 hours,” Moms Demand Action founder and gun control activist Shannon Watts responded.“Your data is wrong Neil. In the past 48 hours, 200 people were killed with guns and many more were injured while a powerful organization lobbies to protect its interests,” writer and lawyer Amee Vanderpool wrote in response to Tyson. “Maybe you should add some emotion to your game, because your data collection sucks.”

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If You Love Trump Then You are Responsible for the Killings Too! By Charles Taylor

     The title of the article is: “The El Paso Killer Loved Trump. Do You? Then You’re Responsible, Too.” A great title. Concise and power-packed with logic.

     What, even after Trump condemned white supremacism, and moved for more gun control? Sure, not good enough. It’s all white racism, see:

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This Should be Interesting: The Communist Antifa Mass Shooter By John Steele

     The latest US mass shooting is by a communist Antifa type:

“Connor Betts was named by police as the body armor-wearing, masked gunman who fatally shot at least 9 people, including his own sister, while wounding at least 27 more, in a popular bar and restaurant district in Dayton, Ohio. Betts was 24 and from Bellbrook, Ohio. Witnesses said he was wearing all black when he opened fire. Betts was killed by police, with six officers firing at least one round, and officials said the carnage might have been even worse were it not for their quick response. On social media, the suspect’s biography started to emerge. On his Twitter page, reviewed by Heavy, he described himself as “he/him / anime fan / metalhead / leftist / i’m going to hell and i’m not coming back.” He wrote on Twitter that he would happily vote for Democrat Elizabeth Warren, praised Satan, was upset about the 2016 presidential election results, and added, “I want socialism, and i’ll not wait for the idiots to finally come round to understanding.” The Greene County Board of Elections lists his party as “Dem.” So, we have a Leftist shooter instead of the usual right winger. Will the anti-gun lobby now advocate gun control so enthusiastically or will they wait until the next round of shootings? If terrorism, according to the mayor of London, is just the price one pays living in a big modern city, then mass shooting could be viewed as an extension of that principle. But, we can bet that the narrative played out is that ideology had nothing to do with this. But, if a shooter mentions an 1890 book on Darwinism, well, that is fascism, pure and simple.

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France Dissolves By Richard Miller

     Things are bad in France. What else could they be with the minute Macron getting the French parliament to almost completely ban the right to protest and the presumption of innocence? This is the real face of the globalist state. Hate speech laws are so vague and wide-ranging that almost anything the elites want can be prosecuted. "The West no longer knows what it is, because it does not know and does not want to know what shaped it, what constituted it, what it was and what it is. (...) This self-asphyxiation leads naturally to a decadence that opens the way to new barbaric civilizations." — Cardinal Robert Sarah, in Le soir approche et déjà le jour baisse ("The Evening Comes, and already the Light Darkens”).

“Macron does not appear authoritarian, however, with violent anarchists. When facing young Arabs and illegal migrants, he looks positively weak. He knows what the former interior minister, Gérard Collomb, said in November 2018, while resigning from government: "Communities in France are engaging in conflict with one another more and more and it is becoming very violent... today we live side by side, I fear that tomorrow it will be face to face". Macron also knows what former President François Hollande said after serving his term as president: "France is on the verge of partition". Macron knows that the partition of France already exists. Most Arabs and Africans live in no-go zones, apart from the rest of the population, where they accept the presence of non-Arabs and non-Africans less and less. They do not define themselves as French, except when they say that France will belong to them. Reports show that most seem filled with a deep rejection of France and Western civilization. An increasing number seem to place their religion above their citizenship; many seem radicalized and ready to fight. Macron seems not to want to fight. Instead, he has chosen to appease them. He is single-mindedly pursuing his plans to institutionalize Islam in France.

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Rats Do Not Lie! By Charles Taylor

     The truth of rats; it could be the title of a postmodern film, but it describes an ironic live news shot about Trump’s claim that the city of Baltimore was “infested.” There on clue, the largest rat many people have ever seen runs through the film, almost on cue.

     I like it how reality has a way of directly refuting the lies of liberalism. And, nor do “hood rats,” to use the Baltimore expression for gang bangers, lie, much of the time. They are just too busy with their day jobs of killing each other:

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Straight from Hell; How to Destroy the Global Economy! By James Reed

     Pain and sleep deprivation can make one think in strange ways. For example, over this weekend, the last of my molar teeth gave out, having a super-abscess, the worst a human being could have. Red hot nails hammered through my mouth into my brain, what remains of it. Naturally I investigated what dentists were available I found one that would get out of bed for the starting price of $ 500, and “that’s if I decide to extract.” No thanks, I can’t contribute to your golf club fees, I will suffer on up until the point where I get a pair of pliers and pull the tooth out myself. If I bleed to death, well that will be another testimony to the splendour of this cesspool.

     Speaking of cesspools, here is an extract from a new book by Bill Blain, The Fifth Horseman: A Polemic on How to Destroy the Global Economy - and Other Matters (2019).  This is all straight from hell, smoking and steaming so that the sulphur and brimstone of central bankers can be smelt. My god, almost as bad as dentists!

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Mass Shootings, but What about Mexico? By Charles Taylor

     Probably by the time you read this, America will have another mass shooting. But these shootings are what the media reports on and emphases. Shootings go on in gang-related matters in cities like Baltimore and Chicago by the day. Baltimore, which has been the subject of Trump’s “infested” comments, and his more recent remarks, that Baltimore’s murder rate tops even El Salvador’s:

“Baltimore’s homicide rate for 2018 was calculated by CBS at 51.3 per 100,000 for the year 2018. That is indeed high compared to homicide rates in other cities. A Pew Center report for 2017, meanwhile, saw Baltimore’s homicide rate hit 55.8 per 100,000, to rank second among American cities. Baltimore’s homicide rate is higher than those in any of the Central American countries that Trump mentioned — but its population is also far lower than any of them. Among those countries, El Salvador had the highest rate, with 51 homicides per 100,000 population in 2018. That’s over 3,000 homicides in a country with more than 6 million people.”

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Why Charity Must Start at Home By Peter West

     The liberal bleeding hearts are all for helping the entire world through mass migration, typically because it is not their money paid out, or their jobs put on the line. But as a matter of logic, there is a philosophical problem created by this communist globalism, the Samaritan’s dilemma, noted by economist James M. Buchanan, “The Samaritan’s Dilemma.” in Edmund Prelim, ed., Altruism, Morality and Economic Theory (New York: Russell Sage, 1975), pp. 71-85.

“It comes from the Biblical parable in which the generous merchant helped the man beaten and lying on the road. He pays the medical bills and gets him back on his feet. Good man. But let’s imagine a part two. The word gets out. Next time the Samaritan travels the same road, there are three, four, and five people in need of money, medical attention, and a safe place to spend the night. He helps them. They multiply tenfold on the next trip. Pretty soon, the problem becomes obvious. In order to re-adjust incentives, the Samaritan has to say no. He has to withdraw the aid. To help, he needs to stop helping.”

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Are You a Domestic Terrorist? By Paul Walker

     If you believe in conspiracies, even if they are true, like the one that the FBI conspired against the Trump presidency, then you are a domestic terrorist:

“The FBI has released a 15-page document warning of the dangers of “anti-government, identity-based, and fringe conspiracy theories.” The law enforcement agency says that these are “very likely to motivate some domestic extremists to commit criminal, sometimes violent activity.” The document seems to recommend increased social media and web censorship. The FBI assesses anti-government, identity-based, and fringe political conspiracy theories very likely motivate some domestic extremists, wholly or in part, to commit criminal and sometimes violent activity. The FBI further assesses in some cases these conspiracy theories very likely encourage the targeting of specific people, places, and organizations, thereby increasing the likelihood of violence against these targets. These assessments are made with high confidence, based on information from other law enforcement agencies, open-source information, court documents, human sources with varying degrees of access and corroboration, and FBI investigations. One key assumption driving these assessments is that certain conspiracy theory narratives tacitly support or legitimize violent action. The FBI also assumes some, but not all individuals or domestic extremists who hold such beliefs will act on them. The FBI assesses these conspiracy theories very likely will emerge, spread, and evolve in the modem information marketplace, occasionally driving both groups and individual extremists to carry out criminal or violent acts. Indicators that may lead to revised judgements or cause a change in the confidence level associated with this assessment include a lack of conspiracy theory-driven criminal or violent activity in the near to long term or significant efforts by major social media companies and websites to remove, regulate, or counter potentially harmful conspiratorial content. So what do they consider conspiracy theories? A few of the theories and topics mentioned in the document are QAnon, Pizzagate, the New World Order, various child-sex trafficking ring theories, and racial extremists. Interestingly, there is no specific mention in this document of Antifa and their theories, despite the fact that they’re decidedly anti-government and confirmably violent.”

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Where the Equalitarian Society Leads: Taxation Unto Death By James Reed

     As you may know, I hate the Beatles, which is not yet a hate crime. But George Harrison wrote the best of their songs: Taxman (1966):

“Let me tell you how it will be
There’s one for you, nineteen for me
‘Cause I’m the taxman, yeah, I’m the taxman
Should five per cent appear too small
Be thankful I don’t take it all
‘Cause I’m the taxman, yeah I’m the taxman
If you drive a car, I’ll tax the street,
If you try to sit, I’ll tax your seat.
If you get too cold I’ll tax the heat,
If you take a walk, I’ll tax your feet.
Don’t ask me what I want it for
If you don’t want to pay some more
‘Cause I’m the taxman, yeah, I’m the taxman
Now my advice for those who die
Declare the pennies on your eyes
‘Cause I’m the taxman, yeah, I’m the taxman
And you’re working for no one but me.”

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Why is Australia Set to Dump Cash? By James Reed

     The good people of the Citizens Electoral Council of Australian a Media Release Tuesday, 30 July 2019, have put the case that Morrison is set on banning cash, to prevent Australians escaping the bail-in, negative interest rates. I think that they have put their finger on what is clicking over here:

“The fight against “bail-in” is on! The Morrison government has released for consultation a new law that bans cash transactions over $10,000. The pretext for this law is to crack down on money laundering and tax evasion in the “black economy”. This is a shameless lie! The formal recommendation to ban cash comes from “big four” global accounting firm … which is an accomplice of the world’s biggest money launderers and tax evaders. The real purpose for the cash ban is to trap Australians in the banking system, so they cannot escape negative interest rates or having their bank deposits “bailed in”. Scott Morrison first announced this measure in the 2018 budget, originally to come into force this month, but now scheduled for January 2020. It was recommended in the October 2017 Black Economy Taskforce Report by Michael Andrew AO (who died last month) … The report revealed that the strategy is to: “Move people and businesses out of cash and into the banking system, which makes economic activity more visible, auditable and efficient.” (Emphasis added.) It gives the game away by noting that it may benefit “financial stability and the effectiveness of monetary policy”—code for policies like bail-in and negative interest rates. To achieve this it recommended: “Moving to a near cash free economy. A $10,000 economy-wide cash limit should be introduced.” But $10,000 is just the beginning: in June 2018, just after Morrison announced it,  …  was already lobbying Treasury to lower the limit to $5,000 or even $2,000.

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You Had Better Do What He Says Or … He Will Throw the Constitution in the Sea! By James Reed

     That’s it; we can see Them really getting down to the democratic spirit off constitutional change, as expressed in the indigenous referendum, the latest gee-whiz thing of our new class elites.  Look, let these folks speak for themselves, because, I am what, just a deplorable voter, only deserving to be thrown in the sea:

“One of Australia’s most respected Aboriginal leaders, Galarrwuy -Yunupingu, has made what he ¬describes as a final demand for substantive constitutional reforms, threatening that the Yolngu people of Arnhem Land will throw the nation’s founding document into the sea if change does not come soon. In a strident speech to open the Garma festival on Aboriginal land in the far northeast corner of the Northern Territory late yesterday, Dr Yunupingu issued his warning directly to the face of Minister for Indigenous Australians Ken Wyatt, who was in the front row of the audience. The two men were facing each other and seated almost knee to knee — Dr Yunupingu in his wheelchair — when the Yolngu leader said, “Enough is enough”. “We are thinking of our Constitution, how we can change it and make it a real law for Yolngu people as well as Balanda (non-¬indigenous) people,” he said. “We are doing that, asking for the rights to be accepted by the commonwealth government and by everybody else.”

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The Shape of Things to Come with Open Borders By Richard Miller

     With friends like this, who needs enemies? Turkey is threatening Europe with another mighty migration crisis, even though the last one is still continuing:

  •     “We are facing the biggest wave of migration in history. If we open the floodgates, no European government will be able to survive for more than six months. We advise them not to try our patience." — Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu.
  •     "Turkey is fully committed to the objective of EU membership... The finalization of the Visa Liberalization Dialogue process which will allow our citizens to travel to the Schengen area without a visa, is our first priority." — Statement released by the Turkish Foreign Ministry, May 9, 2019.
  •     "This doesn't mean that I have anything against the Turks.... But if we begin to explain it — that Turkey is in Europe — European school students will have to be told that the European border lies in Syria. Where's common sense? ... Can Turkey be regarded a European country culturally, historically, and economically speaking? If we say that, we want the European Union's death." — Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy.
  •     If the EU approves the visa waiver, tens of millions of Turks will gain immediate and unimpeded access to Europe's passport-free zone. Critics of visa liberalization fear that millions of Turkish nationals may end up migrating to Europe. The Austrian newsmagazine, Wochenblick, reported that 11 million Turks are living in poverty and "many of them are dreaming of moving to central Europe."

     Turkey itself is the crisis, and allowing the poor of Turkey to walk into Europe will lead to the quick demise of Europe anyway. What we have now is a death by a thousand cuts, such as knife crimes in Sweden leading to Sweden literally bleeding to death from a shortage of blood:

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We are Not the Only Ones Speaking of “Demographic Death” By Peter Ewer

     Demographic replacement, or demographic death, is not an expression used exclusively by white identitarians, but occurs elsewhere, in other contexts:

“PA premier: Without a two-state solution, Israel will suffer ‘demographic death’. Mohammad Shtayyeh says Palestinians are majority between Jordan River and Mediterranean for 1st time since 1948; slams US envoy’s comments on Palestinian rights; hosts Meretz group. If a two-state solution is not achieved, Israel will suffer “demographic death” and will not be able to exist as a democratic state, Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh said on Tuesday. “Israel stands today before a big challenge — either the two-state solution or a demographic death,” Shtayyeh said in a speech at a meeting of Socialist International, an organization that brings together socialist parties around the world, at the upscale Carmel Hotel in Ramallah. “For the first time since 1948, the demographic balance is in favor of the Palestinians. Between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, there are 6.8 million Palestinians — 3 million in the West Bank, 2 million in Gaza and 1.8 million in 1948 [Israel]. The Israelis are 6.6 million. The Palestinians are 200,000 more than them. “Either the two-state solution or a demographic death; either the two-state solution or no democratic or Jewish state; either the two-state solution or a racist regime in practice and law; either the two-state solution or no peace,” he declared.”

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The Irony of Being Pushed Under a Train By Richard Miller

     Hands up everybody who loves diversity, richness, vibrancy? Sure, we all do. And who likes trains? Less people, probably they take buses, or drive, putting up with the traffic, one of the great things about mass migration and demographic displacement.

“The Eritrean refugee charged with killing a child by pushing him in front of a train was a ‘poster boy’ for successful integration in Switzerland. German interior minister Horst Seehofer had said during a news conference that the suspect, who is accused of fatally pushing an eight-year-old boy in front of a moving train in Frankfurt on Monday, had been considered “an example of successful integration” and was “mentioned in publications” in Switzerland. Zurich prosecutors confirmed to German news magazine Focus that Habte Araya, 40, had been in psychiatric treatment since 2019 and had not worked for a year. Prior to that, he had worked for several years at transport companies in the Swiss capital and two years ago, was portrayed as a model of integration in a publication of the Swiss Workers’.”

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Big Tech; Big Brother By Brian Simpson

     It would be good if we had as much information about what the New World Order is doing to Australia, as there is information from America. But from the US stories we can assume that the same agenda is being laid out:

“The mass surveillance of innocent Americans continues as George Orwell’s 1984 becomes more of a reality with each passing day. “All told, we are barreling toward a future where every ritual of public life carries implicit consent to be surveilled,” writes Sidney Fussell for The Atlantic. A new report from Georgetown Law‘s Center on Privacy & Technology (CPT) suggests that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) may be using the rampant problem of illegal immigration as a type of cover to track and spy on Americans in violation of their Fourth Amendment rights. Three years ago, the center revealed that nearly half of all U.S. adults are already in the FBI’s facial-recognition database, which is largely sourced from DMV photos. ICE has apparently requested special access to Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) databases in at least three states – Utah, Washington State, and Vermont – which the federal agency plans to use in conjunction with facial-recognition technology to scan people’s drivers’ license photos and match them against criminal and residency databases, all without their knowledge or consent. The documents uncovered this week are the first confirmation that states have granted ICE specifically, not just the FBI, access to those databases.

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The System has Openly Declared War on the Right By Charles Taylor

     Here, straight from the horse’s mouth:

“The videos that emerged from an Upper East Side event in October showed a disturbing scene: about a dozen men connected to a far-right group called the Proud Boys surrounding and striking a smaller group of protesters, believed to be self-described anti-fascists. … Jurors, however, are unlikely to hear from any of those who were beaten. The four victims have not cooperated with the authorities, who do not even know their names. They are identified in an indictment only as Shaved Head, Ponytail, Khaki and Spiky Belt. Phillip Walzak, the Police Department’s main spokesman, said that footage from police body cameras showed that victims refused to talk with officers who sought statements after arriving on 82nd Street as the attacks were taking place.”

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Letter to The Editor - That won't alter the resistance by ordinary Australians to a policy of national suicide

To The Age         Anthony Albanese is being unrealistic on Aboriginal affairs ("Albanese in Indigenous 'voice' push", 3/8). The "gap" in living conditions between Aboriginals and the rest of us is unlikely to be closed, because of the lower intellectual capacities of Aboriginals as a group. Facing realities of ethnic differences is scientific; not facing them is superstitious and political opportunism. Asserting that "we are all diminished" if the Constitution is not invaded to satisfy selfish demands from "indigenous" leaders is just hot air, as is the belligerence shown towards the Constitution by an Aboriginal leader at the current Garma festival. As for any manufactured "bipartisanship" among the major political parties, that won't alter the resistance by ordinary Australians to a policy of national suicide. Ken Wyatt should go further than warn of problems if a referendum fails. He should admit that this particular campaign is a dead duck with the punters.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic

The Violence of the Left By James Reed

     Some of us here have some sympathy for the idea that runaway non-democratic technological innovations, imposed from the top down by the super-capitalists are bad, but none of us goes so far as to reject civilisation itself. But mathematics professor Ted Kaczynski did that. This is the Unabomber, a cold-blooded killer who thought that mailing bombs to academic scientists would bring down the system. Instead it killed I think three scientists, devastating their families, and did nothing. This man from the anarchist Left though has inspired a new generation of Leftoids:

“Quietly, often secretly, whether they gather it from the air of this anxious era or directly from the source like Jacobi did, more and more people have been having Kaczynski Moments. Books and webzines with names like Against Civilization, FeralCulture, Unsettling America, and the Ludd-Kaczynski Institute of Technology have been spreading versions of his message across social-media forums from Reddit to Facebook for at least a decade, some attracting more than 100,000 followers. They cluster around a youthful nickname, “anti-civ,” some drawing their ideas directly from Kaczynski, others from movements like deep ecology, anarchy, primitivism, and nihilism, mixing them into new strains. Although they all believe industrial civilization is in a death spiral, most aren’t trying to hurry it along. One exception is Deep Green Resistance, an activist network inspired by a 2011 book of the same name that includes contributions from one of Kaczynski’s frequent correspondents, Derrick Jensen. The group’s openly stated goal, like Kaczynski’s, is the destruction of civilization and a return to preagricultural ways of life. So far, most of the violence has happened outside of the United States. Although the FBI declined to comment on the topic, the 2017 report on domestic terrorism by the Congressional Research Service cited just a handful of minor attacks on “symbols of Western civilization” in the past ten years, a period of relative calm most credit to Operation Backfire, the FBI crackdown on radical environmental efforts in the mid-aughts.

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Sex Mad Elites By Chris Knight

     At some indeterminate point, tragedy becomes comedy, or tragicomedy, as the Epstein sex scandal has become. The following story led to me bursting out in cynically depressed laughter, like an insane, decaying clown,  because the real fools are the population of sheeple, who allow their lambs to be eaten by sexual predators.

“Jailed pedophile Jeffrey Epstein wanted to seed the human race with his DNA by impregnating scores of women at his giant ranch in New Mexico, according to the New York Times. He also wanted his penis and head cryogenically frozen. Epstein shared his scheme with scientists and other confidants over the years, according to four people who were in on the plan - which "reflected his longstanding fascination with what has become known as transhumanism: the science of improving the human population through technologies like genetic engineering and artificial intelligence," according to the report. "On multiple occasions starting in the early 2000s, Mr. Epstein told scientists and businessmen about his ambitions to use his New Mexico ranch as a base where women would be inseminated with his sperm and would give birth to his babies, according to two award-winning scientists and an adviser to large companies and wealthy individuals, all of whom Mr. Epstein told about it," according to the report. Once, at a dinner at Mr. Epstein’s mansion on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, Mr. Lanier said he talked to a scientist who told him that Mr. Epstein’s goal was to have 20 women at a time impregnated at his 33,000-square-foot Zorro Ranch in a tiny town outside Santa Fe. Mr. Lanier said the scientist identified herself as working at NASA, but he did not remember her name.

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