Leftist Balloon Goes Limp By Richard Miller

     President Trump has upset the UK (decay) applecart, with his statement that immigration is essentially destroying Britain.

“Donald J Trump’s explosive UK tabloid interview has “hit the establishment like a bombshell”, Nigel Farage has said, remarking that the U.S. President ‘gets’ the public’s concern over mass migration. Speaking on Breitbart News Daily on SiriusXM on Friday, after a tabloid interview with President Trump sent shockwaves across the globalist media, Farage asserted the President “recognises and understands” why immigration has become “the number one issue across all of European politics”. President Trump’s remarks to The Sun provoked fury from leftist British lawmakers, who branded his distress at seeing millions of third world migrants pour into Europe “racist”, and said the President’s criticism of London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s stance on terror was “Islamophobic”.

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Eastern Europeans Have What it Takes to Survive By Richard Miller

     With all the grim news that pours daily from the West, at least some rays of hope come from Eastern Europe. Here is video footage of the Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs, in an interview with the BBC, calmly explaining that his country has the right to decide who they let in. It is as simple as that. To hell with human rights and the whole mess of politically correct nonsense produced in endless garbage cycles from the EU and UN elites.

     And, speaking of elites,  here is an article which has images of a top FBI agent, the images of which are now viral, which are disturbing to say the least. The agent looks more “possessed’ than characters out of a Hollywood horror movie, and even Donald Trump junior Tweeted: “This guy has to be the creepiest person in America. OMG.” The message is in the eyes. Could we really be ruled by a Satanic reptilian class of extra-terrestrial aliens, as some tin-foil hat sites say? A real live “lizard illuminati”?

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More Cuckism from the Catholic Side of Things By Peter West

     The Catholic Church reads like a branch of the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs, whatever it is called now. First, it was the Pope, now it is the entire structure of the Vatican clamouring for mass immigration to the West, unending.

“Cardinal Anders Arborelius said in an interview Thursday that although many world leaders do not follow his advice, Pope Francis has a “prophetic voice” regarding immigration and many people are in fact listening to him. Speaking with Crux, a U.S.-based online Catholic website, the bishop of Stockholm said that “not many political partners” follow Francis totally, but “people of all creeds and opinions are listening to him, so there is always a possibility for him to help people open up for a more positive outlook on migration.” The pope himself has said that this is indeed his goal, to effect a “change in mindset” regarding immigration. Arborelius, who received the cardinal’s hat from Pope Francis last year, said that despite the rise in populism and nationalism he does not think “that the entire European project is in danger,” but lamented the fact that “every nation is eager to follow its own policy in these matters.” The cardinal said that he regretted Sweden’s tightening of its immigration policy in response to a sharp increase in violent crimes linked to migrants. Like so many countries, he said, Sweden “has changed its attitude and it is much more difficult for refugees to enter the country. I am sorry that Sweden’s policy is not as positive as Pope Francis thought.”

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Mexico’s Wall; the West’s Open Borders By Charles Taylor

     As we all know, Trump’s proposed wall, which he never intends to build, has become the new Vietnam War symbol for a spoilt generation with too much time and money on their hands. Hollywood monsters and freaks,  arise to outdo themselves in poor acting to show fake  outrage, always looking to see how their performance goes down with their degenerate peers. But, who should pay attention to people who make money pretending to be somebody they are not? Isn’t that a paradigm case of mental illness?  For all of this sound and fury, especially from Mexico who consider it their divine right to conquer the United States by illegal immigration, Mexico is building its own wall:

“No shortage of Mexican officials and citizens have also been critical of POTUS Trump’s promises to prosecute all illegal border crossers and to build a “big, beautiful fence” all along the U.S. southwest border. Mexico’s newly-elected president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, or AMLO, was also critical of the border wall. Yet now he’s committed to building a virtual border wall, so to speak, along his country’s southern and northern borders. You can’t make this stuff up. In an interview with Bloomberg, AMLO’s incoming security chief, Alfonso Durazo, said he and his boss will be building a new border police force aimed at interdicting illegal immigrants from Central and South America that have long used Mexico as a land corridor to the United States. The idea is that the new force will act as a ‘wall’ to prevent illegal immigration, as well as drugs, weapons, and human trafficking into and through Mexico. “We’re going to create a border police force that will be highly specialized,” Durazo said in an interview. “They need to apply the law.” Yes, Left-wing America, even Mexico has laws against illegal immigration. Go figure.”

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Cover Up that Computer, Now! By Brian Simpson

     I remember seeing a photograph of Zuckerberg by his laptop, and he had the webcam covered. I thought: yes, they are watching us, indeed right now. Looks like this is correct:

“Hackers are using webcams to turn people into ‘slaves’ by secretly recording them through their computer. A security expert has warned that those who don’t cover their webcams risk being blackmailed by hackers who have taken incriminating footage of them. The researcher said communities of cyber criminals exist where users boast of the unsuspecting people who they watch ‘for fun’ through hacked webcams. The best way to protect yourself is using a sticker to cover your device’s camera, a technique used by Mark Zuckerberg and ex FBI-Director James Comey."

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Trump on the Death of Britain By Bruce Bennett

     President Donald Trump has delivered a solid punch to the insane European cult of globalism and mass immigration and a multitude of other nationally suicidal things. Here is his politically incorrect shopping list:

•    Accused EU leaders of destroying its culture and identity by allowing in millions of migrants
•    Tore into London Mayor Sadiq Khan for not standing up to terrorists
•    Blamed Khan for spiralling crime in the capital
•    Insisted former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson would make “a great Prime Minister”
•    Denied once branding Theresa May a “bossy schoolteacher”
•    Maintained he would keep ties with Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin despite the Salisbury Novichok poisonings
•    Demanded Britain and other Nato countries spend more on defence
•    Spoke of his sadness at feeling unwelcome in the capital by anti-Trump protesters
•    Claimed millions of Brits backed his policies
•    Told of his pride at taking wife Melania to meet the Queen


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If You don’t Like it Leave: Europeans By Richard Miller

     You have all heard those dreadful racist white people telling migrants to like it or go home. Don’t they always get taught a delicious lesson from the system, eh? Well, here is a twist of lemon to that old tale:

“Tunahan Kuzu, the political leader of the DENK party in the Netherlands, has caused some serious controversy, Dutch broadcaster NOS reports. “If they don’t like a changing Netherlands in which people with different cultures live… like in the city of Zaandam or the neighbourhood of Poelenburg, they should get lost,” Kuzu says in an interview. Kuzu’s DENK party is a controversial party that is rapidly growing in Dutch urban areas. It especially performs well in areas with high Muslim populations, for example in western Amsterdam (Amsterdam Nieuw-West).’     Of course if European whites do not behave themselves, then the police are getting special training to deal with recalcitrant trouble makers who want to preserve what they think is a culture and people worth preserving:

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John Cleese leaves Multicult England By Richard Miller

     England, whatever that once was, is set to lose one of its most loved comics, John Cleese, who is moving to the Caribbean in November 2018. 

     Cleese made headlines by lamenting that immigration was changing England for the worse, a claim more recently made by President Trump:

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Europe’s Invasion Continues By Richard Miller

     Over in Germany, the chattering class are getting very excited, while drinking whatever foul drinks they drink, over the dawning reality of complete ethnic replacement of the Nordic Germanic people, that is, racial eliminationism. For example:

     My god, it is in German, whatever that language was. But, there is still a historical record of the language the so-called German people spoke, and the article translated by my magical oracle says:

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America: A Failed State By Charles Taylor

     A view from the sensible Left about the future of America; it does not have one. According to John Ralston Saul, America is a failed state, and the inevitable consequences of this will follow:

“Our “corporate coup d’état in slow motion,” as the writer John Ralston Saul calls it, has opened a Pandora’s box of evils that is transforming America into a failed state. The “unholy trinity of corruption, impunity and violence,” he said, can no longer be checked. The ruling elites abjectly serve corporate power to exploit and impoverish the citizenry. Democratic institutions, including the courts, are mechanisms of corporate repression. Financial fraud and corporate crime are carried out with impunity. The decay is exacerbated by the state’s indiscriminate use of violence abroad and at home, where rogue law enforcement agencies harass and arrest citizens and the undocumented and often kill the unarmed. A depressed and enraged population, trapped by chronic unemployment and underemployment, is overdosing on opioids and beset by rising suicide rates. It engages in acts of nihilistic violence, including mass shootings. Hate groups proliferate. The savagery, mayhem and grotesque distortions familiar to those on the outer reaches of empire increasingly characterize American existence. And presiding over it all is the American version of Ubu Roi, playwright Alfred Jarry’s gluttonous, idiotic, vulgar, narcissistic and infantile king, who turned politics into burlesque.

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How Humanity Ends? By Brian Simpson

     Remember Hen Kissinger? How could we forget him? Well, he’s back, writing for The Atlantic, about the dangers of the AI revolution, and the article is a good one:

“What would be the impact on history of self-learning machines—machines that acquired knowledge by processes particular to themselves, and applied that knowledge to ends for which there may be no category of human understanding? Would these machines learn to communicate with one another? How would choices be made among emerging options? Was it possible that human history might go the way of the Incas, faced with a Spanish culture incomprehensible and even awe-inspiring to them? Were we at the edge of a new phase of human history?” Kissinger goes on to note the expected benefits of AI in numerous fields, such as medicine, but is deeply concerned about possible areas of failure, ranging from rogue AI that seeks to destroy humanity, to AI that makes human explanations somewhat redundant:

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The UN Gun Control Conspiracy By John Steele

     I was marginally hopeful that President Trump would fight for US gun rights against the evil UN one world agenda, but apparently, not so:

“The Third Review Conference (RevCon) of the United Nations’ Program of Action (PoA) on Small Arms and Light Weapons was held in New York last week with a 2018 agreement, which states that its purpose is to serve as “a renewed commitment to prevent, combat and eradicate the illicit trade in small arms and light weapons in all its aspects.” “We, the States participating in the third United Nations Conference to review progress made in the implementation of the Program of Action to prevent, combat and eradicate the illicit trade in small arms and light weapons in all its aspects, convened at United Nations Headquarters in New York from 18 to 29 June 2018 to review progress made in implementation and identify priorities for strengthened implementation, reaffirm our commitment to the full and effective implementation of all of the provisions of the Program of Action and the International Tracing Instrument, with a view to ending the human suffering caused by the illicit trade in small arms and light weapons.”

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Creeping Socialism By Chris Knight

     It is all happening in the United States, with the deranged Left openly advocating socialism and crazy measures such as empting the jails:

“If a self-declared socialist represents the party’s future, Democrats may find themselves becoming more and more irrelevant. Is that what all Democrats really aspire to? Do 31% of citizens from the land of the free and the home of the brave really hope to live in a socialist nation?
Let’s take a look at Ocasio-Cortez’s platform:
•    Medicare For All
•    Housing As A Basic Right
•    A Peace Economy
•    Federal Jobs Guarantee
•    Gun Control/Assault Weapons Ban
•    Criminal Justice Reform, End Private Prisons
•    Immigration Justice/Abolish ICE
•    Solidarity with Puerto Rico
•    Mobilizing Against Climate Change
•    Clean Campaign Finance
•    Higher Education, Free Trade Publish Post Once published, the post will appear on the blog listing School For All
•    Women’s Rights
•    Support LGBTQIA+ (What does the “+” represent? Are there some genders we’ve left out?)
•    Support Seniors
•    Curb Wall Street Gambling: Restore Glass Steagall.

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How Mad is Sweden? By Richard Miller

     If Sweden was a cow, a vet would have to put it down, because it would be cruel to let a dying animal suffer in pain.

“Bernt Herlitz is being severely punished for trying to reveal the age of fake children. Now he has to pay 425 thousand kronor [$48,500] within 30 days to his former employer Region Gotland – money he does not have. The language of the judgment is harsh and at times activist against Herlitz. Previously, Samhällsnytt revealed that several of the people whom he suggested to the Migration Board were discovered to be adults as a result of medical age tests. Despite this and despite some of them being convicted of gross violent crime, they will stay in Sweden, thanks to the amnesty of the government and the Center Party. Samhällsnytt has previously noted the case of the dental hygienist Bernt Herlitz from Gotland in several articles. Herlitz has responded that several asylum seekers who were registered as unaccompanied children showed a dental development that is more typical for people over 25 years old.

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The Right to Silence By Ian Wilson LL.B

     Here is a splendid lecture, based on the American 5th Amendment, about why one should not talk to the police, if one is a suspect. If one is not, say a witness, or a victim of a crime, then the matter is entirely different of course.  Although based on the American jurisdiction, Australia has the right to silence, so the same arguments made by the learned professor, also apply to us:

     Professor James Duane, Regent University Professor of Law, is brilliant and extremely persuasive. Simply view this, then store it away in your memory, and hopefully you will never need the information.

Now Feminism Bites the Corporate bum By Mrs Vera West

     I have been waiting for feminism to implode since the 1970s. I thought at the time, once feminist demands conflict with corporate capitalism, boy, I mean, girl, then we will see action. Now it is starting to happen, first with the Me Too movement, and then this:

“New Zealand’s government is prepared to force private businesses to appoint more women directors if companies don’t make sufficient progress themselves, Minister for Women Julie Anne Genter says. The government said last week that it will ensure half of all directors on state sector boards and committees are women by 2021, compared with 46 per cent at the end of 2017. By comparison, women held just 19 per cent of directorships across the 159 companies listed on the main board of the New Zealand stock exchange, according to a report in January. “We’re awaiting the next report, and I’m keen to see where they get to,” Genter told Television New Zealand’s Q+A program Sunday. “If they’re not going to make progress, if it’s going to sit there at 19 per cent, then we might have to start thinking about ways government can incentivise them. Under Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, the world’s youngest female leader, the government is forging ahead with plans to change the way women are treated in society and allow them to achieve their full potential, including an ambitious goal to eliminate the gender pay gap.”

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Time for University Grads to Get a Taste of Immigration and Globalist Displacement By James Reed

     University students tend to be liberals or to the Left and certainly as a group support mass immigration and globalisation. It is therefore fitting that they get a taste of the real world of immigration and globalisation. This report is from the US, but is still relevant to the Australian situation:

“College-graduate salaries are barely keeping pace with inflation, but the editor of an influential progressive website says the government should import “drastically” more foreign college-graduates for white-collar jobs in the United States. “We should drastically increase the number of such [visa-] workers who can come — if not eliminate the cap entirely,” said Matt Yglesias, editor of Vox.com Yglesias’ call for a much bigger — or even unlimited — supply of foreign college graduates comes as Americans’ salaries are just creeping ahead of inflation, according to the Conference Board, a nonprofit consulting firm. Annual growth in white-collar salaries is even lagging behind growth in blue-collar wages, according to board’s June 2018 estimate.”

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I Just Knew it; North Korea Back on the War Path By James Reed

The Trumpsters trumpeted too soon, as North Korea is as mean as ever, according to a rant by KCNA, the North Korean news agency:

“It was, however, so regretful to mention what the U.S. side had shown in its attitude and stand at the first DPRK-U.S. high-level talks held on 6 and 7 July. The DPRK [North Korea] side, during the talks, put forward the constructive proposals to seek a balanced implementation of all the provisions of the Joint Statement out of its firm willingness to remain faithful to the implementation of the spirit and agreed points of the DPRK-U.S. summit meeting and talks.

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Cultural Diversity to the Nth Degree: Female Genital Mutilation By Mrs Vera West

     When I grew up, I never heard about female genital mutilation. Boys were generally circumcised, but the custom was on the way out. Not so today, for female genital mutilation:

“Around 4,500 new cases of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) were recorded in England over the last year, more than one every two hours, official data shows. Between April 2017 and March 2018, around 6,200 women and girls who visited a doctor, midwife, or other public health services in England had been exposed to the form of abuse at some point, the National Health Service (NHS) said on Thursday. Some cases had already been recorded, but 4,495 were being logged for the first time since the government made it compulsory for medical practitioners to report cases of FGM in 2015.”

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Anarcho-Tyranny in Action By Charles Taylor

     The progressives in America, and Australia too for that matter, claim be, well, progressive, cool and with it,  being morally superior. But, are they really?

“It’s come to this in today’s Democratic Party: Supporters who knowingly back the protection of child sex traffickers as long as they are in our country illegally and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency is involved in any way. Earlier this week in Oakland — where Mayor Libby Schaff tipped off illegal alien criminals earlier this year to an impending raid by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents — ICE and the local police department were executing a raid on suspected child sex traffickers when a crowd of angry white liberals assembled to protest — before they had a single solitary clue what was even going on. A local news report noted:
“We love our neighbors.” They also wrote with chalk on the ground saying, “OPD is a disgrace.” They were thinking this was an immigration investigation because Homeland Security was out here but we just word from Oakland police that this was, in fact, a federal criminal search warrant executed in connection with human sex trafficking of juveniles right here in the 700 block of 27th street.”

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