More on the Demon Thesis By Chris Knight

     Many of the amateur journalists at this site have used the metaphor of Satanic demons from the darkest pits of hell, to depict the evil elites who rule us. Unfortunately, we all recently received a fiery email, literally saying this comparison defamed the demons from hell, and that we should exercise due restrain in our metaphors in the future! It seems that just like mathematical sets, there can be levels of infinity, this time levels of infinite evil:

“Despite the seemingly shocking idea presented by the title of this article, the idea that some individuals are no longer “persons” is an idea championed by the Democrats themselves. The entire slave plantation era in America was, of course, spearheaded by Democrats who demanded “ownership” of slaves, a form of de-personing. It was Democrats who ran the KKK, pushed gun control to keep blacks disarmed, demanded school segregation and opposed the 1964 Civil Rights Act. It was Abraham Lincoln, a Republican, who freed the slaves and ended the de-personhood that Democrats had insisted on enforcing as part of their twisted desire to exploit human beings for their own power and profit. Even today, it is Democrats alone who have celebrated new laws legalizing the killing of human babies after they’re born by claiming they are not persons. These new laws — passed in New York and elsewhere — legalize infanticide by pretending human babies are not human at all. What turns a baby into a human being? According to Democrats, babies aren’t real people until the mother decides she wants to keep the baby. In other words, according to prominent Democrats, human being can be de-personed, mutilated while alive, and murdered by licensed medical professionals… and they’re isn’t a single prominent Democrat who opposes this practice. Not one. Part of being a human being is recognizing the humanity in others. What makes us human?

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The Communist Universities By James Reed

     These comments are about American universities becoming more communist, but what would the good professor, or ex-professor, think of Australian universities which largely exist on Chinese student money?

“A Romania-born academic says he recently left his tenured position at Columbia University because the Ivy League school is “on its way toward full blown communism,” according to a Romanian TV interview translated by a Romanian-American immigrant. Prof. Andrei Serban, an award-winning director, complained about the increasing social justice demands he faced in the theater department in the interview, which aired on Romania’s TVR1 Oct. 26. One prominent example he gave: pressure to admit a transgender applicant who auditioned as Juliet from “Romeo and Juliet.” Andy Ionescu, a native Romianian speaker who immigrated to the United States in 1999, told The College Fix in a Twitter message that he translated the interview. He said it was likely the first time that Serban made his resignation publicly known. Columbia still lists Serban as an active professor. Media relations did not respond to an email from The Fix, and Serban’s department did not return a voicemail. Serban did not respond to an email. The TV host expresses incredulity at multiple points in the interview, seemingly shocked that the American higher education system is headed toward communism. Serban fled from the ideology, which ruled Romania for much of the 20th century. Serban says in the interview that after a faculty member retired, the remaining professors in the department were called in to a meeting to discuss a replacement.

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Now Sex has been Made Illegal! By Mrs Vera West

     Read between the lines, and study the implication of this proposal, and that is what you have:

“Lying to a partner to convince them to have sex could soon be illegal under proposed laws. The New South Wales Law Reform Commission recommended that if a physical relationship eventuated after a person was dishonest about themselves, sexual assault charges should apply. The proposal contains a clause in regards to liars and people who 'fraudulently induce' others into sexual activity. 'We propose that the law should provide that a person who is fraudulently induced to participate in sexual activity does not, in law, consent to sexual activity,' the Commission said in its review of consent laws. Sydney University criminologist Andrew Dyer told 10 Daily the proposed changes were profound. 'Telling someone you love them when you don't, pretending to be rich and well connected when you are not, claiming educational achievements that you don't possess, denying a complex sexual history - say, with same sex partners - could all conceivably count as fraudulently obtaining sexual consent,' he said. The reforms would cover conversations on dating apps such as Tinder as well as real-life encounters. They would apply to people of all genders and would forcing people to be careful about what they say about themselves to prospective lovers. 'If the boast that you have made induces somebody to participate in sexual activity with you, then you are liable to spend a long time in jail,' Mr Dyer said. The proposal comes as research shows people tend to lie when they are trying to impress prospective partners. NSW Attorney-General Mark Speakman has requested for anyone with views on the proposal to lodge a submission to the Commission by Monday November 18.”

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If Elizabeth Warren, False “Native” American Indian Wins By Charles Taylor

     Australians may not know much Elizabeth Warren, but if Trump is removed in a coup, she could well stumble into the role of president. This will impact greatly upon Australia, as the US gets a hardcore socialist president, backed by an insane political system and new class intellectuals and general bs “artists,” like the film and music world:

“Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan Chase says Warren "vilifies successful people." Microsoft founder Bill Gates says her proposals would imperil "innovation" and "capital formation." Writing in The New York Times, Obama adviser Steven Rattner describes a Warren presidency as "a terrifying prospect." Warren would "extend the reach and weight of the federal government far further into the economy than anything even Franklin Roosevelt dreamed of (and) ... turn America's uniquely successful public-private relationship into a dirigiste European-style system." "If you want to live in France"—where half the GDP is controlled by the regime—says Rattner, "Warren should be your candidate." What finally shocked anti-Warren liberals into action was her recent revelation of how she intends to pay for her "Medicare for all" plan. Warren's plan would require at least $23 trillion more in federal spending over a decade. Other experts say the added costs could run to $32 trillion, raising the U.S. government's share of the GDP by one-half and abolishing the private health insurance plans of 156 million Americans. "Many of America's global champions, like banks and tech giants, would be dismembered," writes Rattner, "Shale fracking would be banned, which would send oil and natural gas prices soaring and cost millions of Americans their jobs."

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Do White Lives Matter Too? Of Course Not! By Chris Knight

     Didn’t the Australian parliament vote against the slogan “it is ok to be white,” meaning that it is not ok to be white, or were they totally neutral on the question, if that is possible?

     In the US, as well, any expression of white ethno-identity is racist. What does that tell you about so-called equality? Some are more equal than others.

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Can We give China Even More? Our Blood? Organs? Just Ask By James Reed

     What a disgrace Australia is, don’t you think? Consider this over a glass of murky water, if you still have one:

“Australia's water market should be more closely monitored after it emerged China is the largest foreign stakeholder, experts say. The Federal Government in March revealed that 10.4 per cent of Australian water rights are owned by foreign individuals or companies. Chinese investors own 732 gigalitres or 1.89 per cent of the water on the market - an amount more than Sydney Harbour which holds 500 gigalitres. In close second, Americans own 720 gigalitres (1.86 per cent) while British buyers own 414 gigalitres or 1.1 per cent. A string of investors from countries including Canada, France and Singapore own 0.5 per cent or less. The figures were revealed in a new ATO register of foreign ownership which was set up to monitor who owns Australia's most precious natural resource. But as China flexes its muscles on the global stage and seeks strategic influence across the world, experts say we must keep a close watch. A total of 10.4 per cent of our water being owned by foreigners is a significant amount,' Professor Quentin Grafton of the Australian National University told Daily Mail Australia. 'As such, it is important that Australians know who is using our water - it's a public resource and it's critically important to the country.

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Believing in “Epstain” Murder Becoming More Mainstream By Charles Taylor

     Yes, now the mainstream is starting to profess belief that Epstein, the paedophile with an island, paedo island, where the power elite used to go to rape minors, was murdered, for the reason of covering this all up:

“ABC News anchor Amy Robach believes convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was killed in his New York City prison cell while awaiting child sex crime charges, a leaked video published by Project Veritas on Tuesday reveals.
“So do I think he was killed? A hundred percent, yes I do,” Robach says of Epstein. “He made his whole living blackmailing people.” “There were a lot of men in those planes, a lot of men who visited that island, a lot of powerful men who came into that apartment,” the anchor continues. “And they made it seem as though he made that ‘suicide attempt’ two weeks earlier. But his lawyers claim that he was roughed up by his cellmate around the neck, that was all like to plant the seed,” she says. “That’s why I really believe it. Like really believe it.” Federal authorities arrested Epstein on child sex crime charges in July and was jailed at the Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC) until his August 10 death. The disgraced financier was found hanging in his prison cell days after he was removed from the prison’s suicide watch. However, former New York City medical examiner Dr. Michael Baden made headlines last week for contending Epstein’s autopsy shows more evidence of strangulation than suicide. “There are multiple — three fractures in the hyoid bone, in the thyroid cartilage that are very unusual for suicide and more indicative of strangulation, homicidal strangulation,” he argued. “There’s evidence here of homicide that should be investigated, to see if it is or isn’t homicide.” Project Veritas’s Tuesday video also shows Robach alleging that ABC News killed a bombshell report regarding Epstein, which also implicated former President Bill Clinton and Britain’s Prince Andrew. Robach says of the purported report: “I’ve had the story for three years. I’ve had this interview with Virginia Roberts—we would not put it on the air. First of all, I was told, ‘Who’s Jeffrey Epstein? No one knows who that is, this is a stupid story.’ Then, the palace found out that we had her whole allegations about Prince Andrew and threatened us a million different ways. We were so afraid we wouldn’t be able to interview Kate and Will, that we, that also quashed the story.” “It was unbelievable what we had. Clinton, we had everything,” she adds.

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Germany Expires By Richard Miller

     More grim statistics of the Great Replacement:

“In large cities, up to 70% of inhabitants will have a migrant background in two decades, experts say. Germany will need to attract a "range of nationalities" to keep the "economy stable." By 2040, about 35% of Germany's population will have a migrant background or be a migrant themselves, according to a German migration expert. Herbert Brücker, who heads the migration research department at the Federal Institute for Employment Research (IAB), told the Welt daily on Monday that Germany "will become more diverse." "Currently, about a quarter of the people in German have a migrant background," Brücker said. "In 20 years, it will be at least 35%, but could also be more than 40%." He noted that in cities, that figure is likely to be higher. "What we see in the big cities today will be normal for the country as a whole in the future," Brücker said. "In a city like Frankfurt, we'll have between 65% to 70%." The German economist said that an increasingly diverse population will be crucial to the security of Germany's economy in the future. IAB figures suggest that Germany requires about 400,000 migrants per year until 2060 to avoid the economy shrinking. However, the challenge for Germany is to continue to draw highly-skilled migrants to the country. Brücker said Germany would need to open itself up to other countries as the labor pool from southern and eastern European countries is exhausted. A study published last month suggested that children with a migrant background who obtain a German passport early in life tend to have increased access to opportunity for higher education.”

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The Magic of the AR 15 Rifle By Charles Taylor (Florida)

     Here are some recent home invasion scenarios which cry out for firearms use, and in fact, in the second American example, a dreaded “black rifle” was used by a pregnant woman for home defence, saving her family from death:

“German far-left Antifa extremists broke into the apartment of a real estate company employee and viciously beat her in an ongoing war against a luxury apartment development in Leipzig. The attack saw two far-left extremists invade the apartment of the 34-year-old real estate worker at around 7 p.m. on Sunday and hit her in the face with their fists several times, according to police spokesman Andreas Loepki, German tabloid Bild reports. After the attack, Loepki said that the Antifa extremists told the woman: “Goodbye, ‘Greetings from Connewitz.'”

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Ads for Slaves on Big Tech (Who Ban Dissent Right) By Paul Walker

     Let’s quote this from a mainstream site, the BBC, which we know is juicy and perennially tasty, never giving us false news, but always news delivered in a crisp posh English upper-crust accent, even in print:

“Drive around the streets of Kuwait and you won't see these women. They are behind closed doors, deprived of their basic rights, unable to leave and at risk of being sold to the highest bidder. But pick up a smartphone and you can scroll through thousands of their pictures, categorised by race, and available to buy for a few thousand dollars. An undercover investigation by BBC News Arabic has found that domestic workers are being illegally bought and sold online in a booming black market. Some of the trade has been carried out on Facebook-owned Instagram, where posts have been promoted via algorithm-boosted hashtags, and sales negotiated via private messages. Other listings have been promoted in apps approved and provided by Google Play and Apple's App Store, as well as the e-commerce platforms' own websites. "What they are doing is promoting an online slave market," said Urmila Bhoola, the UN special rapporteur on contemporary forms of slavery. "If Google, Apple, Facebook or any other companies are hosting apps like these, they have to be held accountable." After being alerted to the issue, Facebook said it had banned one of the hashtags involved. Google and Apple said they were working with app developers to prevent illegal activity. The illegal sales are a clear breach of the US tech firms' rules for app developers and users. However, the BBC has found there are many related listings still active on Instagram, and other apps available via Apple and Google.

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Give Me …More, More, More … Academic Fraud By James Reed

     Today’s theme song, sound track from the TV show Vikings, by fever Ray, If I Had a Heart, because this pagan stuff reminds me of the modern university:

     Academia is full of fraud, with many academics producing shonky papers by manipulating statistics to increase the number of published papers. Then there is the totally cooked up stuff like this:

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“Ladies and Gentlemen” Now Politically Incorrect Terminiology! By Mrs Vera West

     It has happened, and the cosmopolitan elite are only just warming up; don’t dare say “ladies and gentlemen” now:

“U.K. theaters will soon be safe spaces from phrases such as 'ladies and gentlemen' and a variety of appearance-based compliments under new guidelines published by the Equity actor's union, according to reports. Policies are being implemented to foster a more welcoming environment for LGBT performers or audience members who may not identify as male or female. Venues are being urged to introduce "gender neutral terminology for collective calls, both front of house and backstage," according to the Sunday Times. "Last night the National Theatre, which supported Equity in producing the guide, said that it was still using 'ladies and gentlemen' in some of its announcements but would make it a priority to phase the words out." Additionally, the guide advises actors should not receive "backhanded compliments" or be called "brave." Compliments based on "appearance, clothing, voice, quality, identity or the performer being brave" should also be avoided. The Royal Shakespeare Company has announced it will "strive to create environments which welcome and support trans people and people who identify their gender as fluid," the Daily Mail reports. London's Old Vic theater recently abandoned men's and women's toilets in favor of gender neutral offerings. "Coming to the theatre is a shared and communal experience in one single auditorium and we want to please our audience and give them a great evening," said Nica Burns, co-owner of Nimax Theaters in London. "We wouldn't want anyone to feel offended or annoyed."

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Sawing Through “The Wall” By Charles Taylor

     It is sad, really. Trump made a big song and dance about the, what, maybe three feet of wall so far built, but all it takes is just a cheap saw to cut through it:

“He's building a wall - and they're cutting holes right through it. Migrants and smugglers have succeeded in cutting through US President Donald Trump's "virtually inpenetrable" border wall using cordless saws that cost as little as $US100 ($A145) apiece at hardware stores, border agents and officials told The Washington Post. Trump administration officials admitted being aware of "a few instances" in which human smugglers managed to breach rebuilt sections of the $US10-billion wall that Trump once promised Mexico would pay for, the paper reported. The widely available saws can cut through the wall's steel bollards within a matter of minutes. The nine metre panels can then be easily pushed forward, allowing people to pass through. Most of the reported border crossings involving cuts through the wall have occurred in the busy area near San Diego [in southern California], the paper said. Past and present border officials insisted the newly reinforced sections of wall are still harder to cut through than they were before. They attributed the new breaches to the constant innovation of smuggling gangs, which amount to a multibillion-dollar industry of sneaking undocumented immigrants into the US. "They're not just going to leave San Diego because the wall gets better," Ronald Vitiello, a former US Border Patrol and US Immigration and Customs Enforcement chief, told the Post. "That's life on the border." Trump touts the wall as almost impossible to get through and has brought reporters along to show off what he calls the "Rolls Royce" of walls.”

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Mass Surveillance This Way Comes! By Brian Simpson

     This article, referenced below, is behind a paywall, as they increasingly are, but I popped down to the local library and read the hard copy: Bo Seo, “Mass Surveillance Just an Act Away.” Australian Financial Review, October 31, 2019, p. 15. The issue is the government’s quest to get enhanced powers to use facial recognition technology. This was done for various sensible activities such as road safety, but behind this was the dark side, the lack of a need for warrants, ministerial discretion and automated decision-making, all of which got canned recently by a bipartisan parliamentary committee. The bills will resurface. They will, if passed, enable the Department of Home Affairs to maintain a centralised data bank of facial images from government sources and identity markers and information. This data can then be used by government departments to commit evil acts … no kidding … it will be used for a wide range of surveillance purposes. But, hey, the elites say, if you have not broken the law, what is there to be afraid of? That is fine if one is willing to throw away the common law protections that developed over the centuries, which the modern Western technocratic state, soon to be totalitarian, is only too willing to do.

     Freedom fighters, keep your eyes on this one, it will bob up again.

Civil War II Unfolds By Charles Taylor (Florida)

     Mike Adams has published a recent no-holds barred, full contact description of how Civil War II in America will unfold if President Trump is impeached. My only comment is that even if Trump is not impeached, the level of division is now much greater than in the period leading up to Civil War I, so a social collapse is coming either way. Australians need to be aware of this, because the coming chaos in America will leave your society totally vulnerable to China. Are you ready for what is coming your way?

     First, Adams makes a disclaimer: “This author does not condone any of the actions outlined below. This is analysis, not a call for action. Many of the events described below involve mass executions and other horrific crimes. We hope to see none of this come to pass.” Yes, agree, fair enough. Adams says:

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Appearance and Reality By Chris Knight

     I have not seen John Carpenter’s movie, They Live (1989), about a man who has suddenly has a pair of sunglasses that reveal what reality is like, underneath the deception that is presented to us.

     Here is an excellent discussion:

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Can Only “Women” have Babies? By Mrs Vera West

     The answer in the modern regime is “no, the concept of a woman is a social construction.” All is relativism, except white racism, the only absolute. Say otherwise and face the consequences:

“A birth coach has been ‘ostracised’ by her professional organisation after transgender activists branded as offensive a Facebook post in which she said that only women can have babies. Lynsey McCarthy-Calvert, 45, was forced to stand down as spokesperson for Doula UK and has since resigned altogether from the national organisation for birth coaches. Her exit comes after transgender rights activists triggered an investigation in which Doula UK concluded her message breached its equality and diversity guidelines. They did not expel the mother- of-four, who has been a doula – who provide continuous support during pregnancy – for six years, but threatened to suspend her unless she deleted the post. Mrs McCarthy-Calvert did so, but resigned believing Doula UK had ‘acquiesced’ to demands from a small number of activists and failed to stand up for women’s rights. ‘I am angry and sad,’ she said last night. ‘I was effectively ostracised for saying I am a woman and so are my clients.

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Kukris Against Tigers By John Steele

"The fundamental appeal of the sword to its owner lies in its serving as an embodiment of his phallic energy, symbolizing his aggressive power as a warrior. Through his sword this power extends even to the dispensation of life and death."
--‐ Philip S. Rawson,

     The kukri knife/sword is the national weapon and tool of Nepal, and symbol of the Gurkhas, who have served Britain in numerous conflicts. The knife has a blade from 12 inches to as long as 24 inches, thick, maybe 6 mm, of spring steel. The longer versions can be used to decapitate water buffalos, lopping off the head with one stroke. The blade is carved, roughly shaped like a boomerang, but with the cutting edge on the recurve side only. This blade geometry enables the kukri to cut above its weight, out-cutting even many swords.

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Letter to The Editor - The Brexit Party (more so than the Conservatives) is the freedom party

To The Age        Waleed Aly pulls a long bow ("New walls, old prejudices", 8/11) in associating support for Brexit with "believing in the eternal supremacy of the British Empire". Everyone knows that the days of imperial grandeur are long gone, except in profitable period films like "Vanity Fair". What is at issue is the future of a British way of life distinguished by the degree of personal freedom given to subjects of the realm and the legal tradition underpinning that. The Brexit Party (more so than the Conservatives) is the freedom party; and walls, essentially, are beneficial to culture and civilisation, as well as to liberty.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave

Letter to The Editor - If the British people really want Brexit, they must take the bull by the horns

To The Australian          No, you are wrong in your editorial ("Big dangers in Farage's antics", 6/11). It is not Nigel Farage that threatens to derail Brexit but Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party. Farage stands unequivocally for a clear and clean break with the EU. Johnson's refusal to enter an alliance with the Brexit Party (obviously necessary to give the best possible chance of defeating the Remain camp) is merely the latest betrayal of the British people by the Tories. In the past, under Ted Heath, the Conservatives misled voters about what entry into the 'European Common Market' would mean. David Cameron, an Establishment man, called the 2016 referendum confident, as he has admitted, that Remain would win. Theresa May produced a proposed "deal" with the EU that amounted to surrender (a pseudo-Brexit). Boris Johnson has largely taken that over. If the British people really want Brexit, they must take the bull by the horns and vote Farage and his party into power.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic