Anne Coulter’s Tweet Twittered by Twitty Twitter By Bruce Bennett

     US journalist firebrand Ann Coulter, someone we don’t have the equivalent to here in Australia, has been given a swift smack on the knuckles by Twitter for this alleged case of “hate speech”:
Ann Coulter posted a link to a recent article on her titled “To Say, ‘Stop Raping Me!’ In English, Press ‘1’ Now” on Twitter earlier this week. She added the comment, “Liberals are all for rape, provided that the penis forcibly inserted in you is attached to an illegal immigrant.” From:

     Twitter said that the comments violated its “hateful conduct policy,” which defined “hateful conduct” as:
•    violent threats;
•    wishes for the physical harm, death, or disease of individuals or groups;
•    references to mass murder, violent events, or specific means of violence in which/with which such groups have been the primary targets or victims;
•    behavior that incites fear about a protected group;
•    repeated and/or non-consensual slurs, epithets, racist and sexist tropes, or other content that degrades someone.

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Look, Up in the Sky…It’s Space Junk! By Brian Simpson

    It is no conspiracy, there really is a lot of space junk floating above the Earth, in orbit:;

    There are over 750,000 hunks of dangerous material orbiting the Earth, coming from 5,250 space launches since 1957. These objects are larger than one cm and there are an estimated 166 million pieces of junk larger than one mm, all of this material traveling faster than a bullet. It is somewhat surprising that more damage has not occurred to modern satellites given that they are essentially in a shooting gallery.

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Adieu La France: L’échec de Le Pen By Peter West

    Predictably enough, Le Pen was crushed by her globalist former Rothschild banker opponent, like a truck going over a biro. I know that there is a large case to be made of dirty tactics, cheating and all the rest, but at some point the good guys need to face up to internal weaknesses that have led to a culture of defeats. Given the weak nature of modern Whites, it is necessary to constantly whistle in the dark, to keep the nerve of the weak up. But, alone here in private, we can talk frankly.

    The fact remains that the majority of the population, at least in France, are not “on side.” They consent to continual immigration and terrorist attacks. That is exactly how the ruling globalist elites will interpret Le Pen’s defeat. France will be slammed by globalism as never before, and no doubt has now reached a tipping point where no (sic) dumocratic solution to its problems is possible. Given the cucked nature of the population, France will disintegrate into chaos, ultimately with a sharia law government gaining control of its nuclear weapons. Prediction: that will happen by 2030 at the latest.

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The Universal Lesson of East Timor By John Pilger

Filming undercover in East Timor in 1993 I followed a landscape of crosses: great black crosses etched against the sky, crosses on peaks, crosses marching down the hillsides, crosses beside the road. They littered the earth and crowded the eye.  
The inscriptions on the crosses revealed the extinction of whole families, wiped out in the space of a year, a month, a day.  Village after village stood as memorials.

Kraras is one such village. Known as the "village of the widows", the population of 287 people was murdered by Indonesian troops.

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You Say You Want A Revolution By James Reed

    So sang John Lennon with the Beatles in 1968. Now it seems, Generation Y and Z may be looking in precisely that direction for social change:

    A survey of around 580,000 young Europeans, from 13 countries, as part of an EU-sponsored survey, titled, Generation What?, asked the question: would you actively participate in a large-scale uprising against the generation in power if it happened in the next days or months. Over half of the 18 to 34 year olds said that they would. For example,  67 percent of young people in Greece, and 65 percent in Italy were prepared to join a large-scale uprising, but only 37 percent of Germans. However, 61 percent of the French were willing to revolt, a figure which coheres with the large-scale disillusionment of French voters with the political process and elections: There is a small chance that the 14 million people who are boycotting the elections could lead to Le Pen becoming president, which would be a sweet irony. But, it won’t happen, because the NWO elites will not permit it, even for a token resistance, as given by Trump.

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Mr Li on the Supposed Backwardness of Nordic By Brian Simpson

    Mr Li, who is from China, has been conducting a critique of our work he arguing in defence of the superiority of East Asians. In a recent email he is angered at the idea proposed that Northern Europeans have high intelligence and creativity, and he cites Jared Diamond’s popular book Guns, Germs, and Steel (1997), p. 22 in refutation. This is a popular book, with few scholarly references, and in the concluding paragraph of this essay, critics are referenced.

    Essentially the point is that according to Diamond the people of northern Europe contributed nothing to civilisation until the last one thousand years. The cold regions were a backwater. As Mr Li notes that claim does not withstand scrutiny, and is based on dated Middle eastern biased archaeological evidence. I have been reporting for years about all matter of Northern European technologies and scientific ideas at this site, which Li is free to search. There are numerous discoveries, including astronomical innovations which the Northern Europeans produced, some dating from the Upper Paleolithic, and thus older than anything found in Asia and the Middle East:;;;

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Philosophy Against Political Correctness By Chris Knight

    There are very few academic philosophers who have opposed political correctness and the agendas of the Left. Philosophy, unlike sociology is not an over-the-top Left wing discipline, but it is not one to support Traditionalist values, at least in the Anglo-sphere. France is a little different.

    Bertrand Russell (1872-1970), who was at one time a socialist, and always a liberal, was at least freethinking enough to write the little essay “The Superior Virtue of the Oppressed,” in Unpopular Essays, (Unwin, 1950), pp. 69-75, which mildly attacked one of the early doctrines of the pc cult, namely that minorities are in some way morally superior. Not so, Russell showed easily enough, since there is zero evidence for this thesis. He concluded:  “sooner or later the oppressed class will argue that its superior virtue is a reason in favour of its having power, and the oppressors will find their own weapons turned against them.” (p. 74)

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Enjoying the Decline By Uncle Len, in Permanent Decline

    My title is from a book which I have not read, but I saw somewhere, but I forgot where, by some author, whose name I can’t remember. Brain fogs seem to be my lot for much of my waking hours. Anyway, I digress from what I was writing about. What was that? I can’t remember. Well not exactly can’t remember, more like, I never said what it was that I was going to say in the first place. Hell, Greenacres made a comedy series about this kind of brain flatulence, with its delightful character Hank Kimball (played by Alvy Moore, 1921-1997) where  the Encyclopedia of Television states that Kimball “personifies a kind of infinite regress, where every empirical statement branches into multiple statements that in turn preclude it, spiraling each new observation back and away from itself like an inductive Ecsherism.” He qualified himself to death, the ultimate fate of government agencies:

    That brings me to dropping out, something I would have done if I had gone to university in the 1960s, dropped out and never returned. In fact, it is a mighty good thing to do today, saving oneself great debt while being unemployed. But many folk are now downscaling selling their homes and hitting the road in mobile homes:;;
    I definitely welcome the movement to downscaling. With jobs set to disappear, and the evil financial system in place still, people will need to adopt these alternative life styles. I hope someday to put together a book about this, Uncle Len’s Tips for the Simple Life, if my busy schedule permits, and I remember.
Remember, what?

Voltaire Would Not Have Been Amused By Paul Walker

    Voltaire François-Marie Arouet (21 November 1694 – 30 May 1778), was a leading French Enlightenment thinker, who was infamous in his day for his attacks upon the Catholic church, and for advocating free thought and free speech. If a law such as section 18 C had existed in his day, he would have been prosecuted. There is considerable debate about this, but Voltaire by today’s standards, and by the standards of section 18 C would be regarded as an anti-Semite:; D. Prager and J. Telushkin, Why the Jews? The Reason for Antisemitism, (Simona nd Schuster, 1983), pp. 128-129; L. Poliakov, The History of Anti-Semitism from Voltaire to Wagner, (Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1975), pp. 88-89. These authors quote quite shocking passages from Voltaire that would be in violation of section 18 C, even if  this section was reasonably constructed.

    Hence, Voltaire is a controversial figure, to say the least, but I agree that he was a keen free speech advocate. However, he was a destroyer of almost everything and he would be attacking the Australian establishment relentlessly – from a prison cell – if he was alive in Australia today.

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The War of Open Borders By James Reed

    Back in the days when people seriously regarded Trump as an opponent of globalism and open borders, rather than being just another neo-conman stooge,  Salon writer Anis Shivani wrote a piece, “Everyone’s Wrong on Immigration: Open Borders are the Only Way to Defeat Trump and Build a Better World.” : He quotes studies showing that world economic output would double if people could freely move wherever they wanted, which means, to the West from the Third World in their billions. Nations are not like homes he says, but are abstractions, only as good as the freedom within it.

    This sort of argument is advanced purely for the West to take migrants. India, China and Japan are exempt from taking in the tens of millions of poor Africans, or the billions of them in the future. To suppose that this would increase economic output is just economic theology, because it is more likely to lead to the collapse of the West rather than any economic revival. Let India and China take in proportionately more migrants than the West, and then maybe we should think about it.

Charles Ferguson’s 'The Great News' (1915)

This article stemmed from reading a paper written by an Indian chap on a proposal for a National Dividend for India.  An excellent paper, it has just one small historical error:  from his readings, the chap believed that A.R. Orage coined the term ‘social credit’ which was published in an edition of 'The New Age'. Historically, this was not so, and historical accuracy is important, so this error will be corrected.

But it did send me back to Charles Ferguson’s 'The Great News' (1915).

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More Establishment Scientists Calling Out Trump over False Flag Syrian Gas Attack by Peter Ewer

The Syrian gas attack has fast become another 9/11, with increasingly more establishment figures calling out Trump over the attack, which they believe is a false flag.
The latest scientist to criticise the gas attacks is Theodore Postol, a professor emeritus at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT): He has issued three reports attempting to refute the White House’s claim that Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad perpetrated the attack on 4 April.

He concluded that the US government’s report does not provide any “concrete” evidence that Assad was responsible, adding it was more likely that the attack was perpetrated by players on the ground.
Postol said: “I have reviewed the [White House’s] document carefully, and I believe it can be shown, without doubt, that the document does not provide any evidence whatsoever that the US government has concrete knowledge that the government of Syria was the source of the chemical attack in Khan Sheikhoun, Syria at roughly 6am to 7am on 4 April, 2017.

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The Slippery Slope Towards Totalitarianism, Via Technocracy by Brian Simpson

The concerns about the dystopian impacts of technology are many, and being voiced by a wide spectrum of thinkers. Let us leave aside he issue of the CIA’s snooping into everything electronic, and its erosion of privacy:

The loss of jobs has also been discussed, with automation threatening up to 38 percent of US workers in the next 15 years: The Australian, April 6, 2017, p. 22. That, however, is not my concern today, as serious as it is. The threat runs deeper and challenges what it means to be human and live in a free  society.

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The United Nations Must Come A-Tumblin’ Down by Michael Ferguson

Those of us who have been in this movement for a while know that the United Nations is evil and a threat to national sovereignty, aiming for a one world government, the New World Order. It has given us the foundation for legislation such as the Racial Discrimination Act and the tyrannical section 18 C.  The UN is an anti-Northern European institution.

But now something is being done about this. A US Republican-proposed House Resolution has proposed that the United States withdraw from the UN. And it gets better – another bill proposed that the UN cut funding the globalist monster:
The UN would then have to get out of the building in New York.

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Beware of a 'Treaty' with Aboriginals!

from a NZ reader.
The NZ experience of a Treaty, with respect to the “original” people, would hold up as a working wonder of what should be done everywhere . It is constantly presented as having been a huge success. But the reality is that billions of dollars have gone to “settlements” which are endless and the vast majority of maori never have and never will see a cent of any of it.
Besides this, there are unelected maori advisers on the larger city councils and the costs of such are never revealed.

In several areas of Auckland (and perhaps elsewhere) property developers and home owners need a consent from the “local iwi” to make certain alterations to the property or dwelling. Usually this means a cash payment of several hundred dollars to the tribal “representative”. And who knows how much later on. Waterways and harbours are also in the pipe line for maori “representatives” to decide what does or doesn’t happen here.

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Putin: The ‘New World Order’ Is Normalizing Pedophilia In The West

Posted on December 27, 2016 by Baxter Dmitry in News, World

Vladimir Putin has used his annual Christmas press conference to accuse Western liberal elites of abandoning the traditional values that made their countries great. Instead of building a future based on solid Christian values, Western elites have created a culture of “excessive, exaggerated political correctness” that is so destructive it will lead to the downfall of Western civilization if it is not arrested.

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The War on Cash by James Reed

Here is a worrying sign from India, reported by Brian Maher at, November 17, 2016.
In India 90 percent of all transactions are by cash. But the government, in a plan so secret that even India’s financial institutions were unprepared, suddenly banned its 500-rupee and 1,000-rupee bills, worth $US 7.50 and $US 15 respectively. This led to poor people having to go back to barter, if they could.
This shows that governments could outlaw cash overnight, even in Australia. However, willing members of the legal profession could immediately initiate action in our High Court of Australia to pull the federal government back to order using our constitution as the supreme law of the land.

From Wikipedia:

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The Workless Future by James Reed

The social credit writers of the League have been producing some very good work on dealing with the issue of the 'end of work'. Here I simply want to mention that I am seeing more material published on this in the mainstream press, which is no doubt a testing ground for what is to come.
There have been reviews of a new book on this topic by Tim Dunlop, Why the Future is Workless, (New South, 2016). Neo-liberalism combined with robotics has created a new class of people, the “precariat,” to use economist Guy Standing’s term. These people have uncertain part-time or short-term work, and consequently an uncertain future. And the class of the precariat will grow, with Oxford University researchers predicting that 47 percent of existing jobs will disappear in the next 20 years.
As an example, just around the corner, 3D printers might “print” out an entire house!

To deal with this social challenge there will need to be fundamental changes and Dunlop is sympathetic to the idea of a universal basic income. There is no mention of social credit, and the limitations of the basic income scheme have been discussed at this site.
One of the things following from the robotics revolution, ironically enough, is the end of globalism, or at least in part. Jamie Walker, “Robots Help Bring Jobs Back Home,” The Weekend Australian, November 19-20, 2016, p. 15, points out that both cheap energy and robotics will result in more reshoring because robots are cheaper than overseas workers. There will not be, though, many new jobs created, and those that are, will be essentially in getting the intelligent machines to work, if they are lucky, before even they are replaced.
Thus, we can indeed take it that work as we know it has come to an end and any discussion and future planning should proceed from that point.

Letter-to-the-Editor/News Piece : The Paris Treaty is now a Toothless Tiger

The Clexit Coalition has pledged to assist any government or politician seeking to exit the Paris Agreement and curb the wasteful and destructive UN/IPCC.
The Secretary of Clexit (Climate Exit Coalition), Mr Viv Forbes of Australia, said that Clexit could call on over 190 well-qualified climate realists from 26 countries to provide scientific, business, legal and political support and advice.
Clexit sees four main priorities:
Firstly, de-fang the Paris Climate Treaty by refusing to sign it, by ignoring any deals signed by others without a supporting referendum, or by giving notice of formal withdrawal.

Secondly, de-fund the global warming industry – no tax payer funding for the UN/IPCC, no money for climate tourism or conferences, no government grants for climate propaganda posing as “research”, no tax exemptions for green “charities” and no government subsidies for green energy.
Thirdly, de-staff all government climate bureaucracies.

And fourthly, re-educate – ensure that the climate curriculum in schools and universities is based on good science and real evidence, and not political agendas.

These four actions - de-fang, de-fund, de-staff and re-educate will cool the climate hysteria, with huge and immediate benefits for tax payers, jobs, industries and energy cost and security. It will also end the doomsday horror stories terrifying our young people. And if there is additional carbon dioxide in the air, our Earth will be greener and produce more food.
Trump is likely to Slash and Burn Obama Climate policy:

Brexit and the Trump revolution are just the start. Have a listen to what happened in Australian Parliamentary offices recently:
(Both Senator Roberts of Australia and Tim Ball of Canada are Founding Members of Clexit).

The same sceptical questions are being asked in France, Poland, Hungary, UK, Canada, Russia and even Germany.
Viv Forbes, Rosevale, Qld

This Week’s Theme: The System is Indeed “Rigged” by Bruce Bennett

The theme discussed in articles this week – ranging from the philosophical lessons of the US election, to gun control, section 18 C and many other topics –is that “the system is rigged,” to take a meme from the present Trump debates. The idea here is that the “system” – economic, political, and cultural – has fundamental elements of corruption and deception built into it. Social creditors would not be surprised to be told this because they have been aware since at least Major Douglas’ first writings about our flawed financial/economic system, with faults ranging from the lack of purchasing power to the “black magic” creation of credit by banks out of nothing and the debt creation on financial instabilities produced by that.

However, apart from the “big picture” corruption, relating to the fundamental contradictions of the system, we continue to find every week “micro corruptions” in the economic, political and cultural systems. To name a few from economics: there is the “discovery” of a global gold price collusion, where the world’s major banks rigged the price of gold for over a decade: The Australian, October 14, 2016; A Caminschi and R. Heaney, “Fixing a Leaky Fixing: Short-Term Market Reactions to the London PM Gold Price Fixing,” The Journal of Future Markets, vol. 34, no. 11, 2014, pp. 1003–1039.
There is also the failure of politicians across the world to address the seriousness of the exploding debt crisis. While the media falls all over Hillary Clinton, bowing to her globalism, US national debt is now a crushing $US 20 trillion, as Collapse News, October 21, 2016 reports. It would take 18 months, using the entire US GDP – which is obviously impossible – to pay this debt off No-one asks: who is the debt to, and how could a nation become essentially bankrupt? Who lurks in the shadows pulling the strings?

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