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Captain Not So Marvellous By Mrs Vera West

     My grandson went to see the new Captain Marvel movie featuring a feminist Social Justice Warrior superhero, and he went because he had a free ticket. He left after about half way through, because it was “just garbage.” Others think so too:

“The backlash against Captain Marvel has reached a boiling point ahead of Friday's premiere, after star Brie Larson slammed the number of white male movie critics reviewing her films - while others have taken issue with the feminist marketing campaign behind Marvel's "big feminist movie." The ensuing flood of complaints against both Larson and Marvel Studios resulted in a 28% drop in box office projections, while popular movie review site Rotten Tomatoes made site-wide changes, removing their "Want To See" feature from the website. Larson's "Social Justice Warrior" (SJW) supporters have branded the backlash as a classic case of misogyny; men who simply can't stand a strong female lead in a superhero movie - however this analysis falls short in light of the overwhelming popularity of Hollywood productions such as the Resident Evil, Alien and Kick Ass franchises, not to mention the Hunger Games, the Fifth Element - and of course, badass heroine Sarah Connor from the Terminator series.” They pushed the social Justice warrior stuff with Black Panther, and got that through using guilt, now they are moving on the feminist gender front:

     Larson has openly attacked white males, who are big consumers of these action movies. Let us hope that this movie crashes and burns and teaches Hollywood another lesson. White males have got to start voting with their wallets.



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Thursday, 02 July 2020
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