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Canada’s Idi Amin By Charles Taylor

     Freedom disappears daily in the West, now. Take Canada for example, where Trudeau is becoming, some such as Jack Engelhard say, as tyrannical as former African dictator Idi Amin (remember him?)

“The doors were mostly closed. Now they are wide open. In Canada. Under Justin Trudeau. For Muslims. Say a word about that and Trudeau will call you a racist, as happened to a woman in Quebec. She was immediately surrounded by tall men when she asked if tax dollars going to migrants would ever be returned to Canadian citizens. Trudeau swiftly clamped her down, as bigoted, for daring to bring up an issue about his favorite people.
Where did she think she was – in a free country? Trudeau, fast becoming Canada’s Idi Amin, might have you arrested if you depart from his policies. These policies include funds for Muslim rallies where imams call for the murder of all Jews. Yes, that’s in broad daylight…in Canada…run by Liberals… and kudos to Parliamentarian Candice Bergen for her courage to speak up in front of Canada’s golden boy tyrant in Ottawa.

Thank goodness we got Trump, in the nick of time. The Quebec woman who challenged Trudeau, with a totally logical question, was cited by the Canadian press not as a citizen exercising her rights, but as a “heckler.” She wasn’t even Jewish. I don’t think so. A Jewish citizen of Canada might be more perplexed at the lopsided trade – none is too many for us; for them, for Muslims, it’s never enough. Millions of them, entering legally or illegally, are being welcomed – or do I once again have a wrong number? I never was much good at math. Trust me. If it isn’t millions today, it will be millions tomorrow."

     That is journalistic opinion from Israel National, just for comparison, to show that concern about the undermining of free speech on many issues is a matter of concern to many people of diverse backgrounds.
We have a real existential threat to Western civilisation and its core values on our hands.



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Monday, 25 May 2020
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