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Can Le Pen Turn the EU Around? Nationalist Judo By Richard Miller

     Could this be a real case of the so-called 4-dimensional chess that the Dissent Right once thought Donald Trump played? Le Pen seems to want to take over the EU rather than pull France out of it.

“The National Gathering publishes this Monday its project for the European elections, accompanied by a long manifesto. For the first time, black and white, Marine Le Pen does not mention the exit of the European Union and the euro zone. She wants to reassure her electorate, appear more credible and more eco-friendly. A revolution that does not look like it. The National Assembly (former National Front), with this European project, the abandonment of Frexit. During the last European elections, in 2014, this remained the cornerstone of the project: the exit of France from the European Union and the euro zone. It was also discussed in the 2017 presidential program.

"We learned from our mistakes," slips a party executive. "We were missing a real European project, solid: here it is!" Inside, it is a question of "in-depth reform" of the European institutions. The RN would like to transform the Brussels Commission into a simple secretariat "without legislative power" . And by reforming the treaties, the RN would turn the EU into a "European Alliance of Nations" , a coordinating body where every country would do what it wants on social, fiscal, agricultural, security and international issues. Page 15. The chapter is entitled: "Euro zone: money must be a tool at the service of our economy" . Chapter signed Nicolas Bay, European deputy of the RN, former opponent to Florian Philippot. He pleaded internally for a reform of the euro area, not for its abandonment. Now, he allows himself to write what he thinks: "We must change the functioning of the euro area to align monetary creation with the needs of the real economy, rather than finance ."

The RN now proposes to integrate the fight against unemployment into the mandate of the European Central Bank, as is the case of the Fed in the US In other words, change the governance, not the structure. Marine Le Pen would also like to "increase the proportion of national debt that can hold the central banks" of the Member States. Marine Le Pen realized that if pensioners continued to turn their back on him, it was partly because of his anxiety about the currency . In this project, it is no longer even a question of "going back to monetary sovereignty" . The RN is making a change of course. Other novelties: localism and the "RNE"

Marine Le Pen does not want to miss the green turn. We therefore find this concern several times in the project. His advisor, and number 3 on the list, Hervé Juvin boasts for several months the concept of "localism" . The RN wants to promote "the relocation of human activities and focus on short circuits: produce, consume and reprocess in a geographical area as reasonable as possible" .  The RN proposes to "tax short circuits" (without specifying what it is), and overtax instead "globalized anti-ecological imports" , without going into detail. Is it cars, air conditioners, mobile phones? This program only defines broad lines, rather general proposals. The other novelty is the "RNE". Marine Le Pen proposes to create "the national responsibility of the company" (RNE) which echoes the CSR: social responsibility of the company. Its respect would become a criterion in the award of public contracts. Companies should "encourage the hiring of a national workforce, make maximum use of local suppliers and local products, and avoid relocations". What do they hope to change in Brussels?

Here is the summary of the proposals formulated by the National Gathering to reform the European Union.

•    Remove the European Commission
•    Entrust the legislative power only to the European Council (Government of the Member States)
•    Repeal the Posted Labor Directive
•    Refuse any European SMIC, and any social or fiscal alignment
•    Lower the French contribution to the EU budget: lower taxes in France and lower taxes on micro-businesses
•    Turning the CAP into a "French agricultural policy" (PAF)
•    Promote "localism" by offsetting short circuits, and over-charging anti-ecological imports
•    Reforming the governance of the ECB, including in its mandate the fight against unemployment
•    Restoring the primacy of national law over that of supranational bodies (CJEU, ECHR)
•    To allow Nations to freely choose cooperation projects
•    Install in the European Parliament delegates from national parliaments
•    Refuse Turkey's accession to the EU
And Marine Le Pen also benefits from this European project to slide several French-French proposals, which go far beyond the EU framework:
•    Redesign the asylum system, stop legal immigration, expel illegal immigrants
•    Close radical mosques, expel foreign Islamists
•    Restore national border controls
•    Establish in France the Citizen's Initiative Referendum (RIC) to guide European decisions
•    Create the "national responsibility of the company" (mentioned above)

A project for 2022
Everything is pretty classic, in the end. But this project is also accompanied by a 76-page manifesto, in which the RN develops its vision of Europe: "an Alliance for the 21st century" . Marine Le Pen puts forward "a Europe that prefers the Europeans" and a "Europe of cooperation" . This text was very largely written by Hervé Juvin, economist, essayist classified on the right, propelled number 3 on the list of the RN. "This project will serve us for the next presidential"”

    Well, it is a gamble, because the EU is at present totally out of control, raving mad with globalisation, and using its resources to increase immigration, not stop it. So, she has her work cut out for her, but it is worth a plug, as it is so late in the game.

Authorised by K. W. Grundy
13 Carsten Court, Happy Valley, SA.



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