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Burying Australia in People By James Reed

     Here are two good articles on the White genocide theme, with a focus upon Australia’s immigration agenda. The concerned blogger cites an article “We Should Take Migrants from More Nations,” which I have not been able to independently locate, so I delete reference to the alleged author. Anyway, the comments made are highly relevant:

“We are reshaping the composition of Australia without any debate or planning. … Many people I spoke to in Europe told me how much they admired our policy of stopping the boats. But what these supporters of our policies may not know is that alongside our tough policy of stopping a few hundred refugees coming by boat, there has been a massive official immigration program of almost 200,000 each year over the past decade that is changing the demography of Australia. And what most Australians don't know is that there has been an explosion in the number of people flying to Australia in visitor visas and then applying for refugee protection visas: up from 8547 in 2014-15 to a staggering 27,931 in 2017-18. As a result, Australia has more than eight million overseas-born residents or about 30 per cent of its population. The US has about 14 per cent, Germany 15 per cent, and other European countries have even less. I think we need a high migrant intake because we are still building Australia. Study after study has shown that it is good for our economy. And as long as people we admit are supportive of our democratic values and respect our laws, I am OK with that. But as I have argued, we must diversify our intake. If we want to retain social cohesion, if we want a truly multicultural nation, we should not have a concentration of immigrants from two or three countries.”

     Even in its own terms there is so much wrong with this. For a start, Australia is already one of the most ethnically, racially and culturally diverse countries in the world, as the author says in a way, so what more does he want? Further, the immigration intake has been largely biased to Asia, especially China, so that it is consistent with the policy of making Australia an Asian country, by ethno-racial replacement through mass immigration. The idea that Australia is still becoming multicultural is dated, old hat. That was the ideology of the 1980s. Since that time the idea of the elites has been to merge into the Chinese empire. There have been recent kickbacks against this lately, but it is, historically, all too late.

     Thus, on business as usual, it is inevitable that Australia will be swallowed up by China, if the modern order continues. This will end all of the multicultural nonsense as mother China will not tolerate it, nor will it tolerate any of the politically correct nonsense coming from the new class who will quickly be replaced. Thus, our local elites may think that they are cleverly shaping the composition of Australia without debate, with a dumbed down population, and certainly with conspiratorial planning, but historically their time will come. If we can entertain the unpleasant thought that we are likely to lose this battle, just as traditionalists have lost every other battle (and I know this is conceptually hard to take on board, but our job is to think things through to the bitter end here), then we say goodbye to Anglo culture, value and ethnicities. It is a fitting end to this undermining that was conducted by the new class that they too will be replaced in the fast approaching Chinese empire, unless, the total collapse scenario eventuates. Then most people die. At this point in the game anything is possible.

     We have said time and time again, those of us who have fought this for decades, that people should have taken a stand and fought all of this long ago. But, alas, this was not so in a world of softness, consumer comforts, and ultra-low testosterone. Perhaps the 1 percenters, not being able to escape the planet and live in outer space yet, see the writing on the wall, and have moved to building ultra-secure underground bunkers to be ready for the Great Collapse. Ask yourself, why go to this trouble if a perfect storm was not blowing in our way?



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Thursday, 16 July 2020
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