Breaking News! North Korean Missiles Targeted On Uncle Len’s Shed! By Uncle Len, Who is Very Afraid

     North Korea has fired a missile over Japan, and as you can imagine the usually polite Japanese are pretty upset about this. “We are normally polite, but we think that the North Koreans are very rude firing their ICBM waste over our side of the fence,” the Japanese Prime Minister, Bruce Lee, said. Or, words to that effect. And that may not be his name. It could be Malcolm Shinzo Abe Turnbull. Whatever –  I know their frustrations, having flung missiles of rubbish over my long-suffering neighbour’s fence: “Uncle Len, I am normally polite, but I find it very rude of you  to fire your waste over our side of the fence,” my neighbour said, before ringing the police, after throwing a rock at me, which hit me on the head. It did not hurt. (Why?)

     Well, the “police” are set to come, with “Asian war”: The Australian, august 30, 2017, p. 1. Yippeeeeee! Whatever has taken you New World Order guys so long to get to the next great killing? Not having experienced the salty, sweet taste of mass blood money for so long must be hard when you are a globalist vampire. (Don’t worry, I am not getting political, I saw someone use this metaphor on an internet site and just thought that I would hurl it into the pot for extra nutrients.)

     So, now I am busy at work digging my John-Steele style bomb shelter under my shed. The reason here is that the Korean restaurant dude, where I go dumpster diving, said that I am such a dishonourable person, that he had it on good word that North Korea has its first nuclear missile aimed at my shed here in Adelaide! Wow, Kim Jong-un thinks that I am important enough to nuke! He must really like my sense of scatological Alzheimer’s humour to care enough about me to want to incinerate me. It gives me a warm and fuzzy, if not nuclear, feeling inside.

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Saturday, 29 February 2020
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