Beijing Biden’s White Genocide, Great Replacement Plan By Charles Taylor (Florida)

Brett Stevens at, reminds us that in less senile days, Joe Biden was explicit about the Left goal to replace Whites in America.

“As the border crisis intensifies, it becomes clear that this was a deliberate attempt to sabotage our immigration system so that the flow could continue unimpeded. As Joe Biden has told us, the goal is to replace the European-descended Americans with a third world mass:

“(We want) unrelenting immigration, non-stop. Whites will be an ABSOLUTE minority in America – that’s a source of our strength.”

In doing so, he formalizes what the Hart-Celler Act intended: replace the heritage American population of ethnic Western Europeans so that a permanent bureaucracy can rule forever, as Plato wrote 2400 years ago.”


President-elect Joe Biden, during the Obama administration, said the U.S. benefits from a “constant” and “unrelenting” stream of immigration -- and that those with white European heritage becoming a minority in the U.S. is "a source of our strength."

Biden, then the vice president, made the comments at a 2015 White House summit on “Countering Violent Extremism.” In those remarks Biden described the U.S. as a nation of immigrants and a “melting pot.”

"It is the ultimate source of our strength, it is the ultimate source of who we are, what we become,” he told roundtable participants. “It started all the way back in the late 1700s. There has been a constant, unrelenting stream of immigration, not in little trickles but in large numbers.”

He spoke of a conversation he had with former Singapore President Lee Kuan Yew. The former president told Biden that China was looking for a metaphorical “buried black box” -- or the secret that allows “America to constantly be able to remake itself, unlike any other country in the world."

This position is philosophically insane, since if strength can only come from increased diversity, there will be a saturation point reached where there is no more diversity, when open borders eliminate Whites, East Asians and everyone else of civilisation-creating value. The gamble by the deranged Left is that capitalism will keep on keeping on yielding profits to the ruling elite monsters, when in fact, collapse is much more likely.

Still, Biden’s dream may not get off the ground even with his present open borders mania, since he may stumble into war with Russia and/or China, much more homogeneous societies, who will whip the diverse US’ diverse butt, smashing the illusion of diversity and immigrationism for all time. It will only take an attack upon the mainland US for the migrants to flee south as fast as they came north.  Patrick J. Buchanan sums up this threat:

“Last Monday, in a single six-hour period, NATO launched 10 air intercepts to shadow six separate groups of Russian bombers and fighters over the Arctic, North Atlantic, North Sea, Black Sea and Baltic Sea.

Last week also brought reports that Moscow is increasing its troop presence in Crimea and along its borders with Ukraine.

Joe Biden responded. In his first conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Biden assured him of our "unwavering support for Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity in the face of Russia's ongoing aggression in the Donbass and Crimea."

Though Ukraine is not a member of NATO, and we have no treaty obligation to fight in its defense, this comes close to a war guarantee. Biden seems to be saying that if it comes to a shooting war between Moscow and Kiev, we will be there on the side of Kiev.

Last week, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov answered that if the U.S. sends troops to Ukraine, Russia will respond.

Again, is Biden saying that in the event of a military clash between Ukrainians and Russians in Crimea, Donetsk or Luhansk, the U.S. will intervene militarily on the side of Ukraine?

Such a pledge could put us at war with a nuclear-armed Russia in a region where we have never had vital interests, and without the approval of the only institution authorized to declare war—Congress.

Meanwhile, off Whitsun Reef in the South China Sea, which Beijing occupies but Manila claims, China has amassed 220 maritime militia ships.

This huge Chinese flotilla arrived after Secretary of State Anthony Blinken put Beijing on notice that any attack on Philippine planes or ships challenging Beijing's claim to rocks and reefs of the South China Sea that are in Manila's exclusive economic zone will be backed by the U.S.

Our 70-year-old mutual security treaty with Manila covers these islets and reefs, said Blinken, though some are already occupied and fortified by China.

Apparently, if Manila uses force to assert its claims and expel the Chinese, then we will fight beside our Philippine allies. This amounts to a war guarantee of the kind that forced the British to declare war on Germany in 1939 over the invasion of Poland.

Two weeks ago, 20 Chinese military aircraft entered Taiwan's air defense identification zone in the largest incursion yet by Beijing over the waters between Taiwan and Taiwan-controlled Pratas Islands. As national security correspondent Bill Gertz writes in today's Washington Times:

"China is stepping up provocative activities targeting regional American allies in Asia ... with an escalating number of military flights around Taiwan and the massing of more than 200 fishing ships near a disputed Philippines reef.

"China also raised tensions with Japan, announcing last week that Tokyo must drop all claims to the disputed Senkaku Islands, an uninhabited island chain that Japan has administered for decades but that Beijing recently claimed as its territory.

"The most serious provocation took place March 29. An exercise by the People's Liberation Army air force that included 10 warplanes flew into Taiwan's air defense zone is what analysts say appeared to be a simulated attack on the island. It came just three days after an earlier mass warplane incursion."

While China appears clear about its aims and claims to virtually all of the islands in the South China Sea and East China Sea as well as Taiwan—it is less clear about its intentions as to when to validate those claims.

As for the U.S., does the present foggy ambiguity as to what we may or may not do as China goes about asserting its claims serve our vital interests in avoiding war with the greatest power on the largest continent on earth?

If red lines are to be laid down, they ought to be laid down by the one constitutional body with the authority to authorize or declare war—Congress. And questions need to be answered to avoid the kinds of miscalculations that led to horrific world wars in the 20th century.

Are the reefs and rocks the Philippines claim in the South China Sea, claims contradicted by China, covered by the U.S. mutual security treaty of 1951? Are we honor-bound to fight China on behalf of the Philippines, if Manila attempts to reclaim islets China occupies?

What is our obligation if China moves to take the Senkakus? Would the United States join Japan in military action to hold or retrieve them?

What, exactly, is our commitment to Taiwan if China attempts to blockade, invade or seize Taiwan's offshore islands?”

America will reap what it has sown.



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Monday, 19 April 2021
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