At Least There May Still be a White 007 James Bond By Bruce Bennett

     The Covid freak-out delayed cinemas getting the latest Bond movie, No Time To die, which may surface in November 2020 according to some reports; other say 2021. Anyway, there was a push for a Black 007, then an experiment with a woman, but it looks like action hero Tom Hardy, of Mad Max fame will take the role, a great White hope:,has%20been%20confirmed%20as%20Bond

“This weekend it was reported that Tom Hardy had been cast as the next James Bond. And that’s a perfectly reasonable thing to believe, so long as you’re prepared to go on the say-so of an unsourced post on a Star Trek blog that hardly anyone has heard of. If that’s the case, then we should probably adjust our expectations for the next era of Bond. When Daniel Craig was announced as the new 007, it was via a big-budget stunt where he raced up the river Thames on an assault boat. If the Tom Hardy news is true, then the world will have to remember hearing about it from a 470-word blogpost on something called the Vulcan Reporter, which had to spend a fifth of its word count explaining who James Bond is. Tighten your belts, lads, because it looks like Bond is going absolutely threadbare. Still, this freakishly obscure post has nevertheless been taken as gospel by several newspapers, which means one of two things: that Covid has starved us of real film news to such an extent that we’re willing to believe whatever unsourced speculation gets lobbed at us, or that we’re all excited about the prospect of seeing Tom Hardy as 007. If it actually happens, it would be an interesting choice. It would mean that Hardy is, by far, the most established actor ever to play James Bond. Usually the role of 007 is handed to someone who, like Pierce Brosnan or Daniel Craig, are up-and-comers with a solid background in TV and a clutch of splashy supporting roles to their name. But Tom Hardy? Tom Hardy is Venom. He’s Mad Max. The films he has made in the last five years alone have not only earned $2bn around the world, but have also won 12 Oscars.”

     The money is too good to waste on woke proclamations.



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Tuesday, 20 October 2020
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