At Last Some Serious Criticism of Trump, Yesterday’s: Loser By James Reed


A good video by survivalists Ferfal and Matt Bracken, commenting on the Trump speech that he will rise again. The point made is that he lost, even though it was by Democrat cheating. Ferfal comments on his huge ego and inability to put the nation first. There is no gesture of true greatness in this guy. The point is made that there is need to move beyond Trump, as he is controlled opposition.


Trump had chances to do what he is now claiming but failed to act, allowing Jared to basically run the presidency. Yes, as Feral says, the guy is too full of himself, a point made also by Ann Coulter and even further by Alex Jones. Thus, Trump needs to be criticised hard from now on. He is no hero, but rather a coward.

The above video details how they think a new Super-Patriot Act might operate, where the actual law is kept secret, and undisclosed. Basically, the police state will be able to do what they want, and we saw how eager they were with the Covid lockdowns. The idea is expressed that people will simply be electronical eliminated, bank accounts closed, not being able to get food.

We face dark times, indeed, because the good men did nothing, well, nothing much, or not enough.



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Monday, 19 April 2021
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