Are You Ready for Infanticide? By Mrs Vera West

     This seems to be the goal of the NSW government, which is desperately trying to catch up to parts of the UYS in terms of radical abortionism:

“What is the point of electing a Liberal government if all it does is implement a Labor-Greens agenda? This is the question all conservative voters in NSW should be asking today as the Berejiklian government plans to ram through parliament one of the most radical abortion bills on the planet. Not only does the bill allow unborn babies to be aborted right up until the moment of birth, but it forces any doctor with a conscientious objection to refer the patient to a doctor who will carry out the abortion. It’s astonishing that such a dangerously illiberal law would be backed by a Liberal government. If it becomes law, as it probably will since it’s supported by the Premier and Opposition Leader, the government will have betrayed the people who voted for it just four months ago. As furious Liberal backbencher Kevin Connolly points out, the first most MPs knew about this bill was when Health Minister Brad Hazzard appeared at a press conference on Saturday alongside left-wing independent Alex Greenwich, the inner-city protégé of Sydney’s worst-ever Lord Mayor, Clover Moore. Hazzard actually is co-sponsoring Greenwich’s terrible bill, with the support of ersatz North Shore Liberal Felicity Wilson, and Upper House LINO (Liberal In Name Only) Trevor Khan.”

     At the time of writing (August 7, 2019), the Bill is still being debated, with the sticking point being about late term abortions. Whatever happens, abortion will be removed from the ambit of criminal law, going against the vastly longer tradition amounts European peoples of criminalising abortion, especially in since the time of Christendom. And, just look at how quiet and weak the churches are on this. All they do nowadays is rattle on about refugees, hoping for a few more members.

     But, all that tradition must go, in favour of what … choice? Thus, we have the paradox of an utterly manic anti-racist society, with over-the-top race politics, but the foetus, well, it is ok to discriminate against it, in the most radical way, by shedding it, up until the time of birth. That seems counter-intuitive, to put it mildly. The foetus has less rights than the objects of animal rights, such as mosquitoes. So much the worse for the liberal ethical paradigm. Let us put it in the dust bin of history.



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Wednesday, 20 October 2021
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