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Another Good Reason to Close Down the Universities By James Reed

     It has been reported that Australia’s 38 public university Vice-Chancellors were paid on average $890,000. Eleven of the VCs got their scaly hands on over $ 1 million of taxpayers’ money: The Weekend Australian, August 5-6, 2017, p. 05. Well, they are called Vice-Chancellors.

     I am outraged at this vast waste of public money. I call on all concerned Australians to protest about this, to take to the streets in angry, legal demonstrations, demanding that the VCs be sacked and replaced by robots, or even monkeys, doing their jobs vastly cheaper and ten times more efficient.
Begin replacing all university academics by on-line teaching, and sack most lecturers. Close down the physical universities and make them into entertainment centres, homes or shopping complexes. Or, just bulldoze down the sandstone buildings, and leave the rubble as a symbol of the destruction which these bestial entities have caused humanity: 
Don’t get nostalgic about it; if necessary I will get the legals done and  drive the crane with the wrecking ball, and do the demolition work myself. For free. We have had enough of the abuse of the universities.
     Ok, who is with me on the first protest march, hands up?



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Wednesday, 27 May 2020
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